Is Attack on Titan anime worth it? Here’s Our Review

First issued on September 9, 2009, by the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, Attack on Titan was sold in hundred million copies. Isayama Hajime dates back to his concept of initializing with his work and illustration of Attack on Titan from an internet cafe, where he used to presume the people to be absurd in many behavioral instances, nearly aimless and fearful.

Hajime explained the core ideology behind his work to be Humans versus Beasts or man-eating invulnerable where it is dystopian in nature.  The work has been critically acclaimed by liberals although the writer claims it to be apolitical and unbiased.

In 2012, in the United States, the Penguin House of publications started selling English-translated copies of Attack on Titan. It is since then that the ever-growing upliftment is irrevocable.

Attack On Titan Moments

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Attack on Titan – In Depth

Thematic Complexity

The Attack on Titan storyline is famous and acclaimed for its thematic complexity in so many levels that requires a thorough understanding throughout the various unfoldings. 

The narrative initializes by hauling the heed on the basic idea of humans living inside the boundary of three walls, being scared of giants called Titans out there, all their lives. This human world is very different from the finicky real world we relate to all the time. 

The people are controlled by an oppressive military regime and the population is extensively graded by casts. The three divisions in the military include self-serving, corrupt officers, troops who drink in their job and the third, impotent scouts who are on the verge to know what’s beyond those walls. Later it is revealed that the habit is based on an Island called Paradise and the conflicts originate between two communities, the Eldians, and Marleyans. 

The three protagonists of the Anime series get involved when the Titans break into the outermost wall amongst the three. Eren, one of the three, encloses his ability to transform into a Titan and capitalizes it to fight against the odds of the suppressive society they live in by joining the military. Later, they attune across the fact that the people living inside are a part of the Eldian Empire, scattered.

Marley, being against the Eldians dating reference to historical arguments, are responsible for creating those mindless beats beyond the wall.

Reception and Profit

People consider this Anime to condemn all fascist and racist ideologies, symbolically referring to mere instances from the visual plot where the odds are shown in resemblance with the Nazis whereas, on the other hand, the even with that of the Jews. 

A lot of political claims surround the Attack on Titan yet it is to date that none of it has actually gone through the door of acceptance by its makers. 

Attack on Titan being such an inextricable boon among the audience, gained a net profit of around 201 million yen as reported by the WIT studios in concern. They reported a good raise in the profit extending the graph higher involving the US viewership. Since 2009, it has evolved into 23 volumes by far as originally created by Hajime for Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The final season, that is, season 4 is released this December 2020 which adds up more to the ever-growing fandom. It follows the track where Eren shall lead out of the Island and take over the region of Marley, which in turn, will follow epic battles to be witnessed. The plot extends with an irk of constantly going against the Titans with an additional dilemma to tackle the humans who too are against Eren and company now.

Attack on Titan has constantly justified its mixed genre of action along with the essence of a post-apocalyptic dystopian state, to be honest to the narrative as it is reported throughout the three seasons. It is with utmost sincerity and love that the viewers expect no derailing to that precise worth of the series. 

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