10 Best TED Talks for Engineers

Technology has progressed exponentially for the past few decades, and who played a major role in the advancement? Engineers. Such an increase in the number of engineers has resulted in numerous new innovations almost every day.

TED Talks not only give you that little push to motivate yourself for working towards your goal, but also they are highly informative in their respective field. TED Talks for Engineers offers a whole set of interesting videos that might encourage you to achieve the dream you always desired.

List of Best TED Talks for Engineers

1. The future we’re building — and boring

In an interview with TED’s Head Curator, Chris Anderson, Elon Musk discusses his new project building tunnels beneath Los Angeles, the latest updates from Tesla and SpaceX, and his drive for building a future on Mars.

2. Inspiring the next generation of female engineers

Debbie Sterling is the founder of GoldieBlox, a toy brand dedicated to inspiring the next generation of female engineers. Her life’s work has been to close the gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

3. Engineers beyond engineering — the art of being an engineer

Philippe, an Imperial College engineering student, feels that engineers must actively participate in global discussions and have the ability to convey the ideas they create. This new way of thinking emerges from a world where local-scale engineering and solutions that can be used elsewhere are in high demand.

4. 7 Missing Basics of Engineering

David E. Goldberg is the CEO of a consulting and coaching business called ThreeJoy Associates, Inc., as well as co-director of iFoundry at the UIUC, a programmatic incubator committed to engineering education reform. He discusses seven talents that engineers lack, skills that are required for them to be productive in the twenty-first century.

5. Why We Need Engineers Now More Than Ever

Elanor Huntington believes that we need engineers now more than ever because they are the ones that bring people, technology, and society together. A fascinating lecture proposing that if we are to be prepared for the future, we must not just rethink engineering, but also promote greater engagement in the discipline.

6. Why Computer Engineering is the Future

  • Speaker: Omar Abouzaid.

Omar Abuzaid has a dream for the world, and he intends to make it a reality. As a result, it allows him to communicate the message that he has to offer to the world, and he does not want to squander such an opportunity.

He feels that speaking is one of the most effective ways to inspire and change others, which is the main reason for his speech.

7. Life as an Indian Engineer

Vanky Kenny Kataria is a motivational speaker and personal brand consultant who began his career as an engineer. In this speech, he discusses how an engineer’s job is fluid and changes over time.

8. Why computer engineering is like standup comedy

Wayne Cotter, a comedian who has featured multiple times on both David Letterman and Jay Leno’s shows, has established himself as a staple on the nationwide comedy scene. He uses his experience to illustrate how assumptions and prejudices influence what we see ourselves and many others.

9. Why you’ll fail to get your dream job after engineering/the MBA

Ankit Srivastava is a Digital Growth Strategist, Author, and Educational Activist who is passionate about exposing the inadequacies in the Asian education system, which favors exam results over practical talent. He supports open learning systems, which allow probationers to acquire skills and knowledge based on their preferences.

10. How I succeeded as a woman in engineering

  • Speaker: Cassandra Cole.

Cass has always been competitive, enjoys problem-solving, and has never shied away from a challenge, so the opportunity to put her skills to use at one of the world’s top engineering institutions was too good to pass up.

“If you ever want to achieve your goals, you have to choose the crazy and take the consequences.” Cole’s opinions may appear radical to some, but she isn’t about to soften them, which TEDxUW attendees will undoubtedly notice.

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