5 Anime like Vinland Saga Which Is Increasingly Popular

Vinland Saga in the adventure seinen that really visualizes a historical era with a great role of action to play. Anime like Vinland Saga has this in common with a lot of plot changes around and out. You can also check out the release date and spoiler alerts of the Vinland Saga anime here.

Some anime like Vinland Saga determines a similar tone of adventure for you all. Let us know the top 5 anime that makes you go on such a ride.

Here Are Some of The Top 5 Anime Like the Vinland Saga:

1. Dororo

Dororo has been one of the anime like Vinland Saga. It is a modern adaptation of the famous manga. It was written back in the 1960s and it really gives you a memoir into that age. Dororo is the historical shounen which was produced jointly by Tezuka Productions and MAPPA studio. Anime like Vinland Saga leads to a lot of variety and that is what you get in Dororo. It is directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi.

Dororo was previously made into an anime series in the year 1969. But this updated version of Dororo is an anime like Vinland Saga, released in 2019. This anime slightly differs from the old one as it drifts its way apart. Dororo anime like the Vinland Saga is a bit darker. The manga goes light on the tone whereas the moderated version goes higher with the dark theme.

This anime is strictly meant for a mature audience. This has the story of Samurai and also involves demons eating young ones. Here are some of the other mature anime which you can try watching for betterment. Watch the stunning Dororo anime on Prime Video.

2. Berserk

Berserk is another anime like Vinland Saga which has a constant comparison with the Berserk anime which was released back in the 90s. If you are already a fan of the series then this may not be the ultimate one for you. On the other note without watching the series from the 90s, this Berserk anime 2016 can be a refreshing one for you. It has been directed by Shin Itagaki.

Berserk 90s anime like Vinland Saga has been a classic. People just love it the way it had exclaimed the utmost horror in action. It is still blessed in the memories. In such a situation, Berserk being remade in 2016 was quite a jumping jack for many. This was like a sweet gift from the past. The story brings the heroic protagonist who fights against sully demons. Although the downfall of this anime remains in its animation and on-screen visuals.

The traditional fantasy manga has been really well adapted by the new Berserk as it is an entertaining and quality product onscreen. Just being an anime like Vinland Saga, you are ought to become a biased fan of it after watching the anime series. Tap here to know each and every detail of this specific Berserk anime.

3. Kingdom

Kingdom anime like Vinland Saga has a lot of action and thrill on the table for all the audience. The 2012 to 2015 anime really got very popular out of the blue. It was the story that was set up in ancient China. Kingdom anime has been directed by Shinsuke Sato.

The era of cruelty in China is purposely vitalized here to set up the brutal plot ahead. The dragon period of the country is shown in anime like Vinland Saga. Many cities and other states were burnt and vanished in the flame by the dragon. Although the animation is not much impressed but with the CGI you can get a hot red look at the scenario in the anime.

More than 100 nations were destroyed that ultimately made seven of the survivors of the nations. Here initiate the characters out of which you get to see the young king of China. He gets to rule and lead among a thousand, being one of the youngest of all. Watch the dreadful adventure of Kingdom on Funimation.

4. The Heroic Legend of Arslan

One particular thing is really common in anime like Vinland Saga. That is the use of swords or other ancient weapons being staged in the history of the fantasy era which dates past. The Heroic Legend of Arslan is also one such anime like Vinland Saga that has it in common. This has been directed by Mamoru Hamatsu.

Arslan is the name of the Prince from a fantasy kingdom. As he grows older, becomes ready for battle. Later when he comes to his teenage, the Prince finally goes for a battle and there he faces extremely tough opposition.

This anime like Vinland Saga is precisely based on the war culture that has focused on the core brain games of battle. The Heroic Legend of Arslan anime gives you a lot of detailed action and also lets you grow through the series. Watch it on Netflix.

5. Goblin Slayer

anime like Vinland Saga
Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer has a huge fanbase and yet for your fun and information, this too is an anime like Vinland Saga. Not being a replication or so, basically, it brings out a similar vibe. Although to be accurate, Goblin Slayer has a thrill dark adventurous narrative that is found really gloomy and disturbing by many viewers of light heart.

Goblin Slayer is the name of the character who calls himself so. As he goes on the dark and thrilling ride of killing dangerous goblins around, he takes along a girl, the Priestess alongside. The content of the storyline is really fascinating and has a lot to offer.

Know the upcoming release and all speculations about Goblin Slayer here.

If you are already a follower of the anime, here are some other anime like Goblin Slayer which you may want to know.

FAQs on Anime like the Vinland Saga

1. What are famous anime like Vinland Saga?

Some of the top anime like Vinland Saga is Kingdome, Attack on Titan, Berserk, etc. These anime are extremely rich in action and the essence of war is in every minute of it.

2. In Vinland Saga better or Demon Slayer?

Vinland Saga offers a more thoughtful scenario keeping realism in mind. It definitely falls under the mature anime category and hence it is upon your choice as for act. Know the best mature anime that you can watch here.