Work from home? Video conferencing trends amid Corona crisis

best video conferencing software

With quarantine due to coronavirus (Covid-19) being implemented, work and studies have had a huge affect. To carry on with life without disruption, video conferencing techs are in trend. Here we list few platforms offering amazing service!

best video conferencing software

The range of software available is crazy. The technology is serving not only the companies and colleges, but also the general mass who wants to connect with their family, relatives on occasions like anniversaries and birthdays.

Video conferencing software are in hands of users in varied locations to conduct live conferences. The solution benefits you to interact with users all around the world avoiding the whooping travel costs and currently the risk of infection.

The technology transmits all forms of media- like text, audio, and video and to collaborate and share files. Your system requires to have a functioning microphone, headphones, and a web camera to use video conferencing software. 


best video conferencing tools

Zoom offers different remote conferencing services. The platform has removed its initial 40 minute limit and is offering free tools to schools amid the pandemic to avoid disruption in curriculum. Zoom is consistent and offers reliable support and is easy to use.

The 21st Century Fox once mentioned that there is no other platform that has brought people at work closer than Zoom has. Now that the world is camping in home, better way to get social isn’t seemingly there. You can get the software here.


best video conferencing tools

Wandering in quest of a solution to offer lessons to student online in a professional manner? The reward is here. Offering real time sharing of multimedia-share audio, video, slides, chat or screens, BigBlueButton is sure a Savior. It is integrated with learning systems and offers web conferencing service software as well.

Cisco WebEx:

best video conferencing tools

The company offers limitless services at unbeatable cost and is major competitor to Zoom. With WebEx, you can work where you are with no time limits on meeting. Learn how to use WebEx in 4 minutes, here.   


best video conferencing tools

Digital workplace have become an important part of everyday life, today. With BlueJeans, your room can turn into a digital workplace with ease. Its working from home ideas are too good. You can take any room and make it one touch video, audio or conferencing room for your work. Meetings, livestreams, gateways are other features of BlueJeans.

Google Hangouts Meet:

best video conferencing tools

Google Hangouts Meet allows users to set a direct meeting and start a conference video with a share of link. You can share the link to people you would want to join with. 

This has made meeting easier with no weather-climate, delay, and client showing up late disturbances. With lightweight interface and smart participant management, video calls to multi-person are done easily.

Skype/Skype for Business:

best video conferencing tools

Skype is another tool that helps businesses connect anytime, anywhere. It surely must be the most used word on the internet in case of video and audio call meetings since so many businesses rely on it.

This single app combines messaging, video call and audio at the same time to help people like us work from anywhere, anytime.

Facebook Live

best video conferencing tools

Facebook live is trending, right now. It connects you with your followers. Since, corona is quarantining us, Facebook live can be an amazing way for influencers, celebrities, and speakers to connect with their audiences. Even we can do a Facebook live to connect with our followers, friends, and talk productive.


best video conferencing tools

GoToMeeting is another best way to do meetings and not hold on important works. Work from home anytime, by joining, hosting or managing video-audio calls from a conference meeting room.

The site also allows users to turn these conference room into a collaboration centers and create meeting spaces in seconds. The work have become easier from home than you ever thought.

Since, we all are having a tough time due to corona, work from home has become an essential activity. We cannot hold on to our work, business activities and other important events. That is why we have listed above some most used work from home techniques in the times of corona. Hope you would find them helpful.

See safety measures against coronavirus here.

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