An Automated WordPress Update Has Failed to Complete [Solved]

An Automated WordPress Update Has Failed To Complete


Struggling to remove the notification “An Automated WordPress Update Has Failed to Complete” from your WordPress dashboard?

Here is an easy solution for this. It will take a few minutes to remove that irritating notification.

This error occurs when WordPress Update, themes or plugins fails or do not get updated correctly.

In this case, a “.maintenance” file is created on your website server.

We have to delete that “.maintenance” file from the server in order to remove the notification.

This can be done by two methods. Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection or by accessing the website hosting’s cPanel account.

Step by Step Process to An Automated WordPress Update Has Failed to Complete Error

To remove this, you have to delete .maintenance file, here’s how you can:

» If you use FTP connection such as FileZilla simply login there and delete .maintenance file from the main directory (public_html).

» If you’re using cPanel, login and open File Manager.

1. On the upper right corner, click on the setting gear icon and check on “show hidden files” (screenshot below) and click save. (As the .maintenance file is a hidden file, we have to go through this step to make it visible.) 


2. Next, search for “.maintenance” file.


3. Select .maintenance file and remove using the delete option present on the top.


Done, refresh your WordPress dashboard, the notification is gone now.

I hope this article fixed the Failed Automated WordPress Update issue.

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