Accel World Season 2 – Will it happen?

I’ve got Accel World Season 2 latest news to share with you.

But before I let the cat out of the bag let me tell you a little about Accel World. Summarising this anime is pretty tricky because it’ll be like saying Mission Impossible is a movie only about Tom cruise.

Funny right?

The atmospheric building of the animes was breathtaking. My eyes would go around everywhere, no matter where the character would go. The story revolves around a boy named Haruyuki, who is chubby, and friends used to make fun of him. Like extreme gamers, he hated to socialize and spent most of his time in the virtual world.

If we look at the story, then it’s creative, and the presentation of the concept about landing in a virtual gaming world was excellent.

I would recommend this anime mainly to war or sci-fi lovers, especially the type that loves mental battles or watch psychology type of genre. But I want to urge everyone to watch this amazing anime! This anime will be enjoyable. I cannot guarantee that everyone will love this anime, but this Accel World will not waste 25 minutes of your life.

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Accel World is one of the hot mixtures of sci-fi with virtual reality elements that can create eternal combustion in fans’ hearts, and I really couldn’t suppress the urge to know why there is no Accel World Season 2 yet?

We can know about Kutoyukihime and Haru’s relationship through manga or light novels, but we prefer anime over manga, right? That’s the very reason you’re here to know more about the release of Accel World Season 2.

The worst problem for every fan is not having any official news regarding Accel World Season 2. I’m hoping that the production committee produces Accel World Season 2.

But hoping won’t work, right?

So I started collecting data and built my stats report to predict the second season release dates.

Now let’s dig into the details without wasting any more time.

You can also check the video below for more information on Accel World Season 2.

Factors to determine Accel World Season 2 Release Date

1. Reference For Adaption

 The source for Accel World is the Light Novel.

There are currently 25 light novel volumes of Accel World available in Japan, according to Wikipedia.

Accel World has a manga series that concluded with volume eight, and it just retold the anime in manga format.

The Accel World light novels are in continuation. The author Kawahara Reki published the latest volume in Japan on September 10, 2020. 

The author had written only one book in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Maybe we can expect another volume in 2021 as well.

The Accel World season 1 adapted volumes 1-4 and 10. The Infinite Burst movie adapted materials from novel 19. I think the Accel World Season 2 can carry on from work 5.

2. Sales And Profit

Accel World Season 2

The anime industry is struggling nowadays because people are streaming instead of buying Blue-ray DVDs. Many anime projects get canceled because of low profits. So this is the reason I take sales into account as well.

Noragami failed to produce another season because the profit of season 2 was much lesser than season 1.

Looking at Accel World Anime’s beautiful artwork, I can predict that the production committee will need to spend 5 million dollars to make another season as enticing as the first one.

The anime consisted of 8 disks, and each sold on average approximately 9K in Japan. The series also got a BD-Box on December 23, 2015, and it sold around 1,500 copies.

Sometimes streaming revenue is enough to profit for the anime, for example:- One Punch Man.

Accel world’s 24th volume was released on September 10, 2019, and sold approximately 55,000 copies. The latest 25th light novel volume was released in 2020 and sold around 45,000 copies.

Accel World is still in the top 30 best sellers by volume sales and sells better than a new series like Kenja No Mago. So It would be harsh if there is Kenja No Mago Season 2, but there is no more season for Accel World.

100+ figures available for Accel World, and most of them are Kuroyukihime/Black Lotus, and the rest are Silver Crow, Chiyuri, and Scarlet Rain. There are also around 200+ goods manufactured for Accel World like mugs, shirts, key-chains, straps, plushies, transparent files, cushions, etc.

The first season of Accel World got a healthy number of figures even though it is mostly Kuroyukihime, and more than half are the cheapest version. I expected a little more from a two cour series that had around ten years to sell merch.

The box office for the Infinite Burst movie is ¥115,000,000, that’s around 1 million dollars. (1) The Accel World: Infinite Burst film debuted at #9. The film screened in 24 theaters.  (25 July 2017) (2)

Crunchyroll announced on Monday that it had reached a distribution deal with Viz Media to offer some of Viz Media’s anime titles for streaming. The distribution deal added 18 Viz Media titles; Accel World and the movie included. (3)

The film sold approximately 7K Blu-Ray copies in Japan, and Viz Media released the USA’s film in 2019 with an English dub.

The first game of Accel World Ginyoku no Kakusei sold Around 30,000 copies. The second Accel World game Kasoku no Chōten sold around 20,000 copies. There is also the Accel World x Sword Art Online game, which sold approximately 80K copies.

The game did well and boosted the sales because if it didn’t do well in the market, there wouldn’t have been part 2. The games had OVAs bundled with them, which was exciting and like a box of happiness for the fans.

3. Accel World Season 2 Popularity and Fanbase

Now let’s look at the popularity of Accel World in 2012. And I was curious to know how the popularity and demand are intact for more than nine years. Now, this would also raise a question, ” Is there enough fanbase for the production of Accel World Season 2?’

The official website for Accel World was last updated in 2018 with news about Blu-ray BOX availability. 

The official Twitter account has 6.7K followers (4 Jan 2021). They last tweeted on March 2020.

Take a look at アクセル・ワールド (@accel_world):

“This is the news after a long time. At the 6th “Aniradi Award.” Resurrection Hope Radio Award “Accel World-Accelerating Radio-” won the award! Congratulations to Sachika Misawa and Takeshi Washizaki! #accel_world “

The popularity of Accel World was on fire around September 2012 at the end of the first season. After that, as usual, it kept dropping to almost pre anime levels. There’s no doubt that Accel World was more popular than Konosuba.

Konosuba will have a season 2, so I expect Accel World Season 2 as well.

The release speed of LN was 2-3 volumes per year, but it’s just one for the past few years.

The only thing Accel World manufactured new in the last two years was a new Kuroyukihime bunny figure and a rubber mat. The Infinite Burst movie did not boost merchandise popularity. This does lower the chance of Accel World Season 2.

4. Ranking And Achievements

Accel World Season 2

MAL rated it 7.3 stars, and it had ranked 2151 ( which is not a good number for a series that is likely to produce a second season, but as it’s a nine-year-old anime and still maintained this rank, then maybe it’s not that bad.)

IMDB rated it 7.2 stars.

Even many well-known sites and famous critics had reviewed the anime, which one can find in Wikipedia and many other resources. This tells us that Accel World Season 2 is expected as it has enough popularity and fanbase.

Anime News Network reviewed the series and gave a story rating of A−, stating a similar basis of Sword Art Online with improved characters. (4) Richard Eisenbeis of Kotaku praised the anime for its well-thought-out story, the relatable main character, and great villain protagonist, but criticizes the anime for its third arc. In the end, he says that the anime starts strong but ends on a weak note. (5) Nifrigel declared great things about the anime in terms of soundtrack, characters, and story but strongly criticized Reki Kawahara’s lack of knowledge in the subject of virtual reality. (6)

5. Production Committee Problems

Studio Sunrise

The studio Sunrise that worked on Accel World started to work on a more popular series called Love Live! School Idol Project hence might not be getting time or willing to work on an old anime series. They are still getting new projects and seasons to this day.

As we know, Madhouse also took out time for Overlord Season 3 even though it had new projects to work on a few years back. Let’s hope Sunrise will be able to do the same for Accel World, and we shall hear some news about Accel World Season 2 soon.

Sword Art Online

The question you might have in mind is, What does SAO have to do with Accel World Season 2? Well, they have the same author Reki Kawahara. Now You can guess why the author focused on SAO instead of Accel World.

Accel World was no longer critical for the author or Kadokawa, and they are thinking of ending the series sooner so that they can work on other projects. That’s why the light novels release rate is slow, and the promotion for Accel World Season 2 is non-existent in 2021.

Where To Watch Accel World Season 2?

If it gets released, you can watch Accel World Season 2 on these online streaming sites. Also, you’ll find Accel World Season 1 here:


Accel World Season 2

The source material is enough for the production committee to produce another three seasons, which means source material is not a problem that would prevent Accel World Season 2.

The viewers liked the anime, and it also boosted the light novel sales to more than 100k per volume, so, in terms of profit, they did well; this shouldn’t be a problem for them to continue Accel World Season 2.

The series is old, so not many otakus know about this anime. The movie from 2016 didn’t help much for this franchise. The slow-release speed has also decreased its popularity.

After analyzing the factors, I can say that the series has a small chance of getting a second season. I estimate that the official news release will be out around 2023.

The reasons behind why do I think it’s possible are:-

If Kadokawa wants to earn profit from the series, they need to produce another season before it’s too late. Else it’ll affect their profit as fams won’t buy the merch, and the light novel sales would decrease.

Sunrise is busy; they’re working on the Love Love movie and Tiger and Bunny sequel in 2021, which means there’s no chance for a second season in 2021 as well, but I think the production committee might work with a different studio to produce another season.

Sword Art Online will end soon, so finally, Kawahara Reki can focus on Accel World.

Let’s hope that we get to hear the news by 2023.

Spoiler Alert

Accel World Season 2

Seiji Nomi’s schemes on maintaining the top position in the school social hierarchy have ceased. Sky Raker returns to the Accele World and shakes hand with Nega Nebulus; he and Kuroyukihime have become untouchable. But one day, Haruyuki hears the news that the social camera network will include the Hermes Cord space elevator, and he discovers the next stage of the game: space. Upon arriving, he gets help from a mysterious operator, and they together take on the most dangerous mission until now in Brain Burst’s history!. Fans will also witness, Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki to experience their first overnight event, but Sky Raker and Fuko end up crashing it.

FAQs on Accel World Season 2

1. Is the anime adaptation of the Accel World similar to LNs?

The Anime (in my opinion) is very close to the light novels, but if you’re new, I would recommend reading the novels first because if you will watch the anime, then there’s no 2nd season would just end up waiting like the other fans. Also, the anime only covers 1-4 volumes

2. Is anime Accel World missing something compared to LN?

Yes, it misses very minute details, which can be ignored; otherwise, it follows LN quite closely from my POV.

3. Is there a reason why SAO and Accel World have an anime adaptation, but The Isolator does not?

The Isolator LN was published much after both anime ( SAO & Accel World) had aired, so it’s hard to guess the reasons. But maybe the other two anime earned quite a profit which was enough for the production committee so they didn’t invest in anything more and tried to work on some other projects.

There is another reason behind no anime for Isolator because its release rate was one volume per year, and it hasn’t really had enough content for a full anime season until 2020.

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