20 Best 3 Wheel Motorcycles in 2022

Motorcycles are a marvel of the transportation industry and ever since their advent, people have been buying motorcycles for so many different uses.

From traveling to commuting to work to even using it for sport, every youth individual wants to own a bike and have fun with it.

And because of that, manufacturers have been advancing ahead in technology and upgrading bikes to such a high level that now they are not just fast, but more lightweight and fuel-efficient too. This also includes the invention of battery and solar-operated bikes, which are quick and eco-friendly as well.

But nowadays, there is a new revolution in town that goes by the name of 3 wheel motorcycles or commonly known as trikes, that have taken the world by storm. These motorized tricycles are arranged in 2 ways: delta and tadpole. Delta is when there is 1 front wheel and 2 rear wheels, while in tadpole it is the opposite.

Today we are looking at 20 such motorcycles that are a combination of fun and performance, providing maximum comfort and utility to the user.

20. Peugeot Metropolis

The Metropolis is a heavy trike that is a commuter’s delight and takes a page out of Peugeot’s automobile book, with handling and horsepower that justifies the price.

Metropolis is a 400 cc single-cylinder machine that has a horsepower of 35.6 Horsepower and weighs 256 kilograms.

With a tilting wheel mechanism, LED front lights, and a huge body frame, it is easy to mistake this beast for a car that is moving on 3 wheels. But worry not, confident users have shown faith in its supreme handling abilities, even in the toughest of terrains, just like they have trusted the French car manufacturing company all these years.

19. Piaggio MP3 Yourban LT300

Piaggio is known far and wide for its cheap yet efficient scooters, but who knew they could nail a three wheeled motorcycle this nicely?

The 230 kilogram trike packs a light punch with its 22.6 Horsepower and 278 cc single cylinder, and its most commonly used in an urban setting.

Riders admit that this trike is a must have for those who are looking to invest in a vehicle for the very first time, as it is a safe and cheap option. Also, if looks and features are your priorities, this vehicle covers them all smoothly, with an advanced body structure and a user-friendly display system that helps you get the most out of your 3 wheeled motorcycle.

18. Piaggio MP3 500 Sport HPE

Piaggio keeps on pulling out all the stops to ensure that they are able to satisfy customers from different price brackets all in one fell swoop. And honestly, we can’t complain!

The Italian vehicle manufacturer has upped the tempo in its ‘Sport’ version of the MP3 500 three wheeled motorcycle, packed with an upgraded cylinder, upgraded braking system, and much more.

Under the hood, the trike gives a 42.9 Horsepower, a 493 cc single cylinder that is classified as “HPE” (High performance Engine), brake discs, shock-absorbing rear suspensions made by famous Japanese automotive manufacturer called Kayaba, and an overall weight of 282 kilograms.

17. Yamaha Tricity 300

Just like Piaggio, Yamaha is pulling no punches with its premium class of three wheeled motorcycles, and has made significant upgrades in the Tricity 300 over its lower costing predecessor, the Tricity 125.

It is very similar to the Piaggio’s MP3 500, but it ranks higher on our list due to its fantastic Blue Core EURO5 engine, which is a power-packed beast and also complies with the latest emission guidelines of European countries. Talk about having power and responsibility in the same vehicle!

It has a 292 cc cylinder giving 27.6 Horsepower, with an automobile-grade ABS system and LED headlights.

16. Kymco CV3

Taiwanese company Kymco is usually known for its fabulous line of two wheelers in both scooters and motorbikes, but they played a gamble in making their first ever trike in CV3, and we must say that their gamble played out well.

The debutant 3 wheeled motorcycle is packed with a 550.4 cc engine with a telescopic front suspension and a weight of just 280 kilograms and 56 Horsepower.

The trike has a very sleek and futuristic design, and at first glance looks just like a sports bike. It also has an added seat so that you and your loved ones can also enjoy a ride to your nearest shopping centre on it!

15. Qooder QV3

The Qooder QV3 is next on our list, a lightweight, yet sturdy machine with a 346 cc single cylinder engine, with a new technology in the front wheels known as the Hydraulic Tilt System (HTS), that gives the rider maximum control of the vehicle and superior handling.

The trike weighs 220 kg with 28.4 Horsepower, and has a comfortable seating design so that if you have to stand for longer hours in traffic, it does not cause any discomfort.

Even in the visual features section, the QV3 does an impressive job, boasting powerful LED running lights and a LCD screen on the dashboard.

14. Gilera Fuoco 500

The Fuoco 500 is another Piaggio product that we have no doubt over, simply because of its look and build that has constantly improved over the past 15 years of its production.

It is a recurring model from the company, and each time they come out with something better.

The Gilera Fuoco 500 has a 400 cc single cylinder engine under its wings, churning out 40 Horsepower and weighing a total of 400 kilograms.

The unique thing about the machine is its top speed of 90 miles per hour, and the fact that its front wheels can tilt up to an angle of 40 degrees without breaking a sweat. That is more than enough handling you can achieve in a trike like this!

13. Arcimoto FUV Evergreen Edition

Well, well, what do we say about this one? Is it a car? Is it a bike? Is it both? It probably is both, even though at first glance you may not feel that way.

Somebody in the American company Arcimoto’s office decided to have too much fun while making this ‘Fun Utility Vehicle’ (FUV), and it shows.

The golf-cart-esque trike has a top speed of 75 miles per hour and works on a lithium-ion battery so that you can stay assured about the environment while having this much fun.

The trike is slightly heavier than most entries in this list, weighing 589 kilograms, but with hydraulic braking and front suspensions, the handling and control of this ride is definitely going to be smooth.

12. Gotcha Trike

If bulky metal and fiber bodywork is not your thing and you need something that is nimble yet efficient, then we have got you covered.

Meet Gotcha Trike, an ‘electrical mobility’ machine that has changed the way you can commute to your daily travel spots across the city. Another battery-operated entry on our list, this small trike only weighs about 73 kilograms and has a top speed of 25 miles per hour.

The trike is a two-seater with two wheels in the front and one in the rear, and it also has flashy running lights in the front.

11. Vanderhall Venice

Vanderhall’s trike vehicles seem like old wine in a new bottle, except the old wine tastes even better now.

Vanderhall Venice is no exception, with the 3 wheeled motorcycle designed like a retro car but with modern features. The machine has a 1485 cc, 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine, with a 664 kilogram weight.

Since it’s a front wheel drive, you will always have the power under your feet to control the machine and stop it from going astray. What also contributes to this is the pushrod suspension up front, giving a better handling experience.

10. Vanderhall Carmel

Vanderhall Carmel is another trike from Vanderhall that has the imprint of its predecessor Venice over it, but some significant tweaks here and there.

The Vanderhall Carmel is a bit bigger and more spacious than Venice, with its weight topping in at 723 kilograms, only 59 kilograms more than the predecessor.

Carmel produces 194 HP, and contains a push rod suspension made out of forged aluminium, that strengthens the vehicle significantly.

Honestly, everything about this trike screams a weekend getaway to the nearest sightseeing spot with a loved one by your side.

9. Morgan 3 Wheeler

The Morgan motor company has a long history of making nobility-rich 3 wheeler automobiles, dating back to as early as the start of the 20th century.

And it seems like even today, they have this traditional heritage car going on, in the form of the aptly named Morgan 3 Wheeler.

The trike machine boasts 82 bhp with a 2.0 liter V-twin engine, weighing 550 kilograms.

Morgan has maintained the look and feel of the days long gone, with the engine visible in front of the vehicle and a long exhaust on the size.

The unit that has been under production for the past 9 years will now be remodeled and a few changes are planned to be made, with a new 1.5 liter three-cylinder and a lot more changes are to be made.

8. Harley Davidson Freewheeler

How can there be a motorcycle list without the world famous Harleys?

Harley Davidson has a couple of 3 wheeled motorcycles in its arsenal, and both of them are power-packed machines meant for long distance bikers who do not want to be burdened by managing the weight of the bike all the time.

First up, is the Harley Davidson Freewheeler, fitted with a 1868 cc engine and weighing 492 kilograms. Featuring top-of-the-line suspension and braking system, even on the toughest roads you will have the control of the vehicle under your hands.

The trike also has a spacious boot space on the back, ensuring you a comfortable ride with all your goods.

7. Harley Davidson TriGlide Ultra

Taking back-to-back spots on our list is another Harley Davidson, this time it’s the TriGlide Ultra model.

This trike looks like it is the roadster version of a whole caravan truck, with so many features added you will think you have bought a proper 4 wheeler automobile. Weighing 544 kilograms, the motorcycle is loaded with a 1868 cc engine, piston brakes in the front and the rear, and aluminium suspension.

Coming to the good stuff, the bike is also loaded with a sound system, a charging port, a colored control screen, and even a boot space worth 22 kilograms. Doesn’t that sound like the specifications of a four-wheeler!?

6. Honda Neowing

Honda has their own form of a trike in the market and is competing just as good, with the hybrid three wheeled motorcycle called Honda Neowing.

Honda Neowing has a petrol engine with an electric motor attached to it, for more torque output.

Also, Neowing has a parallel two front-wheel setup with separated suspension system, which allows it to ride smoothly and turn corners efficiently.

Since this bike is still in production, not much is known about its technical specifications except that it has a 4 cylinder engine, but we can assume that this exciting product is going to give serious competition to other trikes in the market.

5. Can-am Ryker

Can-am breaks into the top 5 of our list, simply because of its sleek design, powerful features, and fitting the traditional mould of what a trike should be.

The Canadian three wheeled motorcycle is the perfect blend of a sports car and a sports bike into one, packing a 900 cc, 3 cylinder engine with a standard disc braking system.

Ryker is an automatic transmission trike, with a horsepower output of 82 hp and a 20 liter fuel tank capacity.

The seats on this thing are waterproof, and it also features a nice little glove box with 2 USB ports, in case your phone discharges suddenly amidst all the fun you are having on this motorcycle.

4. Yamaha Niken GT

Yamaha knows a thing or two about sports bikes, and that DNA is greatly influential in their best entrant in the 3 wheeled motorcycle department.

The Niken GT is a beautiful 263 kg trike, featuring an 847 cc engine that spits out an impressive 113 hp. The mean machine can tilt up to an angle of 45 degrees without breaking a sweat, so your corner traversal will be the smoothest part of your ride.

It is advised that only people with riding experience use this vehicle and not beginners, owing to its high torque capacity and power output.

3. Can-am Spyder F3 GT

Imagine a Can-am Ryker that went to the gym daily and ate its veggies; that is exactly what the Spyder F3 GT can be described as.

The 407 kilogram monster is a powerful upgrade over its Ryker alternative, boasting a 105 horsepower with 1330 cc in its Rotax engine and a 27 liter fuel capacity.

The UFit System is a novel feature that allows you to adjust the ergonomics of the trike to support your body better, thus providing a smooth ride, always. To add to that, newer and more expensive models also feature a TFT infotainment screen that will also add more fun to your riding experience.

2. Ural Baikal Limited Edition

Taking our no. 2 spot is a trike from the Tundra lands of Russia, the Ural Baikal Limited Edition. Inspired by the harsh weather conditions of the Lake Baikal region and the people who visit it every year as an adventure, Ural Baikal is as tough as a three wheeled motorcycle gets, built to survive the toughest of conditions.

A 749 cc, air cooled 2 cylinder engine, the trike gives a 41 hp output with a 2-wheel-drive and a manual transmission.

It also comes with a spacious boot compartment, an attached sidecar, and a mounted space for storing a spare wheel. This limited edition also boasts of a ‘survival kit’ of sorts, with a shovel, a hatchet, a tool kit, a set of 25 matches, a flask, and a flashlight, among other things.

Truly meant for the roadster people!

1. Polaris Slingshot S

Our entry for the best 3 wheel motorcycle in the world is something that can only be described as a vehicle straight out of a sci-fi movie of the future.

This 771 kilograms futuristic-looking trike is a modern marvel of technology, with a 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine, 173 hp under the hood, and a displacement of 1997 cc.

It also has a 30 AH battery, and has some form of an LED light placed throughout the 3.8 meter length of the vehicle. The double wishbone transmission also makes sure that you remain secure while looking stylish.

The vehicle also has a smart 4.3 inch LCD screen and audio system for infotainment, waterproof seats, and leathered steering wheel.

All-in-all, the Slingshot is a 3 wheeled motorcycle that is certain to raise some eyebrows when you take it out for a ride with its 125 miles per hour top speed, and some onlookers are guaranteed to be jealous!

To recap, these three wheeled motorcycles are not the norm in the transportation market, but for the child in you, there is always a trike out there over which you can spend some money and live out your childhood fantasies. It is a matter of choice and the place you are in, if you can afford to get any one of these, we can guarantee you a comfortable ride as well as a fun experience!

Which of these trikes would you like to buy if you had the chance? Comment down below which one is your favorite, and let us know if you missed any!