5 Best Free Cloud Storage for Android in 2021

Best Free Cloud Storage for Android
best free cloud storage for android

Are you looking for the best free cloud storage for Android devices? Here we have compiled a list of some of the best android apps which you can use to get free cloud storage.

Cloud Computing has truly revolutionized the technology sector and almost everyone today whether it is an individual person or a business organization owns some type of cloud storage. With the increasing popularity of cloud services, it becomes quite difficult to choose the correct option out of the various available choices. Today we shall help you to choose the best cloud service with maximum benefits.

What are the best free cloud storage for Android?

In today’s world, we want everything in high-definition and this has made storing large amounts of data, a common task for people. Whether it is personal photos and videos or official data, everyone wants to store and access this data in a hassle-free manner and cloud storage allows us to do that, especially through mobile apps that allow us to access our data anytime anywhere.

Let us take a look at the best cloud storage apps for Android users:

1. Mega

best free cloud storage for android

If you are looking for an app that provides a large amount of cloud storage then the Mega app is the best option for you. The app provides a massive 50GB of free storage space so that you never run out of storage. It is an extremely secure service with end-to-end encryption and with the Mega app, you can upload and access all your data from anywhere around the world.

It is secure cloud storage that allows fast transfers and the best part is that customers can download shared files without the need to sign up to MEGA. Mega is quite affordable as well and you can even purchase 2TB of data for INR 878.96.

2. Google Drive

best free cloud storage for android

Google Drive is probably the most popular cloud storage service in the world since it is well integrated with other apps such as Google, Gmail, Photos, etc. It provides 15GB of free data storage that is shared across all the Google applications. You can access the app by simply signing in to your Google account and after that, you can easily upload or download files from your drive.

The app also provides offline services so that you can view the files that are saved on your device even if you don’t have a proper network connection. The app is completely secure to use and it uses 128-bit or 256-bit AES keys to encrypt data at rest in Google Drive thereby providing complete data confidentiality.

3. Box

best free cloud storage for android

Winner of PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award, Box is yet another cloud storage app that provides 10GB of free data storage to store and access data from your Android device. It gives top priority to data security and deploys advanced security controls, intelligent threat-detection, and complete information governance for your stored data.

With the help of data synchronization, it helps you to keep a track of your data across all devices that you use. The app also includes many useful features such as real-time search in PDF, Word documents, Excel files, and high-fidelity PowerPoint Presentations.

4. One Drive

best free cloud storage for android

Microsoft’s OneDrive is the best cloud storage app for keeping all your files and documents in a single cloud storage location. OneDrive provides 5GB of free storage space to all its users and it is quite similar to Google Drive since it allows access to features such as Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint Presentations.

It also provides an option to access the files in offline mode. The app automatically tags your photos so that you can find and sort them easily and it even notifies you as soon as any document is edited or shared.

5. Dropbox

best free cloud storage for android

Dropbox is one of the oldest players in the cloud storage industry and provides a simple yet effective, cloud storage app that allows you to store all your documents, videos, pictures, and other files. It provides 2GB of free storage space and you can purchase other plans if you require more storage space.

The app includes advanced data security protocols and uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect data in transit between Dropbox app and the servers. It has many features such as the creation of public folders, data synchronization, sharing and editing Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files, etc. that make it quite easier for users to handle and format their data.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Free Cloud Storage for Android

  1. Can cloud storages be hacked?

    Like any other online resource, cloud storages are also vulnerable to attack from hackers. The vulnerability of the cloud depends on the protocols used by the service provider. Although most cloud service providers deploy advanced encryption techniques, yet there are still chances that hackers might find some weak spots in the system.

  2. How to choose cloud storage for business?

    The main point to be kept in mind while selecting cloud storage for your business is your company’s needs. You should first gather information about the amount of data that you need to store, the types of digital assets you have, and what features you require from a cloud platform. After going through all these points, you will surely have an idea about the type of cloud service you require for your business.

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