Top 10 Strongest Celestial Dragons in One Piece

What one can deduce about one piece is, its sheer tenacity to uncover the layers of a dystopian world controlled by faceless individuals, maintaining their dominance by the use of force and coercing countries to submission by using brute force against those who oppose them. But there are those to whom there is nothing more valuable than freedom itself and thus those in search of freedom by one means or another are branded as pirates.

The world of one-piece runs on the whims of the celestial dragons, the descendants of the twenty royal families who formed an alliance to defeat the Great Kingdom. The celestial dragons in one piece are regarded as heavenly beings; they are fabulously rich and are excessively cruel. To the point, they pillage and plunder countries if they aren’t able to pay their heavenly tribute.

The celestial dragons are faces of the world government, the world government being the single most powerful organization controlling every aspect of life. To the point, they have control of history and knowledge of forbidden objects which the general population isn’t allowed to know. Maintaining their dominance through the navy the world government actively suppresses everything and everyone, if they start to question the world government.

Now to be brutally honest since the celestial dragons are spoiled to the core they make their slaves do all the work that means even when they are in trouble it’s the slaves who fight. They lack physical prowess but are very influential but here are the 10 strongest celestial dragons in one piece.

10 Strongest Celestial Dragons in One Piece

10. Saint Rosward

A former member of the Rosward royal family, he is an extremely selfish man but at times shows some form of reasoning. Although he is cruel to his slaves and takes pleasure in mistreating them. He is cunning enough to Portray Himself as someone wise and diplomatic. However, he isn’t exactly well versed in martial skills he still carries a pistol with which he can shoot anyone who displeases him. He is egotistical and like all celestial dragons wears a protective helmet to prevent breathing the same air as commoners. He is very influential and despite all of this is well aware of everything. What makes him particularly dangerous as Saint Rosward likes to strike from behind.

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9. Saint Shalulia

She is violent and sadistic; she has no empathy for anyone except for her family members. She at a point in time tracking down a slave who escaped and shot him in cold blood. And made it known that she holds everyone in contempt. She is Xenophobic and considers the fisherman inferior. She has grown up with a god complex hence she has no sympathy for common folks. However, she does show some concern after Monkey D. Luffy punched her brother Saint Charloss. But considering the fact that she is excessively self-absorbed, she is influential and cruel more so than others.

8. Saint Charloss

Cruel, vicious, insecure, insensitive all the bad things you can think of. But the reason he is 8th on this list is because of how he decides to treat his slaves. He has an immense wealth to the point he bets 500million berries shockingly the rest of the people. His wealth combined with his habit of shooting people who don’t obey him makes him much feared and hated. Even some members of the world noble have shown some contempt for saint Charloss for his unpredictable nature and his eccentric habits which is enough to make people sick of him.

7. Saint Jalmack

Like most celestial dragons are utter cowards Jalmack seems to have some form of courage in himself. Unlike others he carries a bazooka he blows up anything he pleases. He possesses a twisted form of reasoning but nevertheless can be logical at times. He wouldn’t even spare children. Just like how he shot at Sabo, the reason being him raising the pirate flag. He takes calm and calculated steps to destroy his enemies; he has a temper but knows how to manage it. Which makes him all the more dangerous.

6. Saint Donquixote Mjosgard

He’s a redeemed world noble, after meeting Otohime. He owes this to the Neptune royal family, he once used to own slaves but now he neither owns slaves nor he buys them. He is shown to be benevolent and reasonable to the point. Where he stands up to the injustices committed by his peers like for an instance punching Saint Charloss for mistreating Shirahoshi and profoundly apologized. His influence, as well as his benevolence, is well known hence he is widely respected.

5. Donquixote Doflamingo

A former king, a former celestial dragon he is a devil fruit user and immensely powerful. His power of ito ito no mi fruit coupled with his ability to use Haki and high intelligence is something that makes him a constant threat. Luffy had a hard time defeating him. But Doflamingo showed great resilience when he battled the straw hats to the point one can compare his sixteen holy bullets to an attack by a Yonko.

4. Donquixote Rosinante

Superbly skilled and admired by Trafalgar D. Law he is a former navy commander turned spy and is highly intelligent he is kind and thoughtful while very perceptive which is why his murder made the Lawhate Doflamingo for his cruelty.

3. Donquixote Homing

Considered to be wise and astute he didn’t own any slaves he was said to be physically very strong but not much is known of him as he was assassinated. But he was definitely stronger than the rest to the point that even the Gorosei respected him.

2. Saint Camael

He is powerful though not much is known about him, it is implied he wields immense authority when he is sent to collect a massive heavenly tribute. He has a reputation as a maniac and control freak. It is implied he understands politics very well hence he is one of the few characters about whom much is unknown.

1. The strongest: Gorosei or the Five elders

Nothing is known about them except for the fact that each five of them have massive influence and control the world, and can attack any nation as they please if they see it as a threat. Eliminate anyone who stands in the way of the world government and distort the truth to prevent people from protesting. The highest-ranking world nobles don’t answer to anyone. So, they are the strongest celestial dragons in one piece.

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