The Magic of Moana: Reasons Why She is the Best Disney Princess

Why Moana is the Best Disney Princess

Best Disney Princess

From the early 2000s, Disney started the portrayal of different cultures and included characters of different ethnicities, and since then, strived for diverse racial representation in its movies. One such protagonist that stood out among all the other Disney Princesses was Moana.

Moana is a Polynesian, an ethnicity that does not get enough representation in Hollywood movies. The movie showcases the real Pacific Island traditions before Western colonization. A Disney movie with minority racial representation, without mocking the character’s background and culture, was appreciated by everyone. Not just that, the movie ‘Moana’ was appreciated for its strong female representation.

One of the few Disney movies where the main character did not have any love interest, critics praised ‘Moana’ as one of the best Disney movies of all time, and the character ‘Moana’ was hailed as the best Disney princess. The filmmakers got the idea for the movie after getting to know about Polynesian myths and beliefs, and the character was created for little girls to relate to her and get inspired by her good deeds and strong will.

Moana became famous among the masses not just for her racial background, but also for her bravery, the family values instilled in her, and her way of taking care of her loved ones. All these traits make her universally loved.

Here are a few reasons and explanations of why Moana is so loved and what makes her the best Disney Princess:

1. Moana is proud of her culture:

Best Disney Princess

Usually, while portraying people of different ethnicities in Hollywood movies, the characters are written off as insecure, upset, and ashamed of their background. But Moana is different; she knows her roots. She loves her culture and respects the Polynesian traditions and beliefs.

2. She is adventurous:

Best Disney Princess

The word ‘Moana’ means ocean in many Pacific Islander languages, and as the name suggests, she is indeed very ocean-loving. She embarks on a risky yet adventurous journey on the ocean and beyond the reefs to save her people, despite being warned by her parents to stay away from the ocean since it is dangerous.

3. Moana loves her family dearly:

Best Disney Princess

The daughter of tribal Chief Tui and Sina, Moana is a family-oriented girl. Even when Moana disagreed with her father when he expressed his displeasure with her ocean adventures, she didn’t stop loving him. She understands that her father is just being protective of her. Moana looks up to her mom as a strong-willed woman.

4. Moana is fearless:

Best Disney Princess

As the island’s future chieftess, Moana believed that it was her responsibility to save her people and her island from the blight, and as the ocean suggested, she embarked on a dangerous journey to stop the effect of Te Fiti’s curse.

5. She is determined and takes an interest in learning new things:

Best Disney Princess

At the beginning of the movie, Moana did not know about sailing or navigation. But she takes an effort to learn these skills, from the people around her. She learned to sail a boat with Maui’s teachings and gradually improved to become proficient enough for a sea journey. She also navigated the Pacific Islands by following the ancient Polynesian method of using star positions and tide patterns.

6. She respects her elders:

Best Disney Princess

Moana adores her grandmother Gramma Tala and follows her advice till the end. As a Polynesian girl, respect for elders comes naturally to her. Moana’s grandma is the one who inspired her to take up all the risks to protect the island and its inhabitants. She fights all odds and succeeds in protecting the island of Motunui, all due to her Grandma’s guidance.

7. She is a supportive friend:

Best Disney Princess

“The ocean is a friend of mine”. Yes, our queen has an ocean, a pig, a rooster, and a shape-shifting demigod as her friends. She obliviously befriends the weirdest and most unique characters throughout her journey. Moana helped Maui to accept himself and overcome his insecurity and self-esteem issues. She lightens up her friends’ moods and never gives up on them.

8. Moana does not chase love:

Best Disney Princess

Like other Disney princesses, Moana does not have a love interest, nor does she keep chasing love the whole time. She has no time to search for a man, as she is busy with her mission of protecting her island. She does not need any prince charming to save her. Moana is a young girl, who cares more about her family, friends, and motherland dearly.

9. Moana is independent and headstrong:

Best Disney Princess

Yes, she is stubborn at times because she knows that to attain something one needs to take risks. Moana believes in her capabilities. She is level-headed and physically strong too. Otherwise, how can a girl at such a young age, put herself in danger and perform things which even the adults didn’t dare to do.

10. Moana is more realistic and distinct than other Disney Princesses:

Best Disney Princess

Disney has been criticized for raising insecurity among young girls by showcasing slender, small-waisted women characters with unrealistic body proportions. But, Moana is distinct, not just for being a Pacific Islander, a first among Disney Princesses, but also for her realistic body type with an athletic build.

All these qualities make Moana a unique character and the best among all the Disney Princesses. The filmmakers have done a tremendous job in the creation of a stereotype-defying character. Even though it’s been more than seven years since the movie’s release, Moana has been a memorable and inspiring character for both children and adults alike.

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