Best Free Email Marketing Software: Save Time and Money in 2021

best free email marketing software

best free email marketing software

I am proud of you for creating a business of your choice, but are you doing the email marketing right? Here I have covered the best free email marketing software you should use in 2021.

Social media has taken the world of online marketing by storm as it has changed the tenets of online marketing. However, in spite of the popularity of social media that has emerged as a powerful marketing platform, the age-old technique of e-mail marketing still holds sway. Marketers still trust in the powers of e-mail marketing, and it is their confidence that has helped e-mail marketing survive the changes in digital marketing.

One cannot deny the importance of connecting with prospective customers and consumers in a personalized manner to leverage the marketing efforts and no other marketing tools that targeted e-mails that can perform the task most efficiently and economically. E-mails are still the most popular and easiest way to connect with the audience. If you are wondering why e-mail marketing is still so relevant, keep reading this article that reveals the reasons for it.

E-mails are still the most popular and easiest way to connect with the audience. If you are wondering why e-mail marketing is still so relevant, keep reading this article that reveals the reasons for it.

What is email marketing?

Firstly, email marketing is one of the ways of the internet or digital marketing. Businesses use email marketing strategies to reach potential buyers. These emails create a bond with the customers so as to increase sales growth and the brand.

But email marketing is not used right. Businesses send emails without making use of email marketing software. This leads to a collection of emails in the spam list of the receiver. When the receiver gets mail in their spam list, they block the particular email id which might result in the unrecognition of your brand.

In this article, we have sorted you with 12 email marketing software. These software are the most used, reviewed and recommended by other users.

12 Best Free Email Marketing Software in 2021

1. Mailer Lite

best free email marketing software

Mailer Lite is a progressive email marketing tool. Over 771,180 users are using Mailer lite already. This has made the software bring new updates to it. There’s always incredible progress in Mailer lite. And so it stands different from other email marketing software in the market.

Why Mailer lite?

  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Grows businesses from small to large
  • 1,000 subscribers
  • No charge

However, for the unlimited emails per month and more subscribers you can check out their paid versions.

Subscriber Emails Cost
1000 unlimited $9.95
1000-2,500 unlimited $14.41
2,500-5,000 unlimited $28.81
5,000-10,000 unlimited $48.76

2. Mailchimp

best free email marketing software

Mail chimp aims at making the businesses stand out in their beginning stage itself. Their per day email count is one billion including all the businesses connected with them. Mail chimp assures growth. And that is why users believe in growing their business using mail chimp.

Why Mailchimp?

  • Faster growth
  • Increase in revenue
  • Top rated in 2020
  • Enables users to create an email, build a website and explore more features
  • Helps you drive traffic
  • Growth in sales
  • Absolutely free

For better marketing, their plans are as follow –

Plans Contacts Cost
Premium 200,000+ $299/month
Standard 100,000 $14.99/month
Essentials 50,000 $9/month

3. Sender

best free email marketing software

The sender is another email marketing software in the list. It enables users to create automated emails for customers. These automated emails work in a workflow. The users are still able to engage with the customers while asleep. This has made the software easier to use.

Why Sender?

  • Automation
  • Perfect e-commerce tool
  • Import products with product wizard
  • Free integration with popular platforms
  • 2,500 subscriber free forever

Paid packages are as follow –

Subscriber Price Email
5,000 $9.97 60,000
10,000 $21.05 1,20,000
15,000 $32.13 1,80,000
20,000 $43.22 2,40,000

4. Benchmark

best free email marketing software

Benchmark aims at standing different from other email marketing software. on the other hand, it enables users to drop annoying email marketing platforms. It is the tool that creates simple emails so you can build a stronger relationship with the customers. And let you grow potential customers faster and better.

Why benchmark?

  • Invest in a stronger relationship with contacts
  • Spend less time on customization
  • Grow more audience
  • Have access to a robust marketing tool
  • Reach your goal faster
  • Absolutely free – 250 emails/month

See packages below –

Subscriber Emails Pricing
0-600 Unlimited $11.89
600-1,000 Unlimited $18.69
1,000-1,500 Unlimited $23.79
1,500-2,500 Unlimited $27.19

5. Moosend

best free email marketing software

Moosend has an only objective – to grow your business with no size limit of the email. It helps businesses deliver powerful emails that get opened quickly. This feature itself makes many users use the Moosend email marketing software. And the best part about Moosend it that there’s no coding required to use your all-time favourite apps.

Why Moosend?

  • Powerful real-time analytics
  • Pre-built workflow
  • Advanced list segmentation
  • Highly personalized emails
  • Let the business grow itself
  • Free -1,000 subscribers

Explore its plans below –

Subscribers Email Pricing
2000 Unlimited $10
3,000 Unlimited $20
5,000 Unlimited $30
8,000 Unlimited $40
10,000 Unlimited $55

6. EmailOctopus

best free email marketing software

EmailOctopus gives users an opportunity to build emails using different templates. The templates are available in the tool itself. This lets users get more creative with their emails. These templates can be drag and drop as well. Moreover, EmailOctopus enables users to automation mode. These automation features do not let the users to send individual email campaigns. And that is why the users are recommending EmailOctopus to more businesses every day.

Why EmailOctopus?

  • Easy automation
  • Engage subscribers without manually sending campaigns
  • Smart analytics
  • 41,000 organizations linked
  • Save more money
  • Get started for free

Packages –

Subscribers Email Pricing
5,000 50,000 $20
10,000 100,000 $30
15,000 150,000 $45
20,000 200,000 $55

7. SendInBlue

best free email marketing software

SendInBlue aims at making the businesses reach heights. It has helped 80 thousand users from 160 countries grow their businesses. 1 million emails are sent every day. Every single feature of it makes SendInBlue different from other email marketing tools. Moreover, the ten years of expertise still offers it’s users free services for about 300 emails/day.

Why SendInBlue?

  • Build unique connection with customers
  • Grow the business the way you want
  • Adaptable and accessible
  • Free test drive
  • Depends upon your needs
  • Free – 300 emails/day

More packages –

Emails Pricing
40,000 $21.52
60,000 $32.85
120,000 $55.52

8. Mailjet

best free email marketing software

1,30,000  users are using Mailjet every day. Your business can be the next successful brand in the market if connected with Mailjet. Mailjet is trusted by 130,000 companies to send better emails. While startups are struggling to come out of the spammers’ list, you can make up to the inbox directly using Mailjet.

Why Mailjet?

  • Leading brands trust Mailjet
  • Trusted by Microsoft, and other teams as well
  • Email builder
  • Contact management
  • SMTP relay
  • Optimize your performance with best analytics
  • Free – 6,000 emails – 200 sending limit/day

Pricing for pro versions –

Emails/day Limit/day Pricing
30,000 No limit $8.69
60,000 No limit $17.06
150,000 No limit $62.06
450,000 No limit $150.26

9. CleverReach

best free email marketing software

The users of CleverReach get to connect directly with their potential customers. There are over 240,000 countries using CleverReach. This has made the tool grow better and bigger. With the growth in the users at CleverReach, the businesses also see intense growth in their sales. And that is why it is trusted by so many countries.

Why CleverReach?

  • First month free
  • Highest data protection standards
  • Expert customer service
  • Relevant CRM systems
  • Helps grow businesses better

Packages –

Package Recipients Pricing
Flat rate 100 $16.64
High Volume Unlimited $549
Prepaid Unlimited $45.47

10. Omnisend

best free email marketing software

Omnisend aims at growing the sales in your first attempt itself. To let the first-time visitors, buy the products, Omnisend provides great features in its tool. This tool enables users to use automation mode to engage with contacts. This creates the user-customer bond stronger. Moreover, the Omnisend email marketing tool is trusted by many.

Why Omnisend?

  • Easy drag and drop builder
  • Segmentation allows targeting right contacts
  • Marketing automation mode to meet customers need
  • Build forms
  • Personalization
  • Free

Packages –

Subscribers Emails Pricing
500 15,000/month $16
1,000 15,000/month $20
1,500 18,000/month $25
2,000 24,000/month $30

11. SendPulse

best free email marketing software

SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing platform. It provides business help with more than just email marketing service. SendPulse enables users to grow their business by marketing on all channels. This platform has gained a lot of users in these years as it provides multi-channel marketing services to its users.

Why SendPulse?

  • All channels in one platform
  • Email service, web push, SMS, etc.
  • Drag and drop editor
  • 130+ free templates
  • Trigger emails
  • A/B testing
  • Free

Packages –

Subscribers Pricing
500 $6.4
501-1,000 $9.6
1,001-1,500 $12.8
1,501-2,000 $16

12. HubSpot

best free email marketing software

HubSpot marketing allows engagement with automatically tailored emails to each recipient. The users can beautifully design emails without consulting IT department or designers. This tool also lets the users personalize emails to get more clickthrough which makes the customers get connected to the users so as to increase sales rate.

Why HubSpot?

  • Get more opens and clickthrough
  • A/B and analytics
  • All in one inbound marketing software
  • Lead management
  • Blogging
  • Salesforce integration, etc.
  • 100% free

Packages –

Contacts Pricing
1,000 $35/month
2,000 $70/month
5,000 $168/month
10,000 $2,240/month

Why Is Email Marketing So Relevant?

1. Create a close connection with the audience

If you are not spamming and only sending e-mails to the targeted audience, it implies that you have their consent of reaching out to their inbox. You have earned a privilege only after they have subscribed to your idea of communicating through e-mails following which you have indulged in the activity.

It is an indication that the recipients are willing to listen to you and would perhaps be interested in maintaining the relationship. The positive vibes generated from the initial interaction creates closeness with customers who start feeling that you are thinking about them. As you are communicating to a band of committed customers, you can build upon the relationship and take forward your marketing campaign.

By using well-directed communication that the audience finds interesting and relevant, you should be able to increase customer engagement. More engagement means more loyalty from consumers that hold enough promise of making the business grow.

2. People are comfortable with e-mails

For more than four decades, e-mail has become the staple medium for communication for both personal and the business world.  We have all become so familiar with using e-mails that using it for communication has now become almost child’s play both as well as figuratively.


However, this does not demean its immense powers in communicating forcefully, which is the reason why using e-mails for marketing and staying in touch with customers is still as useful as it used to be some years ago.

You can use correctly worded e-mail communication to motivate consumers and give them a call to engage in business with you in the way you want. The power of e-mail is evident from the survey results that show 25% sales that happened in 2016 was the result of good e-mail marketing.

3. It is highly affordable

E-mail marketing is a boon for a small and medium business that operate on limited budgets because it practically does not cost anything to run e-mail marketing campaigns. Companies that operate on shoestring budgets consider themselves lucky that despite financial constraints they are still able to take up robust marketing campaigns by using e-mails.

The negligible cost per conversion is the reason why there has never been any lack of sponsors for this highly useful marketing tool. Companies that render services in e-mail marketing charge so low that often it would appear ridiculous to work out the cost of a single conversion.

To reap the benefits of significant return on investment, you must employ a professional marketing company to manage the campaign and take it to incredible heights.

4. Create targeted messaging for respective buyer personas

Customer databases are at the heart of e-mail marketing, and you must use the database correctly to derive full advantage of the campaign.  Drafting e-mails for specific customers is an art and also a necessity.

To generate the right responses to e-mails, it must be entirely relevant to the recipient that leaves nothing vague. You must be aware of the customer or audience profile that you are sending the e-mail for which you have to refer to the consumer database that has complete information about every user.

email marketing

Entrusting the job of database maintenance with companies like would ensure that the database remains updated and pruned that facilitates the task of customer segmentation.

Since customers are at different positions in the sales funnel, some may be just contemplating purchase while some others may be at the stage of comparing after completing the research while there would be some others who are just ready to make a purchase.

Once you can achieve customer segregation in the database, you would know what kind of content to create for communicating with specific customer groups. As you can target customers better, you can supply the most useful information to them that drives them ahead towards making purchase.

5. Reach out to almost every customer

To reach out to the widest section of your buyers there is nothing more effective than e-mail because nearly 91% consumers use this ubiquitous media of communication. No other mode of communication can guarantee such broad reach.

Even if you are unable to reach to each one of your customers, you can still expect a response from someone unexpectedly (whom you have not communicated) as he or her might have received your e-mail through another buyer who had forwarded it.

That is what you get from a good e-mail marketing strategy.

6. Enhance brand awareness

Banking on the opportunity of staying connected with customers through e-mail you can increase the brand awareness by bringing it in front of consumers through the content you share with them.

The proper way of using e-mails is not selling products or services but to become friends with customers and remind them of the brand that they can recall at the slightest hint.  Hard selling through e-mails can turn counterproductive because consumers become wary of it and do not mind to show their resentment.


Creating brand awareness pays back in the long run much more than enforcing sales.

Since e-mail marketing campaigns are measurable, you can refine the campaign on an ongoing basis to align better with the marketing goals for improved results.

7. Email is an easy way to reach mobile customers

One reason email marketing has an incentive for entrepreneurs is that it’s a simple approach to begin achieving buyers on versatile without putting a considerable measure in new innovation or programming. As indicated by an April report from few Research Center, 52 percent of US cellphone proprietors get to their messages from their telephones.

email marketing

Email promoting likewise works with other cell phones. In July, Forrester Research discharged an investigation that discovered 42 percent of retailers’ email messages were opened by purchasers on their cell phones and 17 percent were opened on tablets. This implies almost three out of each five email showcasing messages serves as a portable advertising message.

Utilizing email is preferable for portable showcasing over SMS on the grounds that:

  • It deals with cell phones other than telephones
  • Emails are free for the customer, though messaging may bring about a charge
  • Emails have significantly more space for content than instant messages, considering better marketing pieces.

Final Learnings

Though a great hike in the use of email marketing as a perfect tool for online marketing is quite prominent, still there is a huge scope in its effectiveness.

To make your emails work as targeted, you need to get the right email content to make most of Email Marketing. If you lack skills that are quintessential for profitable emails, then you must outsource your email content requirement to expert freelance writers.

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