Citadel: Get ready to become obsessed with the new Spy Universe


Citadel is the right choice for you If you were waiting for an action-packed thriller with a challenging Spy Universe which is at the same time a brilliant cast series.

The Alex Parrish Indian Actress Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden are the main cast for the new spy series now available on Amazon Prime Video Streaming platform.

Richard Madden who will be playing the role of Mason in the action thriller will be seen as an agent with Nadia who’ll be played by Priyanka Chopra Jonas. It’s said that Priyanka will be seen in a role of the female version of James Bond.

What will happen in the series?

“You need to remember the past to save the future.” The action thriller series revolves around an international secretive Spy group that was hidden from all, named Citadel and its downfall, and the fight against the group responsible for their downfall – Manticore. The agents reportedly returned after 8 years of Citadel’s end, gaining their memories back which were erased after the downfall.

Citadel release date?

Citadel will release on 28th April, on none other than Amazon prime Streaming platform. The new episodes will keep releasing every Friday after the 28th, keeping fans waiting to catch up for insane suspense for a whole week.

The episodes include:

1) “The Human Enigma” – episode 1, releasing on 28th April 2023.
2) “Spies Appear in Night Time” – episode 2, releasing on 28 April 2023.
3) “Infinite Shadows” – episode 3, releasing on 5th May 2023.
4) Episode 4, releasing on 12th May 2023.
5) Episode 5, releasing on 19th May 2023.
6) Episode 6, releasing on 26th May 2023.

The first two episodes are available for y’all to watch and drool for the new spy series which
Is already renewed for a second season even before its premiere.

Citadel, where to watch the new series.?

One can watch this New hyped series on the Amazon Prime platform easily without any ads or disturbance. A subscription is needed to watch movies and series released on Amazon Prime.

Cast of Citadel series

The series is made by David Weil and has the Russo Brothers as its producer. The series includes other cast members which are Stanley Tucci, Lesley Manville, Rolland Moller, Ashleigh Cummings, and Osy Ikhile making the series more star-studded than before.

Reports say that not only the sequel but spin-offs in different languages are also in talks.

Fans are extremely excited to watch Richard Madden’s work again after giving a nearly perfect performance in his previous series Bodyguard while others have already started loving everything about Priyanka’s role after watching the trailer of the series.

Let’s all get ready for this new crazy action thriller!