The Among Us Gameplay: Reasons behind its meteoric rise in 2022

The game that broke friendships wedged a gap between people, forced you to suspect your own companions but most importantly, kept you sane during these unprecedented times, ‘Among Us’.

Developed by ‘Inner Sloth’ in 2018, ‘Among Us’ is an online, multiplayer game that took the gaming world by storm in 2020. The Among Us gameplay is very simple, you and your companions are the crew of a spaceship or a base or an outpost and are required to complete a simple task or a mission but one or more of you are imposters. The imposter’s goal is to kill everyone and sabotage the mission, without anybody’s knowledge of the course.

Since its meteoric rise in 2020, we have decided to take a look at what propelled it to fame and what it takes to make a successful online game in the 21st century:

Why Among Us is Still Very Popular?

The Among Us gameplay
The Among Us gameplay

1. Ease of use:

The game is very simple and quick to understand. Unlike most of the online games on Steam, the Among Us gameplay does not employ unnecessary complexities. It does not include game lore or a complex set of instructions which makes it easy for even those who have no idea about gaming. In short, anybody can play it.

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2. Low Price:

Among Us is probably one of those few popular games that do not burn a hole in your pocket. The game currently costs $5 on Steam. Apart from that, the game is free of cost on ios and Android. This means that you can reunite with your friends without leaving your home and without loosening your wallet.

3. Interesting origins:

Among Us draws its roots from various party games that have always been popular. Games such as ‘werewolf’, ‘Mafia’ and ‘ Secret Hitler’ are the source of the inspiration for the game’s core concept. A game with such grounded origins definitely struck a chord with the public.

among us gameplay
The board game ‘Werewolf’

4. Multiplayer mode:

Now, it might sound naive or childish but the multiplayer mode is no joke. It matters a lot, multiplayer draws players in huge amounts because not only does it allow them to play with their friends and loved ones but also lets them discuss strategies.

Among Us allows up to ten players in its gameplay. The game has brought people together even when there is a global pandemic and people are stuck in their homes.

5. Easy access:

The game is very accessible as well. It can be played on PC, mobile ( ios and Android), Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. The players, however, are supposed to download Discord or Twitch in order to play the game. Because of this feature, even players who do not own a personal computer can enjoy this game equally and without can hitch.

6. Unique graphics:

As you may have noticed, Among Us does not have any breath-taking 3D graphics. The game has cartoonish, 2D graphics that are rather unique in a field that seeks to outdo itself with every new release. The graphics, apart from being unique, are very cute to look at as well!

Since the graphics are so unique and new, people were drawn to the game like a moth to a flame.

7. Attention is given by Youtubers and streamers:

After its spike in popularity in 2020, the game caught the attention of many streamers and Youtubers. Had it not been for them, the game would not have gained so much popularity. Twitch gamer, Sodapoppin is especially considered to be one of the most important players in the video game’s history as he is the one credited with popularizing it. After that, the game received attention from Markiplier, Pokimane, Corpse Husband, and of course, the Youtube legend Pewdiepie himself!


The mind-boggling rise of popularity proves that you do not need to be a God-sized gaming developer. The Among Us gameplay is simple, easy to use, easy to access, cheap, and worthy of attention from all the big names in the gaming industry. It has also proven that you do not need breathtaking graphics, complex mechanisms,s or any other special requirements. Even though Innersloth has canceled its sequel, it will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

The game may not have received the attention it deserved back in 2018 but it is getting way more attention than the developers might have anticipated.

Those 2 years were worth the wait. This reminds one of a famous proverb,” Good things come to those who wait.”

FAQs on the ‘Among Us’ gameplay

1. How many endings does ‘Among Us’ have?

‘Among Us’ has 4 endings:

  1. Crew wins: When the crew members are able to spot the imposter(s) and eject them.
  2. Crew wins: When the crew finishes all the given tasks before the imposter(s) can sabotage the mission
  3. Imposter wins: When the number of imposters and crew members is the same.
  4. Imposter wins: When the crew members are unable to stop the imposter and the imposter kills everyone.

2. Where can I play ‘Among Us’?

‘Among Us’ can be played online on a personal computer (PC), Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, ios, and Android.

3. How many Imposters can there be in the game?

The game can have up to 3 imposters in one game. However, having 3 imposters at once is something that is not considered ideal by the players.

4. Can an Imposter kill another Imposter?

Yes, an Imposter can kill another Imposter, and if in that case, the imposters win then all the imposters, both living and dead would be credited for winning.

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