How to Get 200 GB Free Cloud Storage in 2021

How to Get 200 GB Free Cloud Storage in 2021
200GB free cloud storage

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get 200 GB free cloud storage space? Just imagine the number of photos, videos, and other data that you will be able to save to the cloud storage. In this article, we shall be looking at the ways in which you can get around 200 GB of cloud storage without spending a single dime.

What does cloud storage refer to?

Cloud storage illustration.

It is quite easy to understand the concept of cloud storage. A cloud is a remote database server that is maintained by the service provider and users can upload their data to this server through any device via the Internet.

The main advantage of cloud storage is that it can be accessed from anywhere and it is also quite a secure service. Another additional benefit is that all your data is stored on the cloud server and so if you buy a new device, you just need to login to your cloud storage from this device instead of manually transferring your data.

All these features have made cloud storage more popular than the typical hard drive storage in recent years.

200 GB free Cloud Storage, right at your fingertips!

Let’s dive straight into the ways to get more than 200 GB of free cloud storage.

1. Degoo

Degoo free cloud storage up to 200 GB

Degoo is undoubtedly the winner when it comes to offering free cloud storage. This Sweden-based cloud service offers a whopping 100 GB of free cloud storage to all its new users and this storage can be increased by referrals. It is a secure and reliable service and many people prefer it as a cloud backup storage.

Key Features:

  • Provides 100 GB of free space.
  • Users can get up to 500GB of referral bonus (5 GB per referral).
  • The maximum file size limit is 512 MB.
  • Highly secure with end-to-end encryption.
  • Degoo mobile app is easily accessible on Android and iOS devices.

You can get the free 100 GB plan here: Degoo Free Cloud Space.

2. Blomp

Blomp free cloud storage provides 100 GB to 200 GB free cloud storage

Blomp is an ideal cloud storage service for storing your photos, videos, and other data. It provides up to 200 GB of free cloud storage capacity to its users. It is based in the United States and has more than 100 thousand active users and more than 1 million accesses. It is a fair and secure service without any motive of selling or analyzing your data.

Key Features:

  • Provides 20 GB of free cloud storage.
  • Users can get up to 200 GB of referral bonus (20 GB per referral).
  • The maximum file size limit is 5 GB.
  • Easily accessible through a web browser on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems and also accessible through the mobile app for Android and iOS.
  • All the files on the cloud storage can be managed directly from your smartphone.

You can get your free cloud storage here: Blomp Free Cloud Space.

3. Mega

Mega free cloud storage - Get 200 GB free cloud storage

Last but not the least, Mega is a great cloud service provider that offers 50 GB of free cloud storage. Mega is a New Zealand based company with a reliable server infrastructure that ensures top-quality cloud services to the users.

It is also one of the best backup file options since it provides many enhanced security features. Its entire design has been made by keeping customer privacy as the top priority so that your data remains in a safe state at all times.

You can get 200 GB free cloud storage on Mega by installing their apps on computer and referring people.

Key Features:

  • Provides 15 GB to 50 GB of free cloud storage.
  • Users can get extra free storage by installing the desktop app (20 GB) and the mobile app (15 GB) and there is also a referral bonus of 10 GB.
  • There is no maximum file size limit.
  • All the data even the chat messages are highly secured using end-to-end encryption.
  • The cloud storage can be accessed through a desktop app or a mobile application which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

You can get Mega’s free cloud storage here: Mega Free Cloud Storage.

FAQs: How to get 200 GB free cloud storage?

Is it worth paying for cloud services?

Whether one should pay for cloud storage or not depends on his/her requirements. If you don’t require a large amount of cloud storage capacity then you can probably work fine with the free storage provided by most of the cloud storage providers. On the other hand, if you require large storage capacities and want a secure place for your data then it is worth paying for a cloud storage.

Is cloud better than hard drives?

Many people consider that cloud storage is better than a hard drive because of features such as ease of access, data synchronization, data security, safety from physical threats, etc. Considering all these facts, it can be said that cloud storage might be a better option than standard hard drives.

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