AT&T Now Rolling Out AT&T TV With Android TV Box Worldwide, But There Is A Twist!!

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AT&T Thas recently rolled out AT&T TV android box across different nations after initially launching to a dozen markets the previous year.
AT&T TV is a comprehensive entertainment service that incorporates the merits of live sports and TV, on-demand shows and movies, access to HBO, Cloud DVR, Pandora, and Netflix, and over 5,000+ apps on Google Play store.

It is a subscription TV service that should not be confused with AT&T TV Now, formerly known as DirecTV Now. AT&T TV is now changing to contract-based, which ultimately means that you would not be able to enjoy the freedom that you had with month-to-month streaming TV apps like Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV.

After you sign up for a two-year agreement, you get an Android TV set-top box and a very cable-like remote control that comes equipped with a Google Assistant button.

The Interesting Features

With time when people are seeking a better satellite as compared to cheaper ones, AT&T is trying to position AT&T TV as its premium streaming TV experience.

The new service gives you numerous live TV channels along with 40,000 on-demand titles, and 500 hours of cloud DVR storage. In addition to this, the box enables you to watch Disney Plus, Netflix, HBO Max, and Youtube. It also supports Google Play store that allows you to further extend its utility with more than 5,000 apps.

Much the same as ‌Apple TV‌, the AT&T TV’s voice-controlled remote comes incorporated with Google Assistant for regulating channels, playback, volume, smart home devices, and much more. On searching for movies and shows, you will get results for both streaming content in addition to contents that are available for purchasing and rental on Google Play Movies & TV.

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The Technicalities Of AT&T TV

High-speed internet connection is what is required for working on AT&T TV, and it can even be put to work with AT&T’s 1-GB Internet plan. You can view AT&T TV on the box sitting in front of your TV, or you can watch it at your comfort via AT&T TV app that comes handy for iOS, Android and, iPadOS. The entire setup is quite simple.

You can start by following few basic steps that begin with plugging the set-top box into your TV’s HDMI port, entering your Wi-Fi data, and lastly, signing in with your AT&T TV credentials, and there you go. There is not much difference as compared to satellite connections except the fact that here everything is streaming over the web.


The Price Breakup With A Twist

AT&T TV bundles start at $49.99 per month with a two-year contract. The basic “entertainment” package consists of local broadcast channels, AMC, FX, ESPN, HGTV, USA, and a sufficiently good selection of other cable networks.

However, after the first year of service, the cost of the base package goes up substantially from $50 to $93. A bundle pack that consists of gigabit home internet and AT&T TV is offered by the company for a combined $80 per month. While HBO is included for free in all plans but only for the first three months, for its uninterrupted service, you will have to pay.

The most costly Ultimate package would cost $135 for each month that costs $70 in the 1st year of the contract. Furthermore, if you decide to terminate the service before the invalidity of your service agreement, you have to shell out $15 as early termination fees.

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What’s The Real Point Then?

Well, AT&T is trying to drive a simple message, which is “get everything in one place.” Without juggling for remote or switching HDMI ports, you can search for everything from live TV, streaming apps, to on-demand content from one core place.

You can save up to 500 hours of movies and shows through the cloud DVR that is included in its service packages, though after 90 days, the contents get deleted. With AT&T TV, you can simultaneously stream at three different places.

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