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5 Best Gmail Plugins for Everyone in 2020

best gmail plugins

Have you ever wondered whether the email you sent was read or ignored? You might have thought at least once to get rid of the subscriptions that spam up your junk. Or have you ever missed sending mails on time and thought about having a remainder?

best gmail plugins

Well, you can now find solutions to all such problems here. Using a Gmail account is now a must for everyone. Although you might have been using Gmail for a long time, you might not have known about its inbuilt tools and plugins.

Using these best Gmail plugins lets you be more productive and makes it easy for you to improve your work. This increases your points on effective email management. These tools include chrome extensions and apps having third party involvement.

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All you have to do is try experimenting with new accessories every time and finding your favorites. They put you in your comfort zone without any effort and make work fun. Once you start using these Gmail tools, they’ll make you fall in love with them.

As you now know, be it from helping you organize your emails to writing mails efficiently, these must-have Gmail tools will guide you throughout your Gmail experience.

There are some tools already available in Gmail, or you can install direct plugins. Here they are.

gmail tools

In-built Gmail tools you didn’t know about…

  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • At your right side panel, you will find access to the inbuilt Gmail tools like the calendar. You can explore many of these tools and add them as plugins.

Gmail in-built tools

Some of the in-built tools are:


Using Calendar in Gmail, you can schedule your events or can set reminders related to work. You can also set up a Google Meet Conference at a particular time and receive reminders on it. The calendar shows you your events as well as the public holidays of the year.

You can add birthdays of your GContacts and receive a notification on that day! To get more of the GCalender, you can add some add-ons from the G Suite Marketplace.


GKeep is a tool for making important notes. With Keep, you can make notes on the go from your conferences or for an immediate email response. You can add unlimited notes using images, or you could even draw in them. You could also make a to-do list or list with checkboxes. It also keeps you organized by letting you divide different notes into labels.


GTasks is a place where you could note all the tasks you have to do for the day with the time. It keeps you notified and helps you save time.

Click here to check out more of these add-ons on these Gmail tools.

5 Best Gmail Plugins You Must Have:

1. Followup.cc 

follow up. cc

This tool works exclusively for Gmail. It sets up follow up reminders and helps in email tracking. Use the send later option for scheduling to send the emails. You also can bookmark websites by sending them for yourself. 

For something you’d forget, add notes to schedule the arrival to your inbox at a specific time you like.

You can use your email to set reminders like the days monday@followup.cc, tuesday@followup.cc. or timed email 1week@followup.cc using Followup.cc. These extensions only work in Gmail.

Click here to open Followup.cc

2. Drag


It is hard to keep track of all the emails as they keep junking up. To keep your Gmail organized, use Drag. Drag your emails to different columns on your board by separating them by labels. 

It is easy for you to organize and share your inbox. Drag works in your inbox and connects to Gmail and G Suite.

Drag uses a Kanban layout in the mails for organizing. You can jump between Kanban and List view when you feel like. You can also access all the Drag features without the Kanban view.

To open Drag, Click Here

3. Unroll.me


Unroll.me helps you unsubscribe to the unnecessary subscription mails you get by showing the list of all the providers that you receive the newsletters and alerts from. You can instantly unsubscribe to clear the junk. 

After you finish unsubscribing the unwanted emails, you have access to combine your favorite email subscriptions into a different label called The Rollup.

You can use The Rollup to easily access the email subscriptions that are most important to you in one swipe, which saves your time.

Click Here to view the website. 

4. Boomerang


Don’t want to lose track of essential messages but have to clean up your junk? Boomerang is one the most popular Gmail plugins which helps you separate your important emails of all the remaining emails. These emails appear back in your inbox when you need them by setting a specific time.

There are times when you need to make sure you follow up within a particular time after sending the mail. But you are unaware of whether the mail was checked or not.

Boomerang won’t let emails slip through and will never forget to follow up. With Boomerang, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the time you would set.

Open Boomerang Here

5. Grammarly


Grammarly is fit with the text on most websites, including Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and lots of others.

Once you add Grammarly to Chrome, you’ll start seeing writing suggestions as soon as you type. It has a built-in grammar checker that can catch grammatical mistakes in a jiffy. 

But good writing is more than just grammar with proper spellings. Grammarly helps you fix grammar, punctuation issues, and enables you to revise sentences that are not wordy and unclear.

Grammarly has a built-in tone detector, which allows you to figure out how your message sounds like.

Install Grammarly here. 

Using Gmail is now one of the most extensive means used for communication either in industry or informally. You can reach out to people from diverse places just in a go. 

These best Gmail plugins will surely make your experience with Gmail easy and fun. Using these Gmail tools and Chrome add-ons helps you improve your writing skills, lets you arrange your mails efficiently, and have better email management. Give a try, one by one, right away!

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