Beyoncé, the singer who, a few weeks ago won her 32nd Grammy is in news for the fighting the IRS!

The singer is in the news nowadays not because of her Renaissance World Tour but because of her Tax issues.


Beyoncé has recently requested a trial in Los Angeles. The Internal Revenue Service has issued a notice to the singer which is Deficiency notice that says that the singer owes $805,850 for 2018 and $1,442,747 for 2019 and not only this but also the combined penalty of both years which is $449,719.40.

But the legal team of the iconic singer has something else to say. The team revealed that $868,766 of the total sum of money was disputed already which happened through a donation to a charity.

Beyoncé is not only a singer or a performer but also a wonderful person who has been supporting a lot of charities and helping people. May it be the help of communities or educational help, Beyoncé has always topped even in this thing.

Reports say that there’s no clarity as to which Charity she donated the huge amount of money to. She’s the founder of the Beygood Foundation which started in 2013 and supports a lot of causes including education, mental health, and relief help. She’s the owner of IvyPark which started in 2016.

Michael C. Cohen, who’s Beyoncé’s attorney said, “We are working with the IRS and anticipate that the matter will be resolved shortly.”

Net Worth of BEYONCE

The Net worth of Beyoncé is $500 million.

Beyoncé married Jay-Z in 2008 which was a secretive wedding and has 3 children together.

Beyoncé is the most winning artist and is loved by almost everyone in this world with her 32nd Grammy. She debuted in 2003 with her all-time famous album ” Dangerously in Love.” She’s the definition of a self-made celebrity.

The artist is currently preparing for her Upcoming Renaissance tour and the concert will begin on 10th May 2023. The tour will start in Europe. Yes, The Queen Bey is back again!