Celebrity Breakups of 2023 – Couples who Split this Year

celebrity breakups of 2023

While celebrity weddings in 2023 filled fans with joy, the other hand, celebrity breakups of 2023 left them heartbroken.

“And what hurts the most is people can go, from people you know to people you don’t”

This is the perfect lyric for those couples who split in 2023. It’s literally the 5th month of the year and all the celebrity relationships are in shambles! From Taylor and Joe to Kylie and Travis, fans are literally heartbroken.

10 Most Talked Celebrity Breakups of 2023

1) Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

1) Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Breakup

It was in January 2023 when the couple shocked their fans after giving off break-up rumors as the couple spent holidays separately.

Reports started speculating with confirmation that the couple is no longer together. From friends to lovers and having children together, the couple is now not together.

The couple started their romance in 2017 and made the relationship public at Coachella 2017. From sharing matching tattoos together to welcoming two children together, the couple was everyone’s favorite.

Kylie and Travis have two children, a daughter named Stormi Webster and a baby boy Aire Webster.

Reports say that even after the break-up, the couple still have a good and supportive bond. Kylie is nowadays in the news for her rumored relationship with Call Me by your name actor Timothee Chalamet and we are all surprised by this unexpected relationship.

2) Noel Gallagher and Sara MacDonald

2) Noel Gallagher and Sara MacDonald Breakup

The couple who have been together for 12 years are now divorced after announcing their split in January 2023.

Noel and Sara met in 2000 and fell in love. The Oasis musician was married then and divorced his wife in 2001.

The couple then got married in 2011 and have two sons Donovan and Sonny together. Reports say that the couple has asked for complete privacy.

It’s said that the couple’s main priority is their son, and they’ll still look after them together.

Recently, the Oasis star, Noel was spotted enjoying an evening date with Dorothea Gundtoft, a Danish writer.

3) Gigi Paris and Glen Powell

3) Gigi Paris and Glen Powell Breakup

The model and Top Gun Maverick star are no longer together after dating for 3 years.

The couple wasn’t comfortable with all the long-distance stuff and hence decided to stay apart for good.

Gigi and Tom sparked off relationship rumors when the couple was spotted together in 2020 and stayed lowkey the whole year.

The couple made things official in 2021 with a cute post on their social media accounts and after that made many red-carpet debuts together.

The couple broke up in April 2023 when fans saw that Gigi Unfollowed Tom on Instagram. Fans think that the reason for their split is the closeness between Glen and his upcoming movie Anyone, but You co-star Sydney Sweeney.

4) Halsey and Alev Aydin

4) Halsey and Alev Aydin Breakup

Halsey reportedly split from her 4 year-long relationship this April and has filed a petition, demanding physical and full custody of her 21-month-old child.

The couple sparked relationship rumors in 2019 and in 2021 declared the news of having a child together.

In the almost 4-year span of their relationship, the couple thought about marrying but the birth of their newly welcomed child became a priority.

5) Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

5) Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Breaup

The most shocking news for fans was about this Break-up. Taylor and Joe were together for 6 years but now have called quits.

This news was confirmed when fans saw Swift’s closest people like Ryan Reynolds and Gigi Hadid unfollowing Joe Alwyn on Instagram.

Many fans speculated this news as Taylor is currently on her tour and Joe was not even once spotted at any of her shows.

It was in April when reports started speculating about the break-up but it’s more likely to say that the break-up happened even before April.

Taylor who’s enjoying freedom after ending a 6-year-old relationship is now Linked up with the 1975 singer Matty Healy. Reports say that the couple is madly in love and are enjoying things together.

Matty was also spotted at Taylor’s concert in Nashville along with Phoebe and Gigi Hadid.
They were recently spotted at a brunch together by some fans, it’s likely to say that Matty and Taylor are a thing now.

6) Liam Payne and Kate Cassidy

6) Liam Payne and Kate Cassidy

It was a 10-month-old relationship, and the couple has ended things mutually said the reports about Liam and Kate’s relationship.

Liam once revealed that he never felt love like the as he feels for Kate Cassidy. The couple made their relationship public in October 2022 and have made several appearances together.

Liam has a 6-year-old baby boy with his ex-Cheryl Cole. The couple welcomed the boy together in 2017 and broke up in 2018.

Liam was famously known for his relationship with Maya Henry since 2019 and the couple even got engaged in 2020 but had a very unstable relationship after that. Maya and Liam broke up after rumors started spreading about Liam cheating on her with his ex-Aliana Mawla.

7) AJ McLean and Rochelle McLean

7) AJ McLean and Rochelle McLean Breakup

The Back Street Boys singer and the make-up artist have called their relationship temporarily off after 11 years of togetherness.

The couple first met in 2008 and married at Beverly Hills in 2011 and have been together since then.

Reports say that it was Rochelle’s idea on this separation, and it’s said that the couple isn’t very likely to come back together.

Rochelle and AJ have two daughters together, Lyric and Elliot.

8) Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun

8) Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun Breakup

Just after a year of their engagement, the couple is no longer together.

Avril and Mod Sun gave off the relationship rumors in 2021 and then appeared in a music video together for Mod’s single “Flames”.

The couple has celebrated birthdays together and even made a red carpet debut. The couple got engaged in April 2022 and even threw an engagement party together.

The couple called their engagement off in February 2023. After this news, Avril was spotted together with Tyga, the rapper but reports claim that it’s nothing but just a normal friendship.

9) Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman

9) Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman Breakup

The Imagine Dragon’s forefront and Aja Volkman are no longer together and Aja has revel filed for divorce.

The couple announced their separation in September 2022 and now are preparing for the divorce which was filed by Aja on 18th April 2023.

The couple got married in 2011 and have four beautiful children together, Arrow Eve who’s the firstborn, the twins Gia and Coco and the youngest child Valentine.

It’s said that Aja filed the divorce after the singer was spotted together with actress Minka Kelly. It’s said that both of them might be dating but nothing is confirmed yet.

10) Elle Fanning and Max Minghella

10) Elle Fanning and Max Minghella Breakup

The four-year-old relationship has sadly come to an end. It was revealed by Elle Fanning herself in an interview that as of now April 2023, the couple has broken up.

Elle and Max were first linked up in relationship rumors in 2018 and after that in the next year gave this news confirmation by attending the Met Gala together.

Elle also posted a picture in November 2022 of the couple dressed up for Halloween which showed their strong togetherness.

The couple was also spotted together on the red carpet for the premiere of the movie Babylon in December 2022 but seems like something went wrong after this and now the couple is not together.

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