9 Innovative Android Apps for Seniors – Making elderly happy

Android Apps for Seniors
Android Apps for Seniors

The strongest pillar of a society is the seniors. The embodiment of love and empathy and they deserve all the attention and care. This rundown of android apps for seniors will be your companion guide.

This care is now possible with the help of an application that is just one click away from you. The phone that they use can do most of the stuff for them. Do you tend to forget about the upcoming events?

Do you often find it difficult to travel by taxi? Do you frequently miss up on your medications?

If yes, then no more. These android apps for seniors will keep a track of all in one place. The app will remind seniors to take medicine or go for a check-up!

Android apps for Seniors

These android apps for seniors come with various and different handy features which are significant and one of their own kind.

So, what else are you waiting for? Wait no more and install these android apps in you and make everything about your convenience and wish.


The AARP Now channel highlights selected news and stories of your preference and serves to keep you updated.

  • With AARP Now, keeping a track of occasions is as simple, you will get reminders for the same. Being a senior one often forget about the upcoming events.
  • You will have access to the most loved wellness tracker, which will notify you to take medicines and go for appointments with doctors!


Android Apps for Seniors

Lyft works with a clinical alarm and a phone call set up, to offer a rideshare administration for seniors. They do not need to have the application to plan a ride.

Rather, they can go on their GreatCall cellphone, type zero, and it will plan the ride.

  • To keep up a record with Lyft, you need not bother with a cell phone or any android application, however, you do require a telephone that is equipped for getting SMS and calls.
  • Lyft lets the concerned people with the elderly to contact the allotted driver. Lyft likewise has a setting in its application to demand a vehicle fit for obliging wheelchairs too.


Android Apps for Seniors

Medicare makes your professionally prescribed medications in the budget. However, a few medications are yet costly, and some are not available at genric costs.

  • GoodRx makes it simple to look at your Medicare follow-ups and provides concession coupons for medications.
  • GoodRx will discover costs at certain drug stores that might be available at cheap. Simply enter your medication underneath to choose your arrangement, checkout for your coupon, and discover how much you save.


Konnekt accompanies extraordinary help of personalization of the Skype account according to the convenience of the elderly. The best part is that I.T. Backing when your gadget has an issue, the application has your back.

  • If you need increased volume, Konnekt does it for you and guarantees you remotely. A get-together with the seniors makes them feel connected. So, Konnekt will help you with the same.
  • Konnekt even enables family members and companions to get onto Skype, and tests with them. Your family can joyfully operate Skype on their devices, and you can remotely control it for their convenience.


Big launcher app

Big Launcher makes the cell phone reasonable for seniors and individuals with impaired eyes. It has a basic and simple-to-use interface for effortless use of the cellphone.

  • It includes the SOS button which can actually help save lives! Constrained by single contacts, ruling out mistakes.
  • Discover the applications in friction of seconds with the most searched applications automatically on the top. Stowaway the applications you would prefer not to use.


android apps for seniors: tapestry journal interface

The Tapestry Android app for seniors is for anybody in the family who just wishes to use simple features and keep a record of things.

  • With Tapestry, your photographs come to you. Tapestry Messages have been explicitly intended and approved by Tapestry clients.
  • You can check the climate estimate for any city on the planet. It has everyone from your family secured.
  • See what your family shares without uncovering your own data to anybody. Woven artwork guarantees client security and protection.


Android Apps for Seniors

The most subtle android app for seniors has a pack of a whole lot of features such as amplifying glass, Spotlight, and along with a Computerized Magnifier.

  • Let the best amplifying glass with an electric lamp handle all your fine print understanding needs. Essentially turn on the magnifier and watch as it amplifies the content while allowing you to zoom in/out further.


Android Apps for Seniors
  • LibriVox volunteers audio record narrative books and they upload these audios on the internet.
  • LibriVox is a free help that makes open space (books with no copyright) accessible in a sound organization. So, say no more to reading books that strain your eyes.
  • Seniors can use this app and listen to their favorite books as a source of entertainment and keeping up with the young generation trends and stories with ease of an application!


The application will quickly send an SMS and an E-MAIL containing your GPS from a Google Map and connect to all your crisis contacts!

Escape inconvenience or help other people with just ONE push on your telephone screensaver!

  • You can get the Red Panic Button from the Google Play store. With its easy to understand interface. The Red Panic Button can have a genuine effect when you need it the most.
  • Like a cell phone, the application offers clients security directions in obscure situations (utilizing a GPS alternative). And, this is what makes it hold a position in our android apps for seniors.


Google keep is the ideal app you would need for keeping notes and reminders because you might tend to lose track of your daily medications or doctor visits.

Not only this, if you easily forget the most important dates, you fear no more as it will keep you notified once you enter the data.  

  • The data you store in Google Keep, is sensibly secure, given that it is out in the cloud and open over the web.
  • Set an alarm suggestion to ensure you never miss a thing. No requirement for instant messages to remind you to and fro. Complete things together and faster with one of our android apps for seniors.

we have shared all the best android apps for seniors. So, do not forget to share your experience with these apps and if you know any other android apps for seniors then do let us know in the comment section below.

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