Celebrity breakups: Know about the biggest heartbreak for fans in 2023

It’s just been 4 months to 2023 but is there something still left to throw in the fire of drama and create sides and chaos?

What’s happening to this celebrity World?

Drama, Speculation, cheating, divorce, trolling, threats, breakups, unexpected link-ups, nothing has left to happen in the celebrity World now.

Couple goals in one minute and then leave fans heartbroken in another, this is what the celebrity World is full of. PR stunts or situation ships, things end so fast and it’s never ” all too well “.

Celebrities who gave their fans the biggest heartbreak in just 4 months

1. Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift

The swifties are all broken while attending Taylor’s tour, waiting for a confirmed source to believe the unbelievable as everything changed at midnight. Both of them started dating somewhere in 2016 and fans also noticed that Joe didn’t appear in any of her tours. “Talk your talk and go viral, I just need this love spiral, Get it off your chest.” seems like the spiral relationship is all straight over now.

2. Aja Volkman and Dan Reynolds

Oh the breakup of singers who were together for so long, obviously fans are mad now. Recently Aja Volkman filed for divorce after Dan Reynolds was seen romancing Minka Kelly. Aja and Dan have 4 children together and have been through several breakups and patch-ups together but now the relationship is finally over as Aja has taken the end to another step by sending divorce papers to the Image Dragons’ forefront singer Dan Reynolds.

3. Janet Von Schmeling And Drake Bell

Who isn’t aware of the disappearance of Drake Bell? Well no nothing bad has happened to him and he’s found safe reportedly in Florida. His wife Janet Von Schmeling filed for a divorce just a week after his disappearance. Von Schmeling isn’t just filing for divorce but is also requesting child custody and support. All of this happened after Bell said a few Suicidal things regarding the Custody of his child.

4. Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA : Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne attend the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 03, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

It has just been a year of engagement when the couple called it quits. The engagement has come to an end. The Musicians got engaged in 2022 and everything was fine until Mod left for tour. Fans are speculating that the reason might be related to Avril and Tyga who were seen together hugging each other.

5. Max Minghella and Elle Fanning

Source: J-14

The couple is no longer together. Ellie broke down this news in an interview that the long-term relationship has ended and she’s currently single.

Aren’t we all aware of the fact that these relationships are just a short-term thing but all of this makes fans heartbroken as they start shipping these couples? But all of this is just like 2022 because that year a lot of celebrities broke up like Kim and Pete and Kendall Booker.

Whatever the real reasons are or were these relationships even real? Nobody will know the real truth but whatever happens, leaves all of us sad.