7 Best Video Switcher For Live Streaming in 2020

Best Video Switchers For Live Streaming
Best Video Switchers For Live Streaming

Streaming live every time from one angle can be a big turn off.

Once our audiences start enjoying live videos, their expectations rises. They will find the same pace videos boring and may start leaving earlier.

So, the best thing to take the streaming game to higher level, is finding the best video switcher for live streaming. Once you get the switcher, you can level up.

But why choose the list I have provided?

The answer is I have been in the field for long. Finding the video switcher that works the best is tough. You will get end number of results on google, but no guarantee if they work as expected.

To make your search easier, we have listed the 7 best video switcher for live streaming.

Before we see the list, understand what exactly is a video switcher?

What Is Video Switcher?

A video switcher is used when you want to show the video from all angles and from all different audio/video devices. There are two types of switcher – hardware and software.

If you go live in an event and want to show the reaction of your audiences, you can switch the camera to audiences with just a click.

Primarily, you can show any angle during a live to connect with the public.

Video switcher, also known as video mixer streaming, is generally used in movie and television studios. They are used to switching between different scenarios or different video sources. (1)

The 7 Best Video Switcher For Live Streaming

1. Roland VR 4-HD AV Mixer

Roland is a one-on-one audio/video solution. It provides extensive flexibility to cover the wide range of video production applications.

Roland VR 4-HD is a 4 channel video switcher/mixer supporting HDMI and RGB/Component video inputs. Some buyers even consider it solid package that has 1080p inputs.

It comes with an in-built USB connection. This makes the streaming and recording easier.

Here are the key features –

  • In built USB connected 3.0
  • HDMI, RGB/Component Video Units
  • Touch screen multi viewer
  • Worth the money

2. DataVideo SE 650 HD 4-Channel Digital Switcher

The DataVideo SE-650 is professional digital video mixer/switcher. The switcher is cost effective. At this price, DataVideo offers two HDMI inputs plus two HD-SDI.

DataVideo features audio mixer with a microphone and RCA audio inputs. It also offers user assignable HD-SDI outputs.

If I am asked to choose between Roland VR 4-HD and DataVideo SE-650 Switcher, I would choose DataVideo since its cost effective with additional features.

Here are the key features –

  • 2x HDMI and 2x HD-SDI Inputs
  • 2x HDMI and 1x HD-SDI Outputs
  • DataVideo is a 4-channel digital video switcher

3. Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio HD Live Production Switcher

ATEM Television Switchers are specially designed for broadcasters and AV professionals.

It comes with 8 inputs and outputs HDMI and HD-SDI. No matter you are using a professional camera or a consumer camera, you can expect clean switching between sources.

You can see different sources, preview and program on a single screen.

It’s simple to function. Just connect your camera, pcs or game consoles and start streaming live.

Key features –

  • New Ultra HD Model 8 12G-SDI Inputs
  • Powerful HD Models with 4 HDMI and 4 SDI Inputs
  • Perfect for broadcasters and for live production
  • Experience clean switching between video sources

4. Roland V-8HD 8-channel HD Video Switcher

Need multiple backup video sources? I am sure you must not be aware of Roland V-8HD, the one-in-one solution for multi viewer livestreaming.

Roland V-8HD delivers 8 channels. Highly recommended for professional broadcasters. It easily mixes eight HDMI sources with HD support even if sources have mismatch frame rates and color spaces.

Plus, load different sources seamlessly.

Roland video switcher is making creators and professionals job easy. It has 3 automated switching modes – preset memory, input scan and beats per minute (BPM). They do their individual job as in preset memory scan switches between preset memory while input scan switches input sources in sequence.

Overall, it is one-in-one solution for professionals.

Key features –

  • Five composition layers
  • 8 channel video sources, plus 18 channel audio sources
  • Multi-viewer display
  • Remote control access
  • Automated video modes
  • Full HD support

5. YoloBox

Yolobox, one of the best video switcher for live streaming, let’s you switch between 5 video sources seamlessly.

You can simultaneously switch between video sources and get hassle-free integration with major platforms.

Yolobox is more than just a video switcher. It is an encoder, recorder, and monitor that makes broadcasting easier. It allows multi-camera production, watermark, picture-in-picture, and many more.

Yolobox’s effectiveness is remarkable. It lets you stream to three destinations simultaneously. Moreover, it is compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

Key features –

  • Stream to three destinations
  • Easy integration with major platforms
  • Take benefit of picture in picture, watermark, etc
  • Switch between 5 video sources at a time
  • Video switcher with multi-view

6. SlingStudio Hub

SlingStudio Hub is a multi camera livestreaming. You can switch up to 4 video sources. Since it’s a multi-camera production, you can connect 10 cameras and stream to major platforms.

Connect MAC or iPad to control your feeds and easily switch sources.

SlingStudio is highly cost effective. It is compatible with almost cameras. Additionally, you can stream on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and more such platforms.

7. AVMATRIX VS0601 4×SDI and 2×HDMI Inputs 

AVMATRIX VS0601 is a 6 channel video mixer. This one comes with 4 SDI and two HDMI. Like other video switcher, AVMATRIX too delivers multi view output.

It also comes with compact format portable if wish to take everywhere. The mini video switcher switches to 6 sources at a time making streaming enjoyable.

More to this, you can use transition effects like FADE/WIPE/MIX.

Key Features –

  • 2 HDMI Input and 4 SDI
  • Multi view output for monitoring
  • 6 channel mini video switcher
  • Transition effects – WIPE/FADE/MIX
  • Compact format portable – for taking everywhere

If I have to compare between the best three video switchers, here’s what I have to say.

YoloBox Portable Multi-Camera Live Streaming 

Yolobox is a great video switcher if you are looking for up to 4-5 video sources. Additionally, it is an encoder, a monitor and a live video production. A very cost effective compared to other two.

Roland V-8HD 8-channel HD Video Switcher

Roland video switcher, on the other hand delivers 8 channels. It has automated video switching mode and 5 composition layers. Unlike Yolobox, Roland is not a one-in-one solution. It is just a video switcher with 8 channel video and 18 channel audio digital switcher.

AVMATRIX VS0601 4×SDI and 2×HDMI Inputs 

AVMATRIX is an alternative. It delivers 6 channel video sources, compact format portable, and multi-view output for monitoring. Plus, it is extremely cost-effective.

Video switching gives livestreams a new look. They level up broadcasts and recordings. You can make the streams engaging, entertaining and interactive with simultaneous switching. Along with it, streaming on popular platforms make it sound even amazing.

The 7 listed video switchers are best for 2020. Go through them once again and see which one is more suitable for you.

It’s quite a tough job to find the best video switcher for live streaming, but never a bad decision. Whichever you buy, is going to lack some or other feature. If one has more switching sources, the other will have more additional features. So, it’s better to see what fits best for your livestream.

Also, if this article was valuable, do let us know in the comment section below.

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