5 Top Email Services for Small Businesses in 2021

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To build your business from scratch you must prefer to have your email services under the company name. But, This is where the problem arises. Which email service provider must be chosen? Here I have researched and listed the best email services for small businesses along with their advantages.

5 BEST EMAIL SERVICES for small businesses

Now, since the business is small and in the build-up stage, there are many factors that you may think of. There is the cost that needs to be managed along with the benefits which a service provider gives. 

But first of all, let me tell you as to why is it important to email services under the company name. 

  1.  It makes people take your profile seriously and broadens their perspective.
  2. It helps you establish a proper brand name.
  3. For any small business, be it content creation, clothes, shoes, and so on having a custom email id shows a lot. 

So having a custom id, for example – yourname@yourdomain.com builds a great first impression.

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5 Best Email Services for Small Businesses

Here is a small summary of the 5 Best Email Services for Small Businesses along with their basic features and prices.

NameStorage AllowancePrice –
Per-user, per month
1. G Suite30 GB$6
2. Zoho Mail30 GB$8
3. Office 36515 GB$5
4. Rackspace25 GB$2.99
5. Amazon WorkMail50 GB$4
Email Services for Small Businesses – Pricing

1. Google G Suite

Best Email Services for Small Businesses - GSuite

Google and its enterprises cover almost each and every sector of the digital world. From mail to documents and even education, Google is everywhere. This is one of the reasons G Suite is taken as one of the ‘luxury’ email services available.

G Suite, along with reliability gives a premium user experience like no other application can provide. With the add-on features provided by Google, G Suite is taken as a world-class and trusted platform.

Pricing and Features

G Suite majorly provides 3 plans. Amongst which 2 are the most reliable for small business platforms.

It costs $6 per user, per month along with all the benefits of the Google enterprise. Google Docs, Sheets, Meetings, Drive, Slides, Forms, and so on. G Suite provides all of it.

But all of these are available for free on any general google email account too? Then why would you buy it for your business? Here is the answer –


By using the Google domain, you get in hand a highly reliable and powerful source. As we see now, almost every individual has a Gmail account. That is because of the incredibly vast reach which Google has been able to establish over the years with all its features.

  1. Smart Compose – Google provides the best web interfaces and various applications. Google mail has its AI to help you while writing your email. This feature can practically understand your email content and help you write it along.
  2. Google Analytics for Gmail and G Suite is a special feature by Google for reading receipts.
  3. Wise Stamp – This is another wonderful feature by Google. You can put your company’s stamp in the mail id. Another added benefit is that you will not need to update every system manually. Once you change it, the stamp is updated from every employee’s id too.
  4. Undo – You can undo the mail just sent. This is a great feature that can literally save you!


The only pending issue is that all of these services provided by Google are available with any free Gmail account too.

Since Google is universally accepted, you probably tend to ignore the only falter issue with it.

G Suite is one of the best options for you to consider as the best email service for small businesses.

2. Zoho Mail

Zoho- A secure email service provider for your business

Zoho Mail is another email service provider. The special which underlies here is that it is highly customizable. Along with full proof of security, Zoho Mail ensures all the basic needs of the employee at a good amount.

Pricing and Features

Zoho Mail provides free services for up to 25 users with storage of 30 GB available.

To upgrade to the higher version, $8 needs to be paid which is per user, per month with 30 GB of data storage availability.

Zoho, along with mail provides features of Notes, Calendar, Tasks, and contacts as well.


It has features of customizing your account, like turning on dark mode to reduce strain on the eyes. Another feature is that you can change the way your emails appear and give them a touch of social media as well.

You can also add your company’s logo and link with your mails to give a professional look to your mail.

Zoho has a new feature of making advanced searches. This will make it easier for you to search for anything from your online mails with just a little bit of detail which you remember about them.

While there are better options available, but this is a great option to be considered for your startup business profiles.

3. Microsoft Office 365

office 365 - a good option for the best email services for small businesses.

Microsoft world is extremely well established. It is used by many people all over the world. Microsoft Office 365 is much the same as Google’s G Suite with minor changes.

Pricing and Features

The team collaboration features with Office 365 are Outlook, online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

It costs $60 a year to subscribe to the plan. This makes $5 a month, per user. Office 365 gives 1 TB for storing data on OneDrive even on the lowest of the plans.


Microsoft Outlook is pretty good and reliable as well. Almost all of you must have used Microsoft Word, Excel sheets, and Powerpoint once in your career. This makes Office 365 an easy-to-use option.

The Microsoft extensions are pretty much part of a constant part of our daily office life.

Another important aspect is the reasonable price range offered by Office 365.


The difference which stands is that its spam filter is not as accurate as of that of Gmail. Outlook does not have a smart compose or an Undo send button.

Outlook does have some standard responses which can be a big time-saver, but it is not the same as Google’s Smart compose.

Just like G Suite, all the services provided by Office 365 are available online in their classic version. The difference which holds is that Office 365 gives a professional look to your business.

The huge drawback with Office 365 is that it can be difficult to invite a partner since most users use Gmail. Due to this, another problem that arises is the struggle with Microsoft ID and the account.

It is still a good option for the best email services for small businesses.

4. Rackspace


The company Rackspace is internationally recognized. It has been in business since 2001.

Pricing and Features

To use Rackspace costs around $2.99 per user, per month. The data storage available is 25 GB.

Rackspace gives access to Outlook, webmail, and mobile access as well. Features like email archiving are possible. Along with Unlimited aliases, group lists, and forwarding.


Rackspace promises free migration services – if you switch from one email service provider to another.

There is a 24×7 customer service available for all your requirements and questions if you face any issues.

With Rackspace, you get a 14-day free trial. So you can check out if this service provider works for you or not.

5. Amazon WorkMail

Amazon WorkMail- a secure, managed business email and calendar service

Amazon WorkMail has a pretty affordable price with more data storage available. Amazon WorkMail is a secure, managed business email and calendar service with support for existing desktop and mobile email client applications.

Pricing and Features

To use Amazon WorkMail costs $4 per user, per month with 50GB of data. This is a lot as compared to other platforms available.

Amazon WorkMail enables clients to get to their email, contacts, and schedules using their preferred customer utilization, including Microsoft Outlook, local iOS, and Android email applications, customer applications supporting the IMAP convention, or through an internet browser.

You can connect Amazon WorkMail with your current corporate directory, use email journaling to meet prerequisites, and control both the keys that scramble your information and the aspect wherein your information is put away.

You can set up interoperability with Microsoft Exchange Server, and automatically overlook clients, gatherings, and assets utilizing the Amazon WorkMail SDK.


As emerging and expansive as Amazon is getting, this platform is pretty amazing. It provides 50 GB of storage space at such a low cost.

It provides a 30-day free trial for up to 25 users. All of these added benefits make it one of the best email services for small businesses.


As many options as there are available you cannot ignore some facts. First, since Google is omnipresent, it makes G Suite the elite email service provider. All the features available, some of which are nowhere to be found on other platforms makes it stand apart.

Another fact being, Amazon WorkMail is almost as an equal to the G Suite. It provides more data storage for lesser cost. Needless to say about the security and other benefits.

The choice for the best email services for small businesses must be made from these two options. Emails being the fore-front and the first impression for your company hold an important position. So, make the choice wisely according to your business needs as well as budget allowance.

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