Will There Be Air Gear Season 2? Updated Information 2023

Is there any chance of Air Gear Season 2? Why there may or may not be another season? But before I give a detailed report, let’s first see why people like this anime so much.

Air Gear is an anime that is like a juice having ingredients like Shounen, Sports, and Comedy. The story is about a teenage boy Itsuki Minami, who is thrown into the competitive sport of Air Trek.

He gets interested and makes it his goal to reach the pinnacle of AT. However, it would have done better without the typical clichés and inconsistent plots.

At first glance, you might think of it as skateboarding, with add-ons, but Air Gear manages to pull off a pretty exciting anime with a basic concept.

Something that helps this average-length show is the story’s pace and the character’s development, which leaves viewers to feel satisfied after each episode.

Speaking of the characters, most of their personalities are cliche, and like Ikki, the sort of male protagonist is good at heart. Apart from all the rollerblading, there is also some action in the series.

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Air Gear is a pretty exciting sports anime to watch with the main story, which is easy enough for the kids to follow and watch, but with all the fanservice, it’s not advised.

Even though the story develops well enough, there are many randomly added stuff, which further complicates this anime (like Regalia and Genesis). This is anime deserves a second series, and I hope the animation quality will be better for the second season.

Air Gear is a pretty good anime about motorized roller blades fights, so why is there no Air Gear Season 2 yet?

Without Air Gear Season 2, we will never learn whether Ikki will achieve his dream, reach the sky, and become the most skilled Storm Rider ever, or there’ll be a twist in the plot.

Reasons behind Air Gear Season 2 Cancellation

1. Reference for Adaption

The source material for Air Gear anime is manga probably.

This series was published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine by Kodansha, and they released the manga volumes too. There is a total of 37 volumes of manga published according to Wikipedia.

The Air Gear manga sequel ended in 2012 with the last volume 37 released by Ito Ōgure (Tenjho Tenge) in Japan on July 17, 2012.

There are no new manga volumes planned for this series anymore. The anime of Air Gear aired in 2006 adapted volumes 1-12. The 3 OVA used books 16/23/24 of the manga. The Air Gear Season 2 can continue from volume 13 onwards.

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2. Sales And Profit

Air Gear Season 2

When Air Gear was aired, it was costly for the production committee as the anime industry didn’t flourish much initially. 

Today if a standard anime series with 24 episodes are produced, the cost will be around 5 million dollars.

And even if the first season of Air Gear made some profit, it might happen that Air Gear Season 2 will be less profitable. That’s what happened to Noragami, and that’s the reason why there is no Noragami Season 3 announced yet.

The anime got released on 9 DVDs in Japan, and each sold, on average, approx. 1,500 copies. 1500 is a terrible number for a series as it decreases the chances of Air Gear Season 2.

The last Volume 37 of Air Gear was released on July 17, 2012, and sold approximately 150,000 copies. Air Gear didn’t rank in any yearly sales report in Oricon. 

40 figures are available for Air Gear. Mostly the figures are of  Simca, Agito, and Ringo. There are around 20 goods for Air Gear.

If there were more merchandise and figures, then there is no way to find that out in 2020. However, even if there were ten or twenty times more merchandise, it would still be a low number for a series with 24 episodes.

But at least it’s more than Tokyo Ravens. That series got 0 figures, which is why there is no Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

3. Popularity and Fanbase

Another season for an old anime can only happen if it can create new fans or enough big fan-base that is still waiting for it, like in Overlord Season 4. The most important thing is if the production committee still cares about investing in Air Gear Season 2 after so many years.

Air Gear is a 14 years old series, so it’s a little difficult to judge the current popularity.

The official website for Air Gear was the last updated in 2006 with news about staff interviews. There is no other social presence for the series like an official Twitter account like other franchises.

The popularity of Air Gear reached its pinnacle in August 2011 and then started to drop fast.

The popularity is shallow for Air Gear. Something similar happened to Wise Man’s Grandchild; hence it’s doubtful that there ever will be Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 announced or not.

The manga series got completed years ago, so there are no new releases for the past few years. It looks like the author doesn’t have any plans to release anything for Air Gear anymore. Currently, he is working on a Bakemonogatari manga adaptation.

As for merchandise, the franchise has been quiet over the years. There are no new figures or merchandise planned as far as I know. Air Gear didn’t get anything new for years now, and I think it won’t change even in the future, which shows us why there is no Air Gear Season 2.

4. Ranking and Achievements

Air Gear Season 2

MAL has rated Air Gear 7.5 stars and ranked 1446. IMDB has rated it 7.2 stars. This means the anime is good, but it has lost its essence over the years.

Air Gear won the 2006 Kodansha Manga Award in the shōnen category.(1)

Both the anime and manga have gained a lot of popularity, both in the east and the west, and it also has quite a large fan base. (2)

BlogCritics said, “It mixes this action and comedy quite well with a storyline that doesn’t fail to leave a reader wanting more.”(3)

The anime has often been criticized for not following the manga, story, and skipping parts, but is praised for its soundtrack, but the English dub has received positive reviews since its release. (4)

AnimeOnDVD said, “The concept of the show is one that is pure anime though and something that visually can be done very well.” (5) The anime’s ending was cited as a disappointment despite its mostly positive reviews.

I can say that the anime did well in its time, which is evident from the above reviews by famous critics. But there is no chance of Air Gear Season 2.

Where To Watch Air Gear?

If it gets released, you can watch Air Gear on these online streaming sites:-


Air Gear Season 2

There are 22 volumes of the manga which haven’t gotten used for anime yet. The bad news is that the manga already ended eight years ago, so the production committee might not invest in Air Gear Season 2 further as it’s quite old.

The anime didn’t profit well, but I think it earned back the cost of production. The problem is that making barely enough to cover production costs is also why there can’t be Air Gear Season 2.

The series is old, and I think most of the first season’s popularity in early 2010 is gone by now, which is an important reason behind the cancellation of Air Gear Season 2.

Even some anime that had everything going in the right way to receive a continuation didn’t get it, for example, Accel World Season 2.

But for Air Gear, we can see more than enough manga to make Air Gear season 2. So in the case of Air Gear, I think it comes down to money and fanbase.

The DVD sales were not up to the mark, and the manga was selling only 150,000 copies per volume, plus merchandise didn’t do too well. Air Gear didn’t make a big profit for Kodansha, so that’s the reason they never invested in a sequel.

Air Gear wasn’t a huge hit or made a lot of money, so there isn’t any reason to reboot it.

If Kodansha wanted to do more Air Gear anime, they would have asked Toei animation a long time ago. There isn’t any point in waiting for a continuation after 14 years. The fan-base is pretty much gone.

To know how the story ends, you can jump into the manga because it’s already been translated into English.

From all the above information, I’ll conclude that there will be no Air Gear Season 2.

FAQs on Air Gear

Is Akito a girl Air Gear?

Akito is a male, you can check out more details in the link here.

Does Netflix have air gear?

Yes it’s available on Netflix.

Who does Ikki end up with?

When Ikki made up his mind after their match in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival tournament final, he wanted to make love to Stella right away. She happily accepted, and the two finally consummated their relationship. This shows us that Ikki ends up with Stella.