Adele turned 35 today! Know about her journey in the music industry and her achievements.


Adele: One of the strongest forces in the music industry just turned 35. In honor of her 35th birthday let us know about the major things about the singer’s life, works, and more.

The record-breaking singer has been breaking records since 2008 with her single “Chasing Pavements”.

Adele’s debut

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins famously known as Adele debuted with her album 19 in the year 2018 and hasn’t left a legacy of hits since then. Her Album sold various records and was listed in the top 20 best-selling albums of all time in the UK.

Adele’s second album and records it broke.


Her second album named 21 was released in the year 2011 which became a sensation and world’s best-selling album of the 21st century and topped the billboard charts for 24 weeks. Yes, the power of Adele. This album honored her with 6 Grammy’s and not only this but also secured her various positions in the Guinness Book of Records.

Her third album


Adele’s 3rd album was released in 2015 with the title 25, which again became the year’s best-selling album. Iconic Adele and her power. This album got her 5 Grammys. Not only these but many other Records were broken and earned for her album 25.

Adele’s fourth album

Her fourth album was released in 2021, named as 30. And do we doubt its success? Not. The album did exceptionally well again, becoming the best-selling album of the year worldwide.

The best-selling artist, an icon, most loved and respected, and the perfect artist: Adele.
With the music industry all in her hands, she has been ruling the charts since 2008 and We hope she never stops.

The easy-on-me singer is known best for touching one’s soul with her deep songs.

Singer’s shocking transformation

The Rumor Has It singer is not only famous for her music but also for her beautiful body and shocking transformation. Adele lost a lot of weight after giving birth to her son and returning back to the tour in 2016. Adele shocked everyone with a big change from her chubby body to a slim one. But no matter what, we’ve always loved Adele, her body doesn’t even matter.

The awards she won.


Adele has won 12 Brit Awards, 16 Grammy awards, 18 Billboard Music awards, 5 American Music Awards and many more amazing awards for her exceptional songs. Winning in total and more than 173 awards while getting nominated in around 366 categories.

The top 10 Adele songs are:

Do you think it’s easy to compile and make a list of the best Adele songs when literally every song is unskippable. Well, let’s see.

1) Hello: If you have never listened to this song, it automatically means you’ve a bad taste in music but it’s still time to make the rest of your life better by listening to Adele. Hello from the other side, this song is the biggest song of Adele.

2) Rolling in the deep: We coulda had it allllll!!!
This song is loved till date by people. It was released in 2011 but made it to the charts instantly and was loved.

3) Easy on Me: A record setting work of Adele, never missed the charts. The return of powerful Adele in album 30.

4) When we were Young: Adele and her creativity with portrayal of emotions has always been top tier and no doubt she’s the most loved singer.

5) Rumour has It: The strong beats, violent music, everything together makes this song a perfect one.

6) Water Under the Bridge: This song was a very underrated one, and people didn’t liked it much but after this got blown up on tiktok in 2021, it got all of it’s lost recognition.

7) Skyfall: Adele never fails to understand Assignments and she nailed this one. Skyfall was composed for James Bond and the song made records by being top on charts which was unusual for Bond Albums.

8) Set fire to the rain: One of the most powerful songs ever released by Adele is this song. From the album 21, this song is a very musically strong song, loved by many.

9) Someone Like You: A simple yet a very emotional song, is a single released in 2011. With the perfect piano music and calmness in the chaos, this song is a perfect one to lighten your heart with.

10) I drink wine: from the Album 30, this one is a bit different. With absence and rawness, no filters and honesty, this song is worth the repeats you’ll be listening on to.

With these top 10 songs of Adele, listed out from a great difficulty, it’s us wishing Adele a very happy birthday!

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