Amber Heard QUITS Hollywood! The actress moved to Madrid with her 2-year-old daughter after leaving Hollywood

Amber Heard

Amber Heard quits Hollywood: her Defamation trials, court visits, sues, cases, and whatnot, the Aquaman actress has been lowkey about her life after losing the popular Defamation case from Johnny Depp last year.

Amber Heard and her defamation lawsuit.

There’s literally no one who isn’t aware of the “My dog stepped on a bee” case that was so open and raw to the public, and losing the Defamation caused Amber a lot. Not only with her image but also with the Defamation money she had to pay. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor sued Amber for $50 million but after the end of the trial, the court asked Amber to pay $10 million to Depp with $350,000.

One cannot put up a question on Why did Amber Heard quit Hollywood and is now happy in Madrid as after all of this, one saw this coming.

Amber Heard and her daughter Oonagh.

Reports are Speculating that Amber Heard, who welcomed her young daughter through surrogacy is keeping her hidden from all the glitz and glamour and has shifted to Madrid with her.

A journalist reported that he can claim about Amber Heard quitting Hollywood and switched to Madrid, Spain with her little baby daughter Oonagh.

A close friend of Amber has released that she won’t be returning to Hollywood any soon.
It was last year that Amber sold her house for $1.1 million in Yucca, California.

Amber Heard and Eve Barlow.

Amber was also spotted with Eve Barlow, who was her girlfriend and it’s said that the couple is no more together. And only Amber and her daughter Oonagh have shifted to Spain.

The actress didn’t give any official notice or news regarding her leaving Hollywood, but reports say that she won’t be returning and is happy in Madrid with her bilingual Spanish tongue, raising her daughter with peace and security.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard started dating in 2012 after Depp’s separation from Paradis and after 2 years of their relationship, the couple was engaged as Amber was spotted with an engagement ring. The couple married secretly in 2015. But things didn’t go well and in 2016 as Amber filed a divorce from the Oscar nominee and also accused him of abusing her.

Amber Heard

After a year the divorce was finalized. But things didn’t stop there, in 2018 Amber wrote to Washington Post saying that she was abused to which Depp replied with a $50 million defamation. And the latter is known by everybody. From Amber admitting that she hit Depp, recordings that went viral, a broken finger, and at last the settlement of the whole Defamation case.

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