Best Chrome Extensions For Screen Capture in 2022

best chrome extensions for screen capture

best chrome extensions for screen capture

Imagine a scenario, where you find something pretty useful while scrolling the browser. The first thing that hits you is if you can save it in your system. So, here I am listing all chrome extensions which help you capture screen.

10 Best Chrome Extensions For Screen Capture

Now let us understand what we should do in situations where we come across interesting articles or images . Some of these articles can be helpful at our workplace or at home to make a nice dish at leisure or even to locate an address of a friend or relative.

At such a time, when we want to make a note of such an article, Google Chrome screen capture or screenshot extension comes handy. It helps save time and the hassles of pen and paper.

Here is the list of 10 best chrome extensions for screen capture:

  1. Full page ScreenShot
  2. Fireshot screen capture
  3. One-Click web page
  4. Nimbus Screenshot
  5. Awesome Screenshot
  6. Lightshot Screenshot
  7. Twitter Screenshot
  8. Blipshot
  9. Screencastify
  10. ScreenRecorder

Stay tuned for my special tip to have the best experience in screen capture…

Best Chrome Extensions for Screen Capture

Some of the best Chrome Extensions for Screen capture that you can use for improved screenshots experience are discussed below:

1. Full page ScreenShot:

chrome extensions for screen capture

As the name suggests you can capture the entire screen of your desktop or laptop in just one click.

On a click the capture screenshot icon, moves across the whole screen and opens a new tab and downloads the screenshot as an image or PDF option, It does not delete the header and footer of the full web-page and these are also automatically downloaded.

Click here to add it your chrome.

2. One-Click web page:

It can help edit web page content by adding or removing a text or an image through webcam capture before taking a screenshot of the webpage.

chrome extensions for screen capture

3. Nimbus Screenshot:

In this extension, you can easily take scrolling screenshots implying that you have the flexibility to scroll to that part of the page which contains the information relevant to you and capture that information instead of capturing the whole page to obtain the desired information on the page.

chrome extensions for screen capture

  • It also allows a slight delay in capturing a screenshot.
  • These delayed screenshots at times capture a number of screenshots over a specified period of time to see activity occurring on your computer, which may help you to know of any misuse of your PC in your absence.
  • During a lecture, a delay in the next screenshot helps to detail a previous point in a lecture while teaching to a class before moving on etc.etc..
  • It even allows capturing those videos running on some other tab open on the screen in addition to the standard videos through a webcam. The best part is that this feature can run offline and does not require the internet.

nstall nimbus screenshot

4. Awesome Screenshot:

This is one of the best screenshots, versatile and amongst highest rated screenshots of Google Chrome extensions.

  • It provides many different ways to capture a webpage, which could be a full page.
  • You can also take scrolling screenshots whereby the limited desired information of a page is only considered. It helps to better interpret a text, add comments, block the view to any sensitive information by smudging or blurring it.
  • In addition to providing the majority of extensions in it, the awesome screenshot also provides cloud storage to Google drive.
  • To sum it up, it is a one-stop-shop for all activities of taking, editing interpreting and sharing cum recording of screenshots, which are otherwise also available as individual extensions.

Download it by simply adding on your chrome, click here.

5. Lightshot Screenshot:

The fastest and simplest of all the screenshot extensions of Google Chrome which captures screenshots extremely fast.

Lightshot screenshot allows you to select any part of a webpage and subsequent to its selection can edit as per liking and save it to your computer HDD or can also upload it to the cloud.

chrome extensions for screen capture

It even can very effectively and speedily help to search the web for any similar screenshots saving a lot of time and hassles.

6. YouTube Screenshot:

This extension allows capturing the YouTube video screenshots.

This is useful for people who want a specific portion or Frame from the whole video. In this, by a simple click of your computer key, a YouTube video frame is immediately downloaded on the PC.

7. Twitter Screenshot:

The Twitter screenshot extension allows to capture your favourite tweets with the click of a button, which would otherwise be a very cumbersome and a tiring task.

Once the YouTube screenshot is captured, a new tab opens on the device and shows you the screenshot which you can then save which will not get automatically and will be lost if not saved manually.

Here’s a link to understand how it works:

Download it by clicking here.

8. Blipshot:

It is a whole page screenshot and takes a full-height screenshot in one click.

Best suited for people who cannot decide what part of the webpage needs to be saved. Those people who are always short of time, It is the fastest and the best drag and drop extension on Google Chrome.

Once the screenshot has been taken, the file can be simply dragged and dropped to the folder it is required to be saved.

The best part of Blipshot is that it is available on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating systems.

chrome extensions for screen capture

To put a rest to our discussion it may be emphasized that there are innumerable Google Chrome extensions available for screen capture.

9. Screencastify

Screencastify, another extension that Google offers. It comes with exciting features like recording videos, clicking screenshots.

In addition to this, you can enable features like- microphone and webcam, also modify the resolution of your videos. Screencastify comes with a free version allowing 50 videos per month and 10 minutes as the recording limit.

chrome extensions for screen capture

Click here to add it to your chrome.

10. ScreenRecorder

ScreenRecorder is another such extensions which comes handy for screen capture. Created by Hippo Video, this extension is an all in one application which comes with an option of not only recording videos but also enhancing them with special video editing offer.

You can easily capture the full screen of your systems by the use of this quick and easy to use extension.

chrome extensions for screen capture

Writer’s Tip!!

All these extensions are all good and easy to use…but there is one more way for easy screen capture. Avoid all hassles of downloading extensions or installing applications on your personal systems and give your disc space to breath!

The tool I am talking about is none other than the With a minimum of key press, this tool is all what anybody can ask for.

Follows these simple steps to use this quick tool:

  1. Select the window you want to take a screenshot of.
  2. Hit the Alt+Print Screen button on your keyboard.
  3. Click on this webpage:
  4. Paste your captured screenshot and enjoy all the special features in store for you.

The expanse of the topic is very vast we have limited ourselves only to some of the best, simple and quickest methods of Chrome extensions for screen capture.

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