Blade Dance of the Elementalers: New Season, Characters, Plot Review, and News

Blade Dance of the Elementalers, is a fantasy based short anime TV series which aired back on July, 2014.

Having a great success over the manga, Blade Dance of the Elementalers was expected to be even more interesting when animated, but the show fell short of the excitement and came off a bit bland (rather felt like a generic Ecchi Harem show). The number of episodes was also less enough to cover up the gradual character growth from the start and hence, missing some of the major plot points of the story.

My Anime List scores the anime 6.79, whereas the manga is scored 7.99 clearly marking the difference in their representation and exhilaration.

Blade Dance of the Elementalers
Key Visual of Blade Dance of the Elementalers

Main Characters:

Kamito Kazehaya

blade dance of the elementalers

The main protagonist of the anime who made a contract with the sealed sword spirit, Est. He was previously in the Institutional School, where he was raised as an elite assassin.

He also participated in the Blade Dance Festival, and won the title of the Strongest Blade Dancer, three years ago under the name of Ren Ashbell.

Terminus Est

blade dance of the elementalers

She is the powerful sword spirit of Kamito under the name of Demon Slayer, Demon King Killing Sacred Sword, or The Sacred Sword of Severian.

Claire Rouge

blade dance of the elementalers

She is the leader of the Team Scarlet and ‘Raven Class’ Elementalist using the flame spirit Scarlet. She was a noble but dropped her family name after her sister was involved in the destruction of the Ordesia empire.

Ellis Fahrengart

blade dance of the elementalers

She is also a member of the Team Scarlet and has the wind spirit Simorgh. She loves to use a lance (her spirit transforms into) in place of her sword.

Fianna Ray Ordesia

blade dance of the elementalers

Another member of the Team Scarlet, who uses the light spirit Georgios. She stands out from the rest in ritual Kagura, which other people use as combat support, resealing, driving spirits mad, etc.

Rinslet Laurenfrost

blade dance of the elementalers

The self-proclaimed rival of Claire and also a member of the Team Scarlet. She uses the ice wolf spirit Fenrir. She is also termed under ‘Raven Class’ and is being called “Backwater Noble” for some reason.

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Blade Dance of the Elementalers – Seasons and Episodes:

As of now, only a single season of Blade Dance of the Elementalers has been released (2014). The manga is quite popular and they desperately wish for a second season which might release in 2021.

Blade Dance of the Elementalers consists of 12 Episodes

Streaming Websites:

Original Network – Tokyo MXMBS, BS11, TVA.

You can watch Blade Dance of the Elementalers on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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Plot Review: (Spoiler Alert!)

Although the manga of Blade Dance of the Elementalers is quite popular, the anime couldn’t deliver the much-needed impact to attract the viewers. The story starts with a boy good for nothing named, Kamito Kazehaya winding up a contract with the spirit, a feat that is pulled almost after 1000 years by a male candidate.

blade dance of the elementalers

The plot introduces to us that only maidens have the access to establish a contract with the spirits. The maidens gather from noble families at the Areishia Spirit Academy, where they are trained to be better elementalists.

Kazehaya being able to establish a contract with the spirit is summoned to the academy by the director itself, Greyworth Ciel Mais. An academy full of maidens with a single guy present. Naturally, the harem spot of the plot is easily established with the help of this.

The director impressed by his power urges him to participate and win in the Spirit Blade Dance Festival, where all the strongest maidens participate The ulterior movie is to weed out the rumored black magic-user. The story has numerous plot holes with pacing issues. The whole plot revolves around Blade Dance Festival, but the series ends just before the Festival. The long-awaited climax and build-up are proven to be a complete waste.

It just ends at the most hyped part of the story, which makes it desirable for a Season 2. But there is no such official announcement. It just makes the people wonder what would have happened. It had the potential of being an interesting anime, but the ending ruined it to be honest.

The animation was somewhat average and so were the soundtracks. But the opening “Kyoumei no True Force (共鳴のTrue Force)” by Hitomi Harada and the ending “Blade Dance (精霊剣舞祭<ブレイドダンス>)” by Ni-Sokkususu are absolute melody to the ears.

If you like pretty girls throwing themselves for the main character without any particular reason and mindless fun without any plot, this is the anime you are looking for. It could have been an engaging plot but follows the way of Ecchi Harem’s plot more sincerely.

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Blade Dance of the Elementalers: Season 2 Release Date?

Season 1 of Blade Dance of the Elementalers ended back in September 2014. The series is not canceled by the production house and the fans want the second season of it. Season 2 of this particular anime might change everything.

blade dance of the elementalers

The manga has an even broader fanbase and it even ended in January 2017 so, there are enough chapters to cover. Though there are no official announcements about the next season, it is speculated to return by the end of 2021 or towards the beginning of 2022.

We will inform with another article, as soon as there is any official announcement about the anime.

Blade Dance of the Elementalers Manga still ongoing?

The manga finished its serialization in January 27, 2017 with a total of 6 volumes. The light novel also ended in March, 2019 consisting of 21 volumes.

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Common FAQs About Blade Dance of the Elementalers

1. What did Ren Ashbell wish for?

Ren Asbell had no wish for herself, she acted upon Regia’s wish of killing the Elemental Lords.

2. Why does Kamiti wear a glove?

He wears a black leather glove on his left hand to disguise Restia’s spirit seal.

3. Who wins the blade dance?

Ren Ashbell (Kamito Kazehaya) won the Blade Dance three years ago.

4. Is Kamiti the demon lord?

Kamito Kazehaya seems to be the successor of Demon King as he was the second known male Elementalist in the history of Blade Dance of the Elementalers.

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