9 Best Co-parenting Apps for Android: Making Your Life Easier in 2021

Best Co-parenting Apps for Android
Best Co-parenting Apps for Android

According to pewresearch, US has the world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households. That’s a sad figure. While 69% of children under the age of 18 live in families with two parents (source).

Bringing up children and nurturing them is the most blissful thing in the world but in order to make the best, you might be wanting or require some assistance or advice.

I highly recommend you to go through this rundown of co-parenting apps for android users.

Parenting is definitely something for which you need proper coordination with your partner. The responsibility of being a parent is no less.

You as a parent constantly need to update your styles of parenting, even if you two have parted your ways and this list of co-parenting apps for android users will help you.

Remember this is considered as the most sacred and enjoying journey and you need to pour in all your heart if you want to excel at it.

It is really important to inbuild moral and ethical values in the initial stages. Thanks to the advancement in technology there are numerous applications available at your ease out there.

9 Best Co-parenting Apps for Android – Features, and Download

These apps are available in your Android devices and will work as your personal parenting guide and companion.

1. The Family Core App

co-parenting app for android users: Family core app's interface

Got separated from the other half of yours but you don’t want this trauma to affect your child? Then your wishes come true with the aid of the Family Core app.

Keep your family in a state of harmony! The Family Core is a program that helps you in building a stable atmosphere for your child.

It gives a safe and private Chat screen option, including an encoded electronic Data Storage framework for android users.

The Family Core seeks to your accomplishment as a family in getting back co-ordination. The family core’s mission is to lessen the mental as well as the emotional burden of segregated parents.

The updates keep you on point as a parent to do individual verifications, check meetings with the co-parent, and affirm legitimate status to work.

Price: $1.99 per month.

2. 2 Houses 

co-parenting apps for android users: 2 houses app for co-parents to communicate hustle free.

More than 160K families in almost 163 countries use co-parenting apps like 2houses, which provides a way to communicate with your child’s other parent when the phone isn’t ideally working.

The app sets up explicit highlights for guardians who can, through this interface, set parental calendars and get notified about changes, leaving no room for time conflicts.

This modified app provides an advantage to parents to take a free 14-day trial before deciding if you want to go for the membership or not. It offers a basic money administration framework.

You can undoubtedly share all data, news, photographs, recordings, and even your youngsters’ amusing. 2houses offers an informing apparatus that is effective and secure.

You are going to thank us later for saving you from all the hectic things.

Price: $9.99 per month.

3. Cozi

co-parenting apps for android users cozy is one the most popular apps out there

If you want to talk to your ex without punching them and having unnecessary quarrels then all you need is an organizational tool.

Cozi is an advanced app and it is considered one of the most user-friendly apps you will probably ever use.

The basic program is free, but if the ads drive you crazy then you can pay $19.99 per year to improve the Cozi Gold and make it a non-advertising app.

Alternatively, you can sign up for the premium plan at $4.99 per month, which can be used on Android mobile devices and includes unlimited PDF downloads.

Cozi is there ensuring all the moving pieces fit together toward the day’s end. If you are avoiding awkward meets with your co-partner then this application adds water to the fire.

Price: Free but pricing plans are available

4.  Our Family Wizard

This is our top-notch personal favorite in the rundown to co-parenting apps for android users, as it is a multitasker and super fun as well as easy to use.

The finishing perk of a relationship can be loaded up with pressure and miscommunication, yet it doesn’t need to be. OurFamilyWizard is explicitly intended to decrease the pressure of isolated families.

With Moments, record perceptions and offer recollections with your co-parent, or report a minute ago calendar changes. Track your calendar, so that you never miss the occasions with your child.

Track your mutual costs effortlessly and with exactness, share receipt documents with each other in the cost section.

Price: starting from $99 per year

5. Kidganizer

Kidganizer has a lot to offer as a co-parenting app

Kidganizer makes your life simpler and smooth going! With just a couple of snaps, you can oversee guardianships and expenses for your children.

Their calendar is way better and very sorted out as compared to other co-parenting apps for android users. When you enter a guardianship date, the other co-guardians sees it promptly in the application.

Because of synchronization, there is no requirement for calls or messages, everything passes by the application! So, bye-bye to old ways of keeping order.

You can even keep an image of your receipts! Your cost administration is streamlined, simpler, and filed because of the application’s synchronization.

The Alert framework helps the users to remember significant occasions and arrangements for the children. When the calendar is changed you are notified about every minute thing because they understand the priorities. 

Price: $1.99 per month

6. Amicable

Another well-profound application from our list of co-parenting apps for android users, that not only helps you with synchronization but also helps you financially. It is probably the cheapest and too much to get at so less!

Amicable is in excess of multiple times less expensive than going to court and saves you a large portion of the expense of counseling sessions. 

We found the administration and backing from Amicable to be uncommonly proficient, responsive, and kind.

They see how troublesome the separation procedure is and working with them removes the pressure of managing it all alone.

Transfer all your money-related data, store significant archives, and make repayment recommendations in its simple layouts. 

Price: Free

7.  Co- Parently

co-parently simple and authentic user interface

Co-parently you both as guardians to keep pace with your child’s timetable from independent homes without the need to communicate unnecessarily.

Ensure your children aren’t at any point deserted with the aid of this simple interpersonal preface.

Maintain a strategic distance from the common disputes and keep your mutual relationship steady and spend the best of the time with your kid. 

The app spares guardians a great deal of time computing who’s paid what and how much with the basic cost, so, you need not worry about all income and money calculations.

All the data you need is readily available, at any place you are.

Price: $9.99 per month 

8. Google Calendar

Google calendar features

If I tell you that you have been using this application but not for co-parenting; I am sure this made you sigh but out of happiness. The app that you were always looking for was all that time around you!

Google Calendar is a simple way to organize plans with your ex; you can simply make a schedule and give your ex-altering consent. All your plans and functions will now be synchronized.

To begin, all you need is a Google record, and you can get to it on your PC or by means of the application on any portable Android gadget. 

Price: Free for personal use

9. Talking Parents

Co-parenting apps for android users

Effectively send new messages to your co-parent.

The Shared Calendar is intended to permit you to arrange occasions with your co-parent. At the point when you make an occasion, no one but you can only alter it.

A private, secure extra room for the entirety of your photos, recordings, and documents. A totally private element where you can keep your own notes.

Get notified quickly for new messages and schedule occasions with ease. You need not constantly call each other and discuss things just put them up in the app and it gets your task done.

Price: $5.99 per month

10. Life 360

Life 360 can be used very well as a co-parenting app.

Being together to provide support for the children doesn’t mean you can’t get separated but you need to keep that love for your children alive no matter what.

Co-parenting keeps guardians concentrated on their children not attached only to their own issues. With the constant help of LIFE360, guardians cultivate a positive and helpful relationship for their children. 

I believe it’s inconceivable, and amazing, that divorced people can co-parent, and it’s achievable,  it’s an extraordinary method to give kids consistency with the help of Life360.

Price: $2.99 per month

Final Verdict

Now so you know, co-parenting can be as smooth as icing on the cake as well as it can be disastrous.

The above-listed co-parenting apps for android users to ensure that the journey you walk through is pleasant, I understand the perks of separation as well as the need for a proper parenting guide.

These applications get all the tasks done for you from saving up all your beloved photos to your secretive and personal documents, marking all the important occasions and so much more.

Wait no more! Get yourself acquainted with any of these and look for peace and the drastic changes they make.

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