25 Best Classic Luxury Bags of 2022: Worth the Investment

The word ‘Classic’ when said, doesn’t seem to make even half of the impact that the items labeled so have not only had on the current audience but for the generations to come. Be it the films or sports or celebrities or groundbreaking inventions or even accessories, each industry contains some classics which define that particular sector. Let’s talk about the handbag industry. Starting from the 1800s, designers with not even a penny to spend, worked hard and created empires through the designs that we would now call classics. And it is because of those designs, that today each one of those brands has become a dignitary in the world.

Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Prada, and many more have carved a niche for themselves to an extent that the handbags would be incomplete without the mention of the above. You may be a fashion enthusiast or not, but it is a necessity to know about the classic luxurious bags which have shaped the history and fashion of bags throughout the century. Here is a list of some of the most iconic bags of even more iconic brands. Expand your knowledge on the topic and maybe even by one! They are surely tempting for the ladies.

List of Classic Luxury Bags

1. Coach Rowan Satchel, $157.62

The Coach Rowan satchel is iconic. The signature canvas with Cs in every direction is iconic. Why not bring these two things together and make a classic design. The smooth leather with the signature canvas makes this bag attractive to carry and makes its user stand out from the crowd. Apart from being a very fashionable and modest bag, the multifunctional pockets inside zipper closures and fabric lining make it even more alluring and interesting.

The coach logo embossed in gold shines out on the canvas. This bag contains a detachable strap which makes the satchel a cross body whenever required. Being one of the most well-known brands in the world, Coach has maintained its name with the help of such classic designs.

2. Dolce & Gabbana Borse Satchel, $1,653.00 

Dolce and Gabbana have always envisioned ahead of their time, and they have done it again. The Sicily Collection is one of the most well-known collections of this renowned brand. And while the collection is sophisticated, Dolce and Gabbana have experimented with their funky side and created this graffiti style effect on the bag. A hit among the youngsters, the Borse Satchel maintains the original silhouette of the satchel bag while adding its different features to it.

The quality and durability of this Italian craftsmanship add to the alluring aspects of this bag. It comes with an adjustable and detachable strap converting it into a shoulder bag and a crossbody according to your convenience. The gold hardware all the more makes the bag even more exciting and fun to carry.

3. Lady Dior Bag, $4,300.00

The Lady Dior, my ABCDior bag, delivers the extent of those envisioned of elegance and sophistication. A bag so refined and poised, the Lady Dior is a sleek and conventional yet modern bag that takes the form of a shoulder bag or a cross body according to your will. Crafted in lambskin and covered with Cannage stitching, The quilted texture of the bag highlights even in the darkest of rooms. Moreover, the Dior charm stands out and offers a distinctive perspective to this graceful bag.

It is roomy in terms of space and contains interior zip pockets and patch pockets to make the carrier of the bag at ease. It also gives a unique feature of personalizing the bag with six badges, out of which three of them would be free to add a bit of quirkiness to the bag.

4. Prada Vitello Move Crossbody, $1,650.00 

No, it is not The Devil Wears Prada that made Prada iconic. It was its impeccable designs as the perfect accessory of luxury that made them what they are today. An item that added quality to an ordinary everyday outfit, the Vitello crossbody is one of Prada‘s most famous and loved designs. Working as a sling, it has a double zipper with the center compartment, making it an organized bag to keep your possessions. Though it is a compact bag, it contains enough space to place your credit cards, wallets, phones, pouches, and other essentials in a systemized manner.

With a simple and subtle design, this Parada Vitello crossbody would serve as the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Not too loud and not too plain, it even serves as the perfect neutral bag for your parties and outdoor activities.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Gaby Satchel, $ 2,390.00

Yves Saint Laurent has been a pioneer in bags and clothes since the 1960s. And he has taken his brand to the topmost level. So, several things make him and his name iconic. The Gaby satchel in vintage lambskin is one such thing. A satchel in the shape of a flap bag like its contemporary Chanel, this lambskin bag contains two main compartments, one zip pocket, and one open flat pocket in all. Crafted and stitched in Italy, this bag contains an adjustable strap to set your arm at your convenience.

The brownstone metal hardware adds to the beauty of this ultra-chic and classy bag. Another intriguing component of this bag is the magnetic snap closure with the interlaced YSL initials over the quilted lambskin. Screaming formal and dressy at every inch, this bag is your It bag of the decade.

6. Valentino Nappa Shoulder Bag, $ 2900.00

The stud sign Nappa shoulder bag by Valentino Garavani is famous among the vogue worshippers as well as the least interested person in fashion. That is the power of Valentino. Made In Nappa lining on the interiors and finished with antique brass hardware on the outside, this Nappa shoulder bag contains all The iconic elements that constitute a Valentino bag. The brass maxi studs on the exterior with the Valentino logo signature embossed on the magnetic closure gives it a very regal look.

Matching shoulder strap chin with shoulder pad enriches this bag with a tint of classiness and pops the unusual color of the string. This is a party bag in the true sense and destined to catch everybody’s attention in the room. It is available in a total of four colors: white ivory, pitch black, Cotton candy pink, and green.

7. Oscar De La Renta Alibi Bag, $2,390.00

Oscar De La Renta is an icon in itself, and there is no doubt about that. But what makes him an icon in the range of bags that he has created during his lifetime. The Alibi bag is a small glimpse of that. Crafted from striking silver leather and an extremely structured and sturdy silhouette with matching hardware, the Alibi bag forms a sort of a rectangular box and is Solely made to make people notice it from a great distance. Handmade in Italy, this bag comfortably wraps around your wrist, making it a perfect choice for a dinner party or a night out.

The lining of the bag consists of Saffiano leather which makes it shine through the crowd. Another highlight of this bag is the class which contains the signature cum logo of Oscar De La Renta in a very sophisticated and refined manner.

8. Armani Exchange Shopping Bag, $130.78 

Armani brings a little bit of its culture to everything it touches, and a prominent example of that is the open shopping bag. Embossed with the Armani exchange logo all over the leather, this bag has a sturdy yet slouchy silhouette, which helps it maintain the shopping bag shape. It contains two compartments separated by a zipper in the center and a magnetic class to bring the two sides of the bag together. No, it’s a small bag for being a shopping note the bag contains enough room for all your essential belongings. Nonetheless, it contains the Armani exchange logo in silver hardware hanging at the neck of the top handle.

Also, it has an adjustable strap making it a crossbody or a shoulder bag with the snap of your fingers. While maintaining the traditional features of a tote, this is an ultra-modern bag that is becoming a hot favorite among Gen Zers.

9. Mulberry Classic Bayswater Shoulder Bag, $1,415.00

The discussion of classic luxurious bags has to include Mulberry at any cost. The Bayswater Mulberry handbag is considered an icon that has stood the test of time. An elegant and timeless shoulder bag, the Bayswater showcases and dedicates the mulberry heritage in a very effortless and subtle Yet impacting manner. The simple yet understated shape with exemplary quality of leather all put together with the signature postman’s lock makes the handbag. Not to mention that this leather is a hundred percent vegetable-tanned and eco-friendly.

It contains one main compartment, one zip pocket, and two slip pockets with the interior belted sides adjustable to suit your requirements. All of the hardware of the bag is brass which perfectly complements the shades in which this bag is available.

10. Proenza Schouler Bucket Bag, $1,650.00

Proenza Schouler is a well-known name in the clothing industry, and it has made its way through to the luxurious bag industry. Bucket bags seem to be a prominent design of all the top designers. And this one is no less. This bag ticks all the bucket bag requirements in an instant and offers its users space snd compartments to neatly organize their essential belongings. Crafted from 100% Leather, this bag is a proud addition to the Proenza Schouler bag collection.

The bright and primary colors highlight the very fold and turn of this mesmerizing bag in the best possible way. An adjustable shoulder strap is also available to convert it into a pouch at once at your convenience, making it multifunctional.

11. Gucci Diana Mini Tote Bag, $2,750.00

Even though the name is self-explanatory, we will tell you about it. Gucci became a household name with the help of Lady Diana during the 1980s and 1990s. This mini tote bag is a reminisce of that. This bag gets defined by the bamboo handles, a natural material, combined with the unmistakable elements of Gucci’s House design. Put in matching neon bands, and voila! You have the iconic Gucci mini Tote. The microfiber lining with a suede-like finish on the inside serves as eye candy to its takers as well as its viewers.

This bag contains shiny antique gold-toned hardware, which complements the pastel pink, sky blue, or pitch-black variant of this tote. Every accessory of this bag accentuates it to the highest level. Last but not the least, the Gucci logo embossed in the center catches everybody’s attention.

12. Balenciaga Neo Classic Bag, $1,890 – $2,490

Balenciaga has set the bar high for classic modern bags. Giving a normal handbag a futuristic look, the Neo Classic bag of grained calfskin is available in a variety of distinctive colors. Hand-painted edges and Nappa lambskin bonded lining on the inside comprises the highly appreciated features of this Balenciaga beauty. In addition to being extremely posh, this Italian-crafted handbag gives a contemporary look to this classic and traditional bag. While all the colors are pretty, it’s the pretty chalk that shines out of all the others.

Adjustable and removable leather straps also come along with the bag making it a versatile option for its use. A tone-on-tone logo embossed on the front makes this ultra-modern appealing and attractive. If you are looking for something unique for your wardrobe, then you should give this bag a chance.

13. RIANNA + NINA Bonbon Bag, $1,850.00

The Bonbon bag is a little different from the other sling bags available in high-end brands. Is it the silk texture of the bag or the graphic patterns on it, or the calfskin leather interior lining? It is all of it. This bag is handcrafted from 100% silk scarves, collected by Rianna and Nina over an experience of years of travel. The bag accommodates all the requirements of customers, so it comes with an adjustable strap that transforms the pure into a sling or a shoulder bag or a clutch.

A piece that makes an impression on all the eyes that fall on it, the Bonbon bag has a lining of exquisitely durable colored calf leather sourced only from high-quality leather. The beautiful composition that is this bag is in seventeen colors and patterns.

14. Hermes Bolide Bag, $5,300 – $8,100

Can you imagine that the most expensive bags were designed originally for truck drivers and long-distance travelers? Neither can we. The Hermes Bolide Bag, along with the Birkin, and Kelly is one of the most famous and recognized designs of the legendary bag brand. Thanks to Émile Hermès, who brought with her the zipper closure from America in the early 20th century, came up with an idea to make a zipper bag to keep the possessions of its users safe and sound. The Bolide bag was, thus, born.

Available in a variety of sizes, this round angled bag made of Taurillon Clemence leather comes with adjustable straps to make it into a crossbody or a shoulder bag at any time. The palladium-plated hardware elevates this already stunning bag.

15. Chanel Classic Handbag, $5,500 – $7,000

Chanel classic, also known as an 11.12, is Karl Lagerfeld’s interpretation of the Chanel 2.55, which is an inspiration on its own. Designed in 1980, this bag summarises the flamboyant and decadent fashions that dominated this decade. Most notably, it is the Chanel classic handbag that gave birth to the now-iconic Cs interlocked, recognized as the Chanel logo. The reason for the craze for this bag is its simplicity and elegance that makes it famous to this date.

It is a favorite among celebrities, and if you spot any one of the personalities getting a Chanel handbag, it is most surely the classic handbag. And not only the celebrities, but the common folks also love this quilted-aged calfskin flap bag.

16. Louis Vuitton OnTheGo MM Bag, $3,880.00

Fashion after the gigantic monochrome pattern, the Louis Vuitton on-the-go bag is more than just practicality. Believe it or not, it is even more gorgeous than it is useful. This bag covered in the smooth textile lining on the inside keeps all your belongings safe and secure while organizing them in a convenient and sophisticated way. However, it is the reverse pattern feature and the striking contrast between the colors, which makes it alluring and attractive. It contains two long and two short top handles to make it easier for you to carry it.

The design of the bag is such that it is roomy but not bulky and oversized. It is the perfect bag for every situation, be it an outing at the mall or a presentation at your office. With Toron top handles, this generous bag is the ideal choice for everyday wear.

17. Givenchy Mini Cut Out Bag, $1,590.00

Givenchy gives offbeat patterns which make them stand out from the crowd. The mini cutout bag is the perfect example of it. A very unusual shape for a bag, this mini cutout box leather purse is primarily a cross-body bag made of boxcar skin leather giving it a glossy look. Like every other product of Givenchy, this purse with precise attention to detail is even visible in the photos. The cutout, with the silver chain made of G cubes to make it into a shoulder back whenever comfortable, looks remarkable.

With a leather effect lining and the silver finish metal details with the Givenchy metal buckle closures, this is the quintessential party bag that needs to grace the wardrobe of every fashion lover.

18. Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette, $3,530.00 – $3,990.00

Can it happen that we are listing down classic luxurious bags and the name of Bottega Veneta doesn’t pop up? Exactly, it is highly unlikely. Bottega Veneta has always been fashion-forward and has always been one of the most popular designer bags in the market. And its padded cassette has achieved a status that only a few have been able to do. Covered with lavish padding, the cassette bag adds another dimension to a simple cross-body purse. Handcrafted in Italy from supple Nappa leather, this bag has weaved into the hearts of all the fashion enthusiasts and is still a rage among them regardless of when it debuted.

The magnetic flap closure, chain handles, along pockets constitute its basic purse requirements. It’s lambskin leather purse is available in a variety of colours, ranging from neon shades to nude shades, all accented with gold hardware.

19. Michael Kors Charlotte Tote, $146.31 

While Michael Kors is relatively new to the game, it has already made a market and made its existence prominent in a couple of years. One of the most iconic and recognizable bags of Michael Kors is the tote bag which is functional at the same time up to the minute. Made from a hundred percent Saffiano leather, this tote bag contains two exterior sides slip pockets, a back zip pocket, two slip pockets, all enclosed in a zipper to keep your belongings safe. It is spacious enough to adjust a 15-inch laptop as well as your keys, glasses, bottles, wallets, and whatnot.

The silvertone hardware accents the leather to a luxe effect. But the feature that we can’t get our eyes off is the logo charm with the removable strap giving it a finished look. This tote bag is available in signature canvas as well.

20. Marc Jacobs The Snapshot, $325.00

Marc Jacob never fails to create a buzz with its latest designs, and the snapshot is notoriously famous for that. While it is called a camera bag, this crossbody craft dance Saafiqno leather has in a short period to come to the identification of this fashion brand. It features interior and exterior slip pockets, adjusted into zip sections, with the webbing strap covered in the iconic font of the famed fashion designer. The interlocked double J hardware Is a spot-on attraction that clears the viewer towards this casual meets the dressy camera-style bag.

Wear it to a party or a friend’s house or a different part of the world, this bag provides you comfort and style all, at the same time. Its availability in many colours, mostly metallic give it an edge over the other camera style bags available in the high-end brands.

21. Jimmy Choo Varenne Shoulder Bag, $1,219.00 

The Varenne collection of Jimmy Choo has a story of its own. And its uniqueness and Grace are some of its plus points. This collection contains hobo, satchel, clutch, mini, and tote bags, making it a timeless and distinctive set of bags available. One of its better-known and popular designs is of the Sachin. Made of shiny calf leather, the bag is in the silhouette of a saddle, making it recognizable from all its angles. The Jesse emblem interlocked and working as a magnetic class add to its distinctiveness.

It comes with an adjustable strap making it comfortable for its user. The inner part of the purse contains a slip pocket and ample space for keeping all your necessary items within easy reach.

22. Fendi Baguette, $3,100.00

Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, The Fendi Baguette is now its signature accessory. Launched back in 1997, Fendi has successfully created a niche for itself among top designers with the help of this petite shoulder bag. Ideal for any kind of occasion, this small bag can hold more than just your phone and cards while still maintaining its small and delicate structure. Giving a seamless and effortless look to its carrier, the baguette bag It’s fun to carry because of its hands-free look and styling.

It usually consists of an internal compartment with slip pockets, a chain shoulder strap, and a front flap with the iconic magnetic class with the Fendi logo. This is one such bag that is guaranteed to make heads turn, and whispers follow through its way.

23. Goyard Artois Bag, $1,740 – $2,530

Goyard is the go-to bag for a list of celebrities and eminent personalities. And why shouldn’t it be? Born in the heart of the fashion capital of the world, Goyard has made a name in the fashion world, which only a few designers have achieved. One of its most iconic, and classic designs are the Artios Bags, which is a nod to Goyard’s own Saint Louis handbags. Containing a structured silhouette, this tote-like bag has long shoulder straps making it a more comfortable fit for its user.

The zipper closure makes all your belongings safe and secure, implying it is a perfect bag for daily use. Like all of the other Goyard bags, Artios comes in PM and MM, in a variety of colors like tan, red, orange, yellow, sky blue, navy blue, burgundy, and many others.

24. Versace La Medusa Bag, $2,525.00

Versace is a storehouse of amalgamation between classic styles the modern designs. And La Medusa fulfills it in the best possible manner. Envisioned in a slouchy silhouette, this handbag made from premium quality leather and fine Italian craftsmanship is considered a pioneer in luxurious handbags. The purse, in addition to being extremely posh, and elegant has a bit of multi-functionality to it, which makes it all the more famous. It has a leather shoulder strap as well as a chain shoulder strap, in addition to the top handles, making it a crossbody or a handbag with the snap of a finger.

The iconic Versace logo modeled after Medusa is embossed in the color of the purse, making it a monochrome delight to carry. It is available in ten different subtle colors.

25. DELSEY Paris Chatelet, $152.00

Luxury is a privilege that can be fulfilled in any form and the Delsey Paris Chatelet sheds light on this very fact. Luggage is an item that is a necessity but neglected and overlooked in the fashion industry. Desley does not do so. The Chatelet is a refined and elegant style of bag that has been designed specifically for organizing your items in a systemized manner with optimal storage. A bag that is spacious enough and stylish to the tea, this is a perfect weekend getaway Travel bag.

It comes with top handles as well as a detachable strap which makes it compatible with your luggage and reduces the risk of it falling clumsily. The variety of colors available in Chatelet Make it all the more desirable.