Best Books to Read Your Kids Before Bed

Best Books to Read Your Kids Before Bed

Bedtime stories help children in their sleep routine. It also enables them to develop crucial reading, writing, and language skills. Children who enjoy bedtime stories are also more creative in their school work. Beyond that, it is a chance for parents to bond with their children at any age.

The value of bedtime stories will depend on the choices you make. A bedtime storybook is only good and effective if it fits the age. Children will develop preferences, but you must gradually improve the grade to match the developmental needs of your child.

Here are excellent bedtime storybooks to read to your kids:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The forest holds mysteries that baffle the minds of small children. Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a story of a girl who gets lost in the forest. She cannot find her way home. In the search, she comes across a cottage. She knocks on the door but no one answers. That is where the mystery begins. You can hire a professional homework assistant and domyessay reviews as the kids enjoy their bedtime stories.

Inside the cottage are three bowls of porridge. There is a large one, a medium bowl, and a small one. Having been lost in the forest for a while, she is hungry. The hunger tempts her to take the porridge. She goes for the smallest bowl.

Goldilocks then sees three chairs in the room. The small, medium, and large. She chooses the small chair but it broke. She goes upstairs, only to find three beds following the same pattern. She falls asleep.

The bears return and are angry to find their porridge consumed. The smaller bear cannot bear the empty bowl and broken chair. Rushing upstairs the small bear finds a girl sleeping on its bed. How will the girl react when she wakes up? It is an interesting adventure for kids.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Hamelin was notorious for its many rats. Everyone in the town wanted to get rid of them. However, they appeared set to stay, regardless of the effort many people made. Even the cats could not catch the rats. The townspeople met and decided to aware a sack full of gold coins to whoever found a solution.

A stranger passed by the town and heard of the cry. He offered help. When he drew a pipe from his pocket, everyone thought he was mocking their predicament. To their surprise, the mice started coming out of their holes when he played beautiful music on the pipe.

He took them with him to a nearby river. He drowned them, one by one. He then returned to the town for his reward. Unfortunately, he disagreed with the administrators. He opted to teach the town a lesson for reneging on their promise.

The stranger drew his pipe and started playing his beautiful music. This time, all the kids in the town followed him. Parents and residents of the town could not allow their children to go. What do you think happened? Check The Pied Piper of Hamelin and enjoy this fascinating story.

The Snow Queen

The mirror has always had mystical powers in legends. The Snow Queen made a mirror with strange powers. It made everything appear terrible and ugly. One day, the queen was taking the mirror to heaven when it fell to the earth. It broke into thousands of pieces that entered the eyes of people.

In one village, Kai and Gerda lived for years as friends. When the piece of the broken mirror got into Kai’s eyes, he became rude to Gerda. This made Gerda so upset and always angry. One day Gerda saw Kai with a girl who had icy hair and a white face. He went into the castles of Snow Queen. What would you expect of the person who had brought so much misery to the village? The fascinating story carries excellent lessons on friendship.

King Midas and his Golden Touch

Despite having an enviably large kingdom, King Midas was still unhappy. He was greedy and wanted even more gold for his palace. One day the king met a holy man and asked to be granted the wish of turning everything he touched into gold.

The holy man agreed. Everything he touched turned into gold. His crown, chair, bed, plate, food, and doors, among other installations in the palace. The problem now was that he could not eat or drink the gold.

The daughter found him one evening sited at the front door. The king put his hands around the daughter and she turned into gold. Shocked, the king started crying for help because he wanted his daughter back. Luckily, the holy man appeared. What do you think he told the king? Will he restore the daughter? It is an interesting lesson on the things people wish.

Kid’s books are meant for entertainment but also carry important lessons about life. Choose simple books to read, including graphics that make the stories interesting to tell. Match the books with the age of your kid to reap maximum benefits.