What happens in Attack on titan final season episode 6? (The War Hammer Titan)

“Death is inevitable,” and with this, a new era of Attack On Titan Final Season begins. The Attack On Titan Final Season started airing this month, and fans seem really impatient and curious to know what happens next? Don’t worry; I’ve got the latest episode all covered up for you. Read to find out more.

Attack on Titan tackles many genres, but we all know that the premiere episodes embrace horror tropes more than anything else. If I recall, then the very first episode was scary, not only when the Titans first appear, but also how they terrorize Shiganshina District and devour so much of their population in one go. Watching Attack On Titan Final Season can be a  destabilizing and overwhelming experience.

Review on Attack On Titan Final Season Episode 6

Attack On Titan Final Season

The latest episode of Attack On Titan Final Season, “The War Hammer Titan,” doesn’t only make us recall the anime’s horror roots. Still, it also manages to deliver carnage, which is even more frightening than what was seen in Attack on Titan’s first episode. The spot destruction due to Eren’s Titan transformation is horrifying to witness. You can feel the citizens themselves’ fear as they trample over each other to run for their lives.

I think “The War Hammer Titan” in Attack On Titan Final Season intentionally scares the citizens, it’s like it’s one of Eren’s plans to victory. However, the bodies of corpses that lose their lives are just a part of collateral damage. 

I think Attack On Titan Final Season wants to show the audience that people lost their lives because of Eren’s decision. 

Attack On Titan Final Season

In one scene, you can see Eren regretting his reckless decision to disregard innocent civilian lives, including the death of children. Eren was motivated and involved at first, but then he starts having second thoughts and starts to question if it’s really a good cause or not. 

This scene also reflects that he’s become more hardened and is ready for mass killing as well. 

Eren’s reaches a point where he’s indifferent to the monsters that killed his mother and put him on this path in the first place. This bitter truth has been present in Attack on Titan, but it’s even more explicitly stated this season. Even the posters show a relative of Udo or Sophia stare up at Eren’s Attack Titan and scream that they’ll “destroy every last one of them!” as the cycle repeats itself. I think it’s already beginning to happen with Gabi.

After five episodes of setup with story and secrets reveal, “The War Hammer Titan” is largely just the massive explosion in the series. Willy Tybur’s sister transforms into War Hammer Titan, another tough competition for Eren after Berthold.

As the name suggests, it has a powerful hammer that’s made out of a strength that’s at least as strong and durable as other Titans. Another interesting fact about this titan is that it can make massive spikes to burst out of the Earth as a secondary form of attack. 

It’s absolutely worth your time to watch this play out, especially after Eren’s Titan gets impaled by one of these spikes. It’s a fast-paced battle, but it is still one of the most thrilling showdowns in the final series. This Titan duel could easily fill the episode, but instead, it was like a glimpse of the first act before an even larger fight that reaches greater heights.

Anyone who truly loved this show would be screaming out of excitement at the sight of Eren signaling Mikasa to attack with Thunder Spears and the rest of the Survey Corps. Yes, you heard it right. Mikasa and the freaking Survey Corps are back in Attack On Titan Final Season!!

Attack on Titan: “No One is Safe”

Attack On Titan Final Season

It’s surprisingly satisfying to hear the zip of 3D maneuver gear as the Survey Corps begin to soar through the air and appear to backup for Mikasa and Eren. Mikasa’s introduction in the Attack On Titan Final Season gives us a hint at how bad-ass she’s become over the years, but it’s also a relief to see Jean, Connie, and others.

On the other hand, Levi seems to pull off the mission like they’re in  Ocean’s 11 movies. However, this particular moment where the Survey Corps come face-to-face with Gabi and Titan’s new breed hit totally different altogether. The powers and mysteries surrounding the War Hammer Titan are the biggest obstacles for Eren and the Survey Corps.

Their precise strategy doesn’t work because the Titan’s human, instead of occupying the nape of the neck, is underground near the feet. Another interesting fact about it is that the user is linked via a fleshy umbilical cord. I think this is one of the coolest/grossest Titan in the whole series. 

The combat in “The War Hammer Titan” is one of the battles that one can’t miss, more like the beginning of world war Z. Still, it transforms into an epic free-for-all when multiple Titans try to beat each other to take over the dominant abilities. 

  “The War Hammer Titan” is an entire action blockbuster as scenes of combat, chaos, and destruction play out. It’s the first time the audience gets a better idea of MAPPA’s ability to make Titans’ more intensive and horrifying, the Attack On Titan Final Season is on fire. This is, fortunately, an episode that looks fantastic. The fans went crazy on tweeter, and other social media platforms after the episodes were aired. Just look at the tweet one of the fan posted.


The animation can match the battle moments’ gravities, and there’s a grandiose score that amplifies these pivotal scenes even more. 

Attack on Titan now sits atop of all the action series aired till now, which is only rarely achieved by a high-quality piece of programming after it enters its endgame. Suddenly every new episode immediately becomes the series’ best installment if you’ve been following the story closely. Attack On Titan Final Season keeps getting better as it progresses.

Last week’s “Declaration of War” nullified all expectations in every regard and set a new place for Attack on Titan. Still, it looks like the next episodes of Attack On Titan Final Season are all going to operate at this level after considering the events in “The War Hammer Titan.” 

Attack On Titan Final Season

 Attack On Titan Final Season episode 6 doesn’t just maintain the momentum of “Declaration of War’, but it also increases the tempo in an almost breathtaking manner. Simultaneously, watching Attack On Titan Final Season episode 6 where you need to remind yourself to breathe in and out repeatedly.

MAPPA has successfully created one hell of an episode step by step, bringing all the pieces together, and playing out like an orchestra, leading to some delightful melodious music of Attack On Titan Final Season.

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FAQs on Attack On Titan

Does Eren die after 13 years?

1) The Curse of Ymir
Ymir Fritz, the first person to obtain the Titans’ power after fusing with a mysterious creature. Thirteen years later, she died while protecting her close friend, the king of Eldia, after which her powers were split into the Nine Titans.
A few Eldians managed to inherit these powers and gained the ability to shift into a Titan. However, along with great strength, they also inherit a deadly curse (Ymir curse)
Titan shifters are cursed to die after 13 years of acquiring their powers. The Ymir curse bluntly states that the humans inheriting the 9 special Titans’ power can live no longer than Ymir.
Now that it has been confirmed that the Titan Shifters such as Eren, Annie, Zeke, etc., will die after 13 years but is it true?
Titans other than the special nine can survive much longer, however, from what I’ve seen.
The “normal” Titans were transformed into titans by injecting titan spinal fluid into them and becoming Ymir subjects. However, they did not inherit the original Titan’s power, which means they will die eventually while original or non-Ymir ones survive longer.

2) Grisha’s Unusual Case
Titan Shifters have been sentenced to die after awakening their powers (in 13 years). However, are there any exceptions? Not yet, Grisha Jaeger acquired two different Titans’ powers before his death, i.e., the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan he stole from the Reiss family.
As someone afflicted by the curse, he should have been at his death bed or at least been in a critical condition after 13 years. However, in the series, we see that during, Grisha was not weak at all.
Assumption:- Maybe he had a chance to cure or overcome the Curse of Ymir; however, for some reason, he did not choose to do so.
While his death did indeed prove that the curse was real, Grisha’s condition before the scenario makes us believe that there might be some hope left for Eren to live longer.

Will Eren Die in the End?

Eren has a terrifying goal of getting rid of Titans, but it has changed gradually as you’ll reach the final season.
He possesses three Titans’ powers and is known to be the strongest in Attack on Titan, but with powers comes curses too; he has risked his life to keep the powers.
As a Titan Shifter, Eren is afflicted with Ymir’s curse and will die after four years; but he’s the protagonist, so will the creator actually kill him off?
85% chances are that he will get killed, as death is quite normal in AOT. The Attack On Titan Final Season is bound to be tragic, and fans will expect this too. However, many still have hopes that something will be out of the box this time, that the character they’ve come to love will survive.

Should I rewatch AoT before Season 4?

Yes, you should re-watch AOT before watching the Attack On Titan Final Season. There will be so many hints about Reiner and Bertholdt being titans. It will also help you fill in the blanks. I highly recommend rewatching the anime before the Attack On Titan Final Season, so you have a fresh mind and remember why you fell in love with the series!

Does Levi have feelings for Mikasa?

No. Romance is not all the focus of this series, although fans keep shipping them, and if there is love, it’s usually implied and not shown on screen. I don’t think so there’s anything between them because Mikasa starts disliking Levi because of what he did to Eren in court; also, Levi doesn’t seem to care about Mikasa more than the rest of the comrades. If there are any feelings involved, it’s probably Levi caring about his subordinates and Mikasa’s respect for him. More like mutual respect.

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