8 Best Android Apps for Writers – Write Better in 2021

best android apps for writers

best android apps for writers

With the rise of the digital era, writing novels and reading books is no longer restricted to the use of pen and paper only. There are a number of software and applications in the market, which have revolutionized the traditional art of writing.

However, it is not possible and handy to carry laptop everywhere, so, here is a list of best android apps for writers you should be using.

We have carefully picked these apps which help you unleash your creativity by allowing you to practice the art of writing anywhere on the go.

8 Best Android Apps for Writers

1. iA writer

One of the most loved writing apps recommended by many professional writers around the world with a very simple interface. The app provides all the essential features with a distraction free work environment for the writers.

Earlier it was available only for iOS and OS X platforms, but its android version was released in 2015, and since then has been one of the favorite apps among writers.

Some interesting features:

  • Full markdown support
  • You can create local file as well as work on documents on Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Focus mode which helps you to focus only on the current sentence by dimming everything else. This is an excellent feature for those who want to stay in flow and avoid the temptation to edit and review the previous work

You can export your work directly to Medium and WordPress.

Download iA Writer Android App

2. JotterPad

A User-friendly app with a minimal and clean typing interface but at the same time providing tones of interesting and useful features, designed specifically for creative writers out there, who only want to focus only on writing and cut out all other distractions.

The basic idea of the app an interface with only essential features, so than writer can focus more on text

Some interesting features:

  • Provides markdown Support and essential features like dark theme, snapshot, phrase search, typewriter scrolling, etc.
  • In built dictionary, thesaurus as well as a rhyming dictionary
  • Export the document in any format like PDF, RTF, HTML, DOCX or simple plain text
  • Specially designed Night mode to reduce evening headache (this feature comes with an added cost)

It also supports different languages.

Download JotterPad Android App

3. INKredible

So INKredible is a different and niche app recommended for writers, who prefer to scribble their novels by hand rather than typing, and are also lucky enough to have big screen android smart phones.

Yes! INKredible gives you the liberty to scribble manually, just like with a pen and a paper, and that too on a digital interface. This means, you don’t need to search for your notepad and pen every time an idea pops up in your mind, plus, it provides are many added features.

Some interesting features:

  • You can choose between different paper backgrounds – line paper with margins, graph paper or plain paper
  • Automatic optimization of your writing to make it look neater
  • Palm rejection feature allowing you to lean on the screen as you write

Supports the export of documents in PDF or image format.

Download INKredible Android App

4. Writer Plus

This is another widely used android app by writers which enables you to work without any fuss or distraction. It is very much similar to Writer app, except that it allows you to create both files and folders. Thus, you can properly organize your files and avoid cluttering up.

It is a completely free app with an exceptionally good user interface. However, the app does not provide cloud integration like most other apps in the list.

Some interesting features:

  • Very Simple and easy to use app which supports markdown formatting
  • Support keyboard shortcuts like undo, redo, etc

Allows you to easily share your files with others

Download Writer Plus Android App

5. Monospace Writer

Monospace is another minimalist and simple yet useful writing app. It is different from all other in the list as it uses a different approach in organizing the files and data.

Instead of the traditional folder system, it uses hashtag feature, which is relatively simpler and easier to understand. At the end of the folder, hashtags can be used to denote file locations.

Some interesting features:

  • Full Markdown Support
  • Innovative hashtag feature for better organization of files and folders
  • Easy inversion of colours of the screen with a single click
  • Supports font styles like Bold, Italics, bullets, quote and few size related formatting style

Download Monospace Android App

6. Pure Writer

An app with minimum features with a comparatively cheaper pro version. It provides very little or almost no formatting features except the paragraph and line spacing options, thus, allowing you to focus only on writing.

The most important feature is its extensive storage capacity, as it saves while you write. The content in your database is saved every 2 seconds. 

If the app fails to save, it will immediately notify the user, and the user will be able to exit the app only after syncing of the data. So, you can be sure that you will never lose your work.

Some interesting features:

  • Extensive storage capacity
  • Easy recovery of accidentally deleted work from History Records
  • Fingerprint encryption for all your work
  • Easy sharing of content with other apps
  • No ads, even for the free version

Allows you to choose from a wide range of paper designs


Download Pure Writer Android App

7. WPS writer

WPS office is a word processor much similar to Microsoft Office, except that it is a light weight word processor well suited for android mobile and tablets.

It is also a free app with all the advanced formatting abilities. The formatting options provided by WPS writer are more than any other apps on the list. 

Although, the interface may not seem to be very user friendly for creative writers, who want to focus more on the content, rather than on formatting styles. However, it can be a preferred choice for those looking to work on a word processor.

Some interesting features:

  • Fully compatible with Microsoft word, Google doc and Adobe PDF format
  • Comes with a free PDF reader, PDF editor and PDF converter
  • Easy sharing of files, through WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, etc

Supports 51 languages and comes with a number of font packages and templates

Download WPS writer Android App

8. yWriter

yWriter is yet another user powerful word processor which offers a number of features suited to the requirement s of novelists and fiction writers. The app can be downloaded from Google playstore by paying an amount of Rs 290.

This app is greatly recommended for novelists as it allows effective organization of all the chapters and scenes. The interface on the other hand is simple and clean with default fonts, unless otherwise specified by user.

Some interesting features:


  • It breaks your work into scenes and chapters, and allows you to easily track and move through various chapters and
  • It allows syncing of data with google drive so that files can be accessed on PC also

Allows you to manually set daily work targets and deadlines to keep you motivated

Download yWriter Android App

Being on the most effective anti-depressants, writing helps you unload the tons of emotions and self created tensions. Motivate yourself to write more and more and use these best android apps for writers. Happy writing!

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