5 Adorable and Ravishing Blonde Anime Girl with Amazing Character Arcs!

Blonde anime girl characters are quite common and catchy, especially in the west. And the fine characters that they bring into the plot are worth applause. This list below shows you some of the top characters having blonde hair but that is not the only personality trait for them to be here. The most important one is the finely written characters that have eventually made them popular under the blonde anime girl category.

Check the lovely and aspiring characters involving blonde anime girl characters who are beautiful, rich in and out, and definitely attention-grabbing for good and better. Let’s begin.

Some of the Top Anime Characters and Best Shoujo Anime shows are celebrated for you here:

1. Anzu Shiinna (Flying Witch)

Anzu Shiinna is the blonde anime girl from Flying Witch anime that has caught hearts. This character has a subtle backend entry in the plot of the Flying witch. This was premiered in 2016 with studio J.C. Staff. The Flying Witch anime has been directed by Katsushi Sakuraba.

Most of the characters under the blonde anime girl category are quite famous for their calm and composed behavior throughout the situational changes. Although there are exceptions, yet Anzu Shiinna from Flying Witch is no different. She is soft and composed with kindness in and out. This fairly depicts the popularity of this blonde anime girl character despite being supportive in the plot.

The flying Witch anime deals with the main character, Makoto growing up to fifteen and attending witchcraft. She gets to her academy where she learns various magical techniques along with some changes in her life. In order to watch the blonde anime girl Anzu, catch Flying Witch on Prime Video and Crunchyroll.

2. Milly Ashford (Code Geass)

Milly Ashford blonde anime girl
Milly Ashford

Milly Ashford is a witty character who is also not a protagonist but has caught your notice. This blonde anime girl is from the anime Code Geass that released in 2006. Being this old, it still has huge popularity which is very evident with all its characters. It has been produced by the Sunrise studio and Milly Ashford is another supporting character of Lelouch.

Milly Ashford is that character whose wit overthrows others each time she converses. She has been there as the companion of Lelouche and yet this blonde anime girl forces you to gaze at her all day. She is smart, beautiful but more intelligent than she looks a state.

Code Geass has been popular for years and recently it is one of the top anime that viewers prefer. Catch the Top 3 Anime right Now.

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3. Ikumi Mito (Food Wars)

Ikumi Mito is such a blonde anime girl, who makes delicious delicacies for one and all in Food Wars anime. This anime is undoubtedly the best for all you food lovers out there. Although there must be a statutory warning for young ones for having sequences that are quite adult. Since this one is considered to be definite a mature anime, make your mind before you watch it. It has been directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani.

Ikumi Mito makes Food Wars anime worthy for meat lovers. She is a blonde anime girl who is has a fascinating style of dressing. Also, she prepares classic dishes of meat in the academy of chefs’ training. Ikumi has short blonde hair and is smart and talented. She is also a supporting character in the Food Wars anime where Souma and Erina are the lead.

Follow the delicacies in the Food Wars anime. Also, don’t miss out on the specialty of the blonde anime girl out here. Pull up your socks and watch them on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

4. Saber (Fate/Stay Night)

Now here is an exception in mentioning the famous blonde anime girl. Saber is the main character from Fate/Stay Night anime. This anime is an action and supernatural fantasy directed by Kenichi Takeshita and Yūji Yamaguchi.

Saber is the blonde anime girl who is the powerful girl for a change in the list. This character has a sickening smooth arc that goes only up for the viewers to admire. If you are looking for that cool blond anime girl from the series, Saber is the one for you. Fate/Stay Night narrates the difference that you must identify between a hero and a killer. This anime follows the life of Shirou who struggles to figure out the same. Saber is a Knight in the anime, gets out being the flag bearer of honor and respect.

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5. Violet Evergarden (Violet Evergarden)

Violet Evergarden has been quite a famous and breath-taking anime in so many categories. Now here too, the fun fact is that this anime itself has made the lead so popular being a blonde anime girl. It has been produced by the fine Kyoto Animation which is quite respected in otaku culture.

Violet Evergarden blonde anime girl
Violet Evergarden

Violet is a war hero who has been exploited in a lot many ways that you can even imagine. She has been tortured and ill-treated by everyone under the worst war conditions. This blonde anime girl, unlike others, gathers her esteem throughout the anime and grows strong from being extremely fragile.

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FAQs on Top Blonde Anime Girl

1. Which are the famous blonde hair girl characters?

Blonde anime girl characters are quite common in most anime series like Rio from Assassination classroom, Violet Evergarden who is the lead in the anime, Maria from Canaan, etc. The most famous is Anzu or Ikumi from Flying Witch and food Wars respectively.

2. Which are the most beautiful anime characters?

Some of the most beautiful anime characters include Hinata, Nami, Asuna, Sakura, etc. They have solely been famous and attractive through their anime series.