Best Cybersecurity Books to read in 2021

cybersecurity books

We have put together some of the best cybersecurity books for you to read in 2021. From the basic must-reads to books for the people looking to enter and understand the world of cybersecurity, we have complied books for everyone.

Read the article to find some of the Best cybersecurity books to read in 2021 to improve your knowledge in the field.

Best Cybersecurity books to read in 2021 – Complete List

These books will help you not only understand the threats but also help you overcome them.

Best Cybersecurity Books to read in 2021:

1. The Art of Invisibility: The World’s Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data

cybersecurity books

Written By: Kevin Mitnick

The Art of Invisibility is authored by Kevin Mitnick, who is widely renowned as one of the world’s most famous hacker (and at one point most wanted hacker). He illustrates about the various ways your data is collected and used without your knowledge.

In today’s world where every piece of your data is being stored and analyzed, every move is being tracked and identities are being stolen, it is important to understand the treats that you face online.

Along with this, he teaches you how to be “invisible” online and to protect yourself and, more importantly, your data online. The author also provides both online and real-life tactics with inexpensive methods to protect yourself, in easy step-by-step instructions.

Where to buy: Amazon 

2. Social Engineering: The Science of Human Hacking

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Written By: Christopher Hadnagy

This book focuses on the weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity – the human mind. The book explores the weak spots and helps you identify and exploit them to your advantage. The book focuses on the life of hackers, and gives the common people an insight to understand the hive mind of hackers.

“Social engineering” was coined by Kevin Mitnick where he explained that it is much easier to trick someone into reveling their vital and sensitive information, rather than using the brute force of a system to reveal it.

It arms the readers with valuable information about the many methods through which cybercriminals may try to access your information without you knowing.

Where to Buy: Amazon

3. Hacking Exposed 7: Network Security Secrets and Solutions

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Written By: Stuart McClure, George Kurtz & Joel Scambray

This book is considered as the Bible for Security and Hacking. Written by three top cybersecurity experts who took the academic and scholarly perspective with this book. It dives deeply into everything from gathering information to studying the various counter-measure manuals available.

The book takes the reader into a deep dive, covering everything from the basics to top level, making sure even the most uniformed reader is able to understand what is written in the book.

It presents you counter-measures to remedy hacking from the shoes of a hacker. It makes you think like them, find loopholes like them and gives you the ability to fight them back, exactly the way they would too.

Where to Buy: Amazon

4. Practical Malware Analysis: The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software 

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Written By: Michael Sikorski and Andrew Honig

The threat of Malware and Viruses only increases every year and is a grave problem that the modern society faces. But how do you fight and understand a threat that changes frequently and attacks in unknown manner. This book will help you understand the threat and stay ahead of the latest malware.

The book also teaches the tools and techniques used by field professionals to analyze the threats. The book will not require much prior knowledge to consume it and use it for its full ability.

The book teaches you with various examples and is packed with very useful information about reverse engineering too.

Where to Buy: Amazon

5. Hacking: The Art of Exploitation

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Written By: Jon Erickson

This book takes a deep dive on not only how hacking works but also does it from the hacker’s perspective. The book focuses on network security and computer security and is completely written in a way that anyone with curiosity can read and understand completely what is written in this book.

This book is considered as the steppingstone into the world of ethical     hacking and how to prevent that from happening to you. The book also comes with a CD comprising of complete Linux environment for the 2nd edition of the book.

You will also learn various concepts from this book like crack encrypted wireless traffic, brute force attacks, Linux commands etc.

Where to Buy: Amazon (1st edition)

                        Amazon (2nd edition)

6. Cult of the Dead Cow: How the Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Save the World

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Written By: Joseph Menn

Cult of the Dead Cow book is referring to one of the oldest and revered hacking group in the USA. This book talks about the various ways the group pulled out their hacktivism, and how they got away with it.

The book also talks about the early days about the internet and exposing the early security issues that came along with it.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Bonus Cybersecurity Books for 2021:

These cybersecurity books are for those who want to dig deeper. These cybersecurity books would need the person to know more about the world of cybersecurity

  1. Threat Modeling: Designing for Security
cybersecurity books

Where to Buy: Amazon

2. The CERT Guide to Insider Threat

cybersecurity books

Where to Buy: Amazon

3. The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography

cybersecurity books

Where to Buy: Amazon

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