15 Things to Check Before Buying a Refurbished MacBook: Complete Guide

Buying Guide for Refurbished MacBook
The thing to keep in mind before Buying a Refurbished MacBook

Apple is known for its classy and attractive products; whether it be iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, all come with highly appealing looks with outstanding specifications.

Everybody wishes to buy a MacBook, either a student or a professional but at times their pockets restrained them from investing such a huge amount, and they end up buying some other average laptops.

Why you should buy refurbished MacBook?

If you are interested in buying a MacBook but can’t afford it, then why not go for a refurbished one. You can get it at up to 80% discounted prices depending on the product’s cosmetic condition and availability of models.

Sometimes it is hard to recognize which one is refurbished and which is a new MacBook because some are more likely new. Always remember, buying a refurbished MacBook from the certified stores or websites is a smart decision in comparison to buying a new one or buying second hand from an acquaintance or a local dealer.

How buying refurbished MacBook is a smart decision?

Refurbished products are neither considered new nor second-hand, but they belong to a category that lies in between the two. Refurbished MacBooks go through numerous quality tests before coming on the market.

If any part either software or hardware is found that is not up to the mark it would get replaced with a new one by the refurbishers. This is the thing that makes refurbished MacBooks a far better option to buy than second-hand items.

Such replacement schemes won’t go with second-hand purchases. Another tempting reason to buy refurbished MacBooks is that just like brand-new products, refurb products come with warranty periods. If it shows any malfunctioning then it can be repaired or replaced easily.

Here refurbished laptops give the feeling of buying a new MacBook but at a better price.

What are the things to keep in consideration while buying a refurbished MacBook?

Important things to keep in mind before buying a refurbished MacBook –

Don’t end up buying in a hurry. Be patient and wait for better opportunities that save your money and fulfill all your requirements.

Never assume things. Thoroughly check all available product speculations before buying and draw comparisons to save yourself from any disappointment.

Save yourself from being a fool. Buy a Macbook from certified refurbishers that offer standard functional products instead of any random local dealer.

What are the things to check before buying a refurbished MacBook?

1. Physical condition

Although the refurbisher replaced all software and hardware, those are not working well but the Chassis of the Refurbished MacBook would not be changed. Based on their physical condition, refurbished MacBooks are divided into 3 categories.

  • Grade A: Excellent

Best in condition without or with very minor scratches that are not even visible clearly. This one looks just like brand new and costs slightly higher than average laptops prices.

  • Grade B: Good

The condition is good but a little scruffiness and scratches can be seen. The device is in perfect functioning condition and has a warranty too. The prices are slightly lower than Grade A and fit perfectly in your budget.

  • Grade C: Fair

It contains products with light scratches but quite visible or sometimes with minor dents. But still, the device is functioning smoothly just like the above two Grades. The prices of this category’s MacBooks are quite low and save your money a lot.

Categories and vocabularies depend on one refurbisher to another and may create confusion while buying.

2. Software

The second but another important aspect to check before buying a used MacBook is the software part which consists of OS, Drivers, and other installed application software.

Operating System

It is important to know which operating system your device is compatible with. Is your refurbished Macbook supporting the latest macOS Catalina 10.15.6 version or any other earlier version like macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, OS X Lion, etc?

You can check it along with its other details like models, year of manufacturing, processor, memory, graphics, and serial number by clicking the About The Mac option from the Apple Menu.

Some refurbishers do sell earlier models of MacBooks by upgrading OS versions to add more value to the product and make them capable enough to fulfill customers’ demands.

Processor Power

Till 2010 both MacBook and MacBook Pro were up in the market with Intel core processors. But 2010 onward, launched Mac laptops with more powerful processor series Intel i3, i5, and i7 with either two or more cores. If you need faster and powerful performance go with the later manufactured refurbished items.

3. RAM

Is the RAM of the refurb MacBook sufficient to perform all your tasks? This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before buying a laptop. From 8 GB to 16 GB RAM is good enough to perform all sorts of tasks and any less than 8 GB may trouble you while carrying heavy-duty tasks. But some refurbishers sell customized products, for instance, they customize your old models by adding more RAM and storage capacity and make them a good competitor to the latest models in terms of efficiency.

4. Display

Apple offers laptops with a range of screen sizes 13.3-inch, 15.4-inch, and 17-inch along with different resolutions. The latest models come with Retina displays that go up to 2880Ă—1800 pixel resolution which is kind to your eyes and give clearer and soothing pictures quality. Choose wisely which display size and resolution suits you best.

5. Keyboard and Backlit

Mac laptops are known for their responsive and comfortable keyboards. Refurbishers offer products in the perfect conditions which allow smooth functioning. Its keyboards and backlit maintains your comfort and efficiency while even typing in a dark room.

6. Trackpad

While old models of Mac laptops offer limited trackpad functions, but new models come up with Multi-touch trackpads that provide better cursor control and boost your device potential. Some new functions like three-finger swipes rotate, pinch, etc. can easily be done by the latest models’ trackpad.

7. Ports

Like other laptops, MacBooks also have different types of ports. Ethernet port for connecting to network and USB port for connecting with external devices like headphones, mouse, pen drive, etc. New models of MacBooks also have thunderbolt ports that make the transmission of heavy files and large data faster and convenient. If you want to connect your Mac laptop with another monitor or HDTV that you also have an HDMI port in the latest models.

8. SDXC Slot

MacBooks also have a slot to read SD cards. To check if the slot is perfectly working insert your SD Card and look for the icon on your screen. If it is visible on the screen, then the slot is functioning properly.

9. Webcam and Mike

Refurbished Apple products are always in the best working condition so do its webcam and mike. To check webcam and mike on a personal level, record a video, and look for its picture quality and audio clarity. If the video is not blurry and displays perfect brightness and color combinations and the audio is clear and crisp, then good for you. Otherwise, you can ask for a replacement until it is in the warranty period.

10. Speaker

The best way of checking speaker performance is to play loud music and listen to it carefully. And do check one by one both speakers separately. If there is no crackling or shrilling sounds then they are in good condition.

11. Fan

Mac fan control utility is available on the internet free of cost, you can download and check as well as manage your MacBook fan performance easily.

12. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Bluetooth is another way of connecting with external devices for various tasks. It is important to check your Bluetooth works properly. Similarly, checking Wi-Fi is crucial to prevent yourself from any connectivity-related problems.

13. Battery

It is important to check your MacBook’s battery backup before buying it. In Refurbished Mac laptops, if the battery is not up to the mark they replace it with a new one. But it is crucial to check your device’s battery cycle before you start using it. Charge the battery till the light goes green and then use it continuously until it is completely drained. Repeat this process quite a few times to know the working potential of your battery on a single charge. If you want to check your battery performance more thoroughly then there is a utility on google namely Coconut Battery. It is a good utility to check the health status of your device’s battery.

14. MagSafe Charging port and Power Adaptor

MagSafe Power Adaptor and MagSafe Charging port both have magnetic support. While buying a MacBook, do check its charging port and charger. Make sure both are neat and clean and in perfect working condition. The orange light denotes charging and green indicates the battery is full.

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Where to buy a refurbished MacBook?

Being the manufacturer, Apple itself sold refurbished products to widen its reach. Another well-known and certified website where you can buy refurbished products is Mac Of All Trades. Not so surprisingly, Amazon does sell refurbished products so you can order a MacBook from Amazon Renewed. Some other sites like RefurbMe, GainSaver, Refurb Tracker, etc. are certified refurbishers, they can even customize your MacBooks storage and RAM and upgrade your Operating system to fulfill all your requirements.

Where to resell a refurbished MacBook?

Apart from the Apple official stores, you can easily resell your refurbished MacBook on certified websites like SellYourMac and Cashify. A smart deal can bring you a handsome amount of cash. Many refurbishers offer buyback facilities too.

Are Refurbished MacBooks Used?

Yes, Refurbished MacBooks are used but not all are pre-owned. Some refurbished MacBooks are sold out by the owner to the Apple stores or refurbished to buy a new model of MacBook or any other laptop. Sometimes people buy their MacBooks in installments but fail to pay the whole amount in given periods. Then their laptops are taken back and sold again under the refurbished category.

Few laptops are used as display models at stores and later they are sent back to the company and company after proper quality checks sold as refurbished items. Sometimes new Mac models are used for occasional events like the Macworld expo and after the events are neither considered unused nor used but kept in the refurbished category.

Do refurbished MacBooks come with a warranty?

Yes, they come with a warranty. This makes it less risky to buy and maximizes your satisfaction. Apple itself offers a one-year warranty along with 90 days of technical support to refurbished products. Other certified refurbishers also provide a 6-12 months warranty and some even allow you to pay to upgrade the warranty period so that you can take advantage of their facilities for multiple years.

The idea of buying a brand-new MacBook may bring a sparkling shine to your eyes but thinking about the huge expense may vanish in the next moment. And buying a second-hand MacBook may scare you as it may not be a wise decision to make. Buying refurbished products can resolve your dilemma and bring you midway around. Like it comes with the best functional condition and warranty like new items and available at discounted rates just like second-hand products.

This ultimate guide to buy refurbished MacBooks is a tool that helps you know how, where, and what to buy. And brief you about why buying refurbished products is a smarter choice. Also, tell things you should keep in consideration while comparing refurbished MacBooks available at different sites. Like its speculation that is sufficient to fulfill all your requirements, its warranty period, buyback option, etc. Overall buying a refurbished MacBook from a certified store or site is a profitable deal that maximizes your satisfaction at minimum prices.

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Hope this guide helped you buy a refurbished MacBook in excellent condition and saved you some money for better.

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