What is All Saints Day and Why Do We Celebrate It? History and Facts

On November 1, in Poland, cemeteries everywhere are crowded. It’s because it is All Saints Day, a national holiday, and on this day, the polish people visit the graves of loved ones with flowers and candles.

Special candles, which can burn for many hours, are placed on graves so that departed souls can find their way through the darkness. Cemeteries are lit by many hundreds of these candles, and at night, they become spectacular fields of flickering lights that can be seen glowing from afar. Many people travel long distances to visit family graves and to remember the dead. The holiday is also sometimes known as the Day of the Dead.

All Saints Day 2021

All Saints Day is celebrated every year on the same day. In 2021, it falls on Monday, November 1. Interestingly just after Halloween 2021 on 31st October.

All Saints Day Facts

The All Saints Day is a day for memories, a day to pay homage to the heroes who fought and died for their country, a day to honor the Unknown Soldier, and a day to remember loved ones who have passed away. Everybody takes part in the celebrations, pray, and participates in church services.

The All Saints Day falls in late autumn when the leaves are falling, maybe to remind us that everybody’s existence is temporary, just like the leaves on the trees! But it is also a joyous day when families unite to share special memories of those who have passed away.

Source: Fr. Paul Vu YouTube

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