8 Best Live Streaming Apps for Android in 2021

Live Streaming Apps for Android
Best Live Streaming Apps for Android

The time is not far off when we will start worshipping technology, and why not, after all, it has made all those wonders come true.

Think about it! Decades ago talking over the phone was considered a huge leap but we are not limited to this progress, now we have video calls. Here’s the rundown to our best live streaming apps for android.

Woah! Look at the beauty, we can actually see each other whilst sitting behind the screens and at distant locations, away from each other and that is the sole reason we bring in the rundown to 8 Best Live Streaming Apps for Android in 2021.

Now, technology brings people all over together and helps them connect. Live Streaming is another commendable and appreciable achievement towards the modernization of technology and making our lives better and simpler.

It has efficiently increased the ease of communication. It has become an essential day-to-day part of our ongoing lives, then be it for commercial use or personal, it serves. 

8 Best Live Streaming Apps for Android – Features and Download

These Live Streaming applications are easy to operate and helps you in connecting with everyone who is a phone away.

1. Facebook Live

8 Best Live Streaming Apps for Android in 2020: Facebook interface

 The Facebook app will presently permit you to communicate to individuals in your Facebook Group or to all your friends, the choice is yours. 

Live Reactions make it simple for your watchers to communicate their sentiments during a live continuously.

Similar to responses in its News Feed, your watchers have the option to send Love, Wow, Sad, Haha, or Angry emojis during the live stream

Facebook Live will presently replay comments as they happened when you’re viewing the recorded live video.

Facebook is likewise adding Live Filters to the video, and viewers will likewise be able to draw or doodle on your video when you’re streaming live. How fun that would be!

                            PROS                            CONS
1. Cost-saving/ Free.1. Accessibility and technical issues.
2.  Increasing engagement.2. Exposure to high-end criticism. 
3.  Boost in the social sphere.

2.  You Now

Watching something live thrills one from inside since you can associate with the streamer, you can feel a unique association that just occurs during a live talk, YouNow makes all those connections felt.

YouNow group has concocted an intriguing and all-around structured arrangement.

At whatever point you’re watching a live stream on your phone and you discover something cool. You can share as long as 15 seconds of what simply occurred in a couple of taps.

Furthermore, it’s not only a sheer amusement and entertainment source, but it’s also an income generator too. Fans can buy focuses to tip their preferred entertainers, who split the benefits with YouNow.

                      PROS                      CONS
1.  Supporting individual broadcasters.1. The audience is usually musicians and singers. 
2.  Large audience gathering. 

3. Instagram Live

Instagram Live story

Instagram is the new buzz taking over with more than billions of users, it is becoming the platform of highest engagement.

The option of Instagram live is open for all and that too for free, so it is a win-win for you as compared to other best live streaming apps for android.

Instagram Live is an element on Instagram Stories that permits users to stream videos and connect with the community continuously.

A ring pops around their profile picture in Instagram Stories to notify the followers about them going live.

Use Instagram Live as another approach to have a heart-to-heart talk with your followers and drive commitment, leads, and deals. 

                      PROS                    CONS
1. Stream video continuously. 1. The live session is for a limited time, i.e. time-bound.
2. Pin chosen supporter remarks to the top of the video.
3. Spare a replay of the video to Instagram Stories.

4. Periscope

The level of engagement and understanding that is felt from live videos cannot be realized the same way from simply watching recorded videos, and Periscope knows this well.

There’s no time cut-off to your streams, and your recordings are displayed on your profile for 24 hours. The application likewise allows you to download your video to your device. 

Everybody can see your symbol and remarks, however, individuals can’t see you face to face through your camera.

                            PROS                          CONS
1. You get the feedback instantly and directly.1. The app eats a lot of data.
2. Constantly upgraded with new features.

5. Twitch

 Guarantees that network connection is the thing that makes it one of a kind. In spite of the fact that talk is accessible on each video, makers can alter what remarks show up on their recordings.

Host Mode permits a supporter to show or “host” the live stream from a facilitated channel.

Co-hosting is a component that lets you air another person on your channel. 

Clasps permit a Twitch client to rapidly catch and offer fun, engaging and exceptionally Twitch minutes from live videos.

                            PROS                            CONS
1. Ideal for gaming streaming.1. Increased spam in chat rooms.
2. Establishing relations around the globe.

6.  Live Stream

Download Livestream’s Android application to stream your own Live videos. Follow your companions and most loved records to get told when they go live.

You can rest assured that whether your watchers are viewing from their personal computer or any program, they are seeing the ideal quality video. 

 With the new feature, your followers can watch video posts legitimately from your profile and browse your friend’s profile too. This is a unique feature in the list of best live streaming apps for android.

                    PROS                        CONS
1.  You are notified when your Facebook friends join the stream.1. You might be subject to a few restrictions. 
2.  In the popular area you can find trending live videos.

7. Hang W/

It is chiefly focused on associations, superstars, and influencers who as of now have a massive following.

It truly is a reasonable app for any individual who is keen on getting video streaming expertly. 

Users can share their musings and open conversations. Associations with your viewers during the live communication are permitted and tapping on the talk bubble shows all the live remarks. 

People can read all the comments on the stream, who are not really following each other.

There is account security to confine communication to a specific number of people by setting it to private.

                        PROS                  CONS
1.  Best app for professional broadcasts.1. Less suitable for a layman.
2. There is room for open discussions.

8. Stream Now

People who are interested in pursuing the application need to pay some charge to enjoy its promising features. 

 Paying for the charge sounds troublesome. To comprehend this, StreamNow has evolved into a PayPal installment portal. In the portal, the installments are handled, making it all fuss-free. 

StreamNow offers a remarking framework that can support your social commitment significantly more.

This, then again, improves social support rates and helps to keep crowds updated about any upcoming live video.

                            PROS                        CONS
1. Availability of social accounts.1.  The paid option might not suit everybody.

9. VK Live

VK joins a large number of individuals, making boundless opportunities for amusement, business, and informal communication from any place on the planet.

 Live stream visits with your companions and make calls to your friends and family with its ease as this backup is a good position in our rundown to best live streaming apps for android.

All your internet-based life needs can be met on VK! Send private messages to different clients or make a bunch of visits to share the news.

                      PROS                      CONS
1. Most secure app.1. Less popular and thus does not have much engagement as compared to other platforms.
2. It also allows you to share media files.

10. UStream

The simple arrangement so one can quickly and conveniently use live stream without sparing a moment. 

It conveys video facilitating administrations utilizing premium CDNs that are an ideal decision for all high volume worldwide video convenient needs. 

UStream estimating begins at $99 per month and goes up to $999 every month.

Estimating depends on the bundle permit cost and afterward assets utilized, for example, data transmission and capacity.

                          PROS                        CONS
1. The process of content creation is simple.1. One broadcast is supported at one time.
2. Very generous to free users.

Take your call

All these apps are one of their own kind and it is hard to choose one. But, keep in mind that the app you go for must satisfy your professional motives as well as help you build value for yourself.

This article will help you weigh all the features and then shoot for your favorite one. In case you missed it from the start, you are losing a lot.

Remember to be a great and smart user!

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