5 Best Action Anime Series of the Winter Season

Finally, a dedicated list of the 5 Best Action Anime Series of the Winter has arrived to make your blood gushing with adrenaline.

From fighting evil bad guys to beating up monsters to saving people in the most tensed-up situation that can put you in an adrenaline rush, yeah, you guessed it right, I’m talking about Action Anime Series. As a person who grew up watching every action anime on Toonami, I still want the same feeling in the new animes.

But you know what is great about these old shounen animes? Isn’t it watching them again and again? Yup, though, I want the same adrenaline rush which will make me jump from my seat or send me on a cliffhanger about the next episode; I can’t do the same thing again.

I can’t watch another Naruto, bleach, fairy tail, or hunter x hunter though they are one hell of Action Anime Series of their time. So, I have come up with some new action Anime Series on the board, making your heart race with some new spice in them.

List of Best 5 Action Anime Series Of The Winter Season

  • Kemono Jihen
  • SK8 Infinity
  • Mushoku Tensei
  • Dr. Stone Stone Wars
  • Attack on Titan Final Season

Where to Watch?

  • Netflix
  • Crunchyroll
  • Hulu
  • Gogo Anime
  • Animelab

5. Kemono Jihen

“If I go with that gentleman, Will I find Love?” – Kabane Kusaka

Action Anime Series Of The Winter Season

It’s an Action Anime Series about youkai and demons. Since it’s quite trendy these days, you’re sure to meet one series about youkai in a couple of seasons. Kenono Jihen is the story of a kid from rural who is not ordinary like our usual protagonist. You got it, right? Half-human and half (no spoiler).

He meets a detective from Tokyo during an investigation on the unusual death of animals. Later he meets more kids like him with various supernatural powers, and together they try to solve mysterious problems.

This anime aside from other Action Anime Series is that in it, the protagonist, despite being a robust hybrid, has some flaws, and to over those, he has to learn, and the kid is very straightforward.

4. SK8 the Infinity

“Thats why you guys are not good because you don’t even try” – Miya Chinen

Action Anime Series Of The Winter Season

Time for sports and action, many of you must have heard the name or the trailer that was popping up on the YouTube of many anime fans; if you’ve missed it, don’t worry; your friend here will help you. Why put a sports anime in Action Anime Series List? Here’s the answer: SK8 the infinity is the story of Reki, a high schooler who loves to skate, which depicts moves that leaves the audience in awe.

But the type of skate he does is not typical; our boy Reki does skate at dangerous downhill and abandoned mines. The races are pretty intense as the skaters aren’t as simple as They might sound and will pump up your adrenaline. The story also shows us Langa, a transfer student to Japan and Reiki’s friend.

Langa has no skating experience, but when Reki asked him to witness one of his matches, Langa was slowly being pulled into the world of skating. The thing this anime does excellent, apart from all those intense moments and super cool animation, makes you feel one of the two characters.

If you know skating, you will feel like Reki, and if you aren’t, you will feel like Langa, unlike other sports activities where the bystanders are only just bystanders. This is one of an outstanding Action Anime Series.

3. Mushoku Tensei

“There’s only one thing I need to do. Train as much as I can while I grow up” – Rudeus Greyrat (1)

Action Anime Series Of The Winter Season

If you guys are following the latest anime news, you might know about this anime. It’s isekai and action anime, much like every other out there. The protagonist is a NEET, gets hit by a truck, then wakes up in another world. No, no, I’m not talking about slime anime though it looks the same.

Isekai is fun. I admit that going to a world with magic and different human races become a prodigy, but the reason Mushoku Tensei is different. It is here instead of Re: ZERO and Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken season 2 is the way it makes you feel that you are the protagonist.

You aren’t a slime or a spider or royal you reincarnated as a human whose father is a knight and mother is a healer/priestess and a maid and lives in a rural area. In other isekai anime, there is no connection between the reincarnated person and his previous life. Still, in this one, there are many instances where his past life haunts the protagonist.

He constantly tries to overcome his fear tries to do things he never did before, and I’m not talking bout magical stuff; I’m talking about personality and problems, which is very rare in anime these days. That’s why Mushoku Tensei is also being called ‘Grandfather’ or ‘Grandmother’ of isekai anime and takes the third place in the Action Anime Series List.

2. Dr Stone: Stone Wars

“If you’re serious, you can accomplish anything through diligent application of science.” – Byakuya Ishigami (2)

Action Anime Series Of The Winter Season

Taking the second position in Action Anime Series List- All hail to a science!! Yup, our science lad Senku is here making it to #2 with the second season. Have you ever wondered if humanity decides to hibernate for 3000 years and wakes up only to see the Earth-chan has gone to the way it was in the stone age?

Dr Stone the anime you must go for then; the offset is that humanity was turned to stone by a mysterious green light, and our protagonist, a genius science lad wakes up after 3000 years and, using his knowledge of modern days, tries to restore the earth and all other people.

Season 2 is about the clash of two healthy individuals with two different ideologies and two reasons. On one side is our genius science lad Senku who wants to free everyone from the petrification and start over with science. On the other side of the ring stands Tsukasa with superhuman strength who wants to revive only teenagers and kill all adults. Now BOX!!

1. Attack on Titan Final Season

“The difference between your decision and our is-experience. But you don’t have to rely on that.” – Levi Ackerman (3)

Action Anime Series Of The Winter Season

Not surprised, right? After breaking the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood record, now the final season stands at the top anime of all time, and my god, it’s a BANG. If you haven’t watched AOT then what are you eve waiting for?

I can’t say anything about AOT Final Season as most of you already know about it still for those who are new; this anime is about Eren, who lives inside a giant wall that gets destroyed one day by the titans. His mother was eaten alive in front of his eyes by a titan. To take revenge, he decides to join the Corps to kill every titan. Finally: It’s a must-watch Action Anime Series.

If you are not interested in Action Anime Series, you can also try some of the best romantic movies, Anime Short Romantic Series List-1, List-2, List-3, etc. If you want more recommendations, then don’t forget to comment your thoughts below! Always open to new ideas! Also, let me know whether you liked any of the recommended anime or not.

FAQs on Action Anime Series

Is Attack on Titan Season 4 the final season?

Yes, the production committee has already stated that 4th season will be the final season for the franchise.

Is Dr Stone scientifically accurate?

Yes, being a science student, I noticed that the manga was scientifically accurate while in anime some parts might have been skipped. Everything is not given in details, but it’s enough to explain the beginners.

How long is SK8 the Infinity?

Each episode avg duration is around 23-25 mins, excluding OP and ending songs.

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