Will there be a Code Geass Season 3? (Release Dates and Latest Updates)

With the Seasonal anime series of Summer 2021 wrapping up one by one, many anime fans are eagerly waiting for the return of Code Geass Season 3.

The anime was first released in October 2006 where it witnessed much success over the past decade with very high ratings on MAL (MyAnimeList), IMDb and other anime databases.

It has been quite well received in Japan and has been praised by many critics for its story, dialogues and large audience appeal. 

The immense popularity of the series was met with the development of a sequel i.e, Season 2, titled Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. The sequel series ran from April 2008 to September 2008 on MBS AND TBS and was also met with critical acclaim.

Both two seasons ran for approximately 25 episodes each and were followed by a compilation film trilogy and a movie. 

Even though it has been over 13 years since the release of season 2 and the fall of Lelouch vi Britannia, fans are still waiting for the announcement of a season 3. In this article, we share the latest news, upcoming releases and updates that have been circulating in the community.

Current Sales

Code Geass has made quite a big name for itself over the past few years and has garnered a huge dedicated fan base that is quite evidently reflected in their physical sales.

Bandai Visual reportedly sold over one million DVDs and Blu-ray Disc volumes related to the Code Geass franchise.

In April 2010, a new Code Geass side story anime, Code Geass: Akito the Exiled was announced to be directed by Kazuki Akane. Episodes 1,3 and 5  were so well received that the three episodes combined grossed ¥252,069,557 ($2,434,280) at the Japanese box office.

Additionally, Code Geass launched three theatrical recap movies in Japan (between 2017-18) called The Awakening Path, The Imperial Path and The Rebellion Path. The three movies grossed over ¥647,802,700 in Japan in total.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection, a movie that premiered in 2019 and ran in over 120 theatres, debuted at number five and grossed around ¥287 million on its opening weekend.

In total, the film has grossed more than ¥1 billion ($9 million) while the entire Code Geass film franchise has grossed ¥1,899,872,257 ($17,550,396) at the Japanese box office.

When will Code Geass Season 3 Be Released? 

So far the production company, Sunrise, has announced a new anime series set in an alternate universe titled Code Geass: Z of the Recapture which is scheduled to start airing in 2021.

It is set to be directed by Yoshimitsu Ohashi, written by Noboru Kimura while Takahiro Kimura is adapting the original character design of CLAMP (an all-female Japanese manga artist group) for the animation. However, this does not confirm a new Season 3 for the show yet. 

Fans speculate that the highly awaited new season will not be in the works for a release until 2022 at least. Currently, there is yet to be a manga or a light novel that can be adapted as the next season since it is an original anime series.

Nevertheless, fans have their hopes up with the anticipation of the update on the new series especially after the success of the 2019 movie Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection.

It has been speculated that the third season will be released in 2022 or early 2023 with an even better plot and new characters along with the main characters namely the protagonist Lelouch, C.C, Kururugi, Nunally vi Britannia.

In conclusion, the announcement of an additional installment seems low, however as Lelouch vi Britannia puts it “I am not the one at fault, the world is”. The only viable option for the fans right now is to wait for any further updates.

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Code Geass: Z of the Recapture

Due to the show’s popularity in both Japan and overseas, fans are always scavenging the internet for information in high hopes for a third installment in the series.

Even though the new series Code Geass: Z of the Recapture is on its way this year, many people have expressed their dismay that the events that will take place in the anime will follow the storyline of the movie and not the original R2 series.

This means that the conflict of Euro Britannia might still be unsolved. 

However, despite the dissatisfaction resonating among the fans, many of them can’t wait for the trailer. Not much detail has been disclosed about the new upcoming series except that it’s scheduled to be out in 2021 and that it will take place following the ending of the previous film Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection.

Thus, the story will be set in an alternate universe and the return of the characters from the original timeline may or may not be showcased in the new series. The release date of the trailer is yet to be revealed but many theorize that the series itself will be out by Winter 2022.

Where to watch Code Geass Season 3?

The birth of the original anime series paved a way for multiple other mangas and light novel adaptations which were published under Kadokawa Shoten. These can be accessed on multiple manga reading websites while the light novels can be found on Bookwalker

Apart from the adaptations, the colder seasons and the movie can be rewatched on multiple platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and other streaming platforms which provide both subbed and dubbed anime. 


Since season 2 ended on a cliff-hanger, it seems likely that the new season will be a continuation of season 2 with the matter being resolved between characters. What is still unpredictable is the possibility of season 3 being the final season or not. There is also an upcoming mobile game called Code Geass: Genesis Re; code that is rumored to be released this year which consists of different Code Geass characters.

Taking everything into consideration it’s highly likely for a season 3 of Code Geass to be on its way to us and I’m sure fans will not be able to contain their excitement when the announcement is made official.

The franchise is not short on money for another season’s production based on their high sales and profits and might even be working on season 3 already to give the fans what they asked for. No news on cancellation is also another factor.

However certain key points like starting of the new Code Geass series and no further information about the season 3 release even after a decade does make it seem doubtful.

All I can say is, whatever happens, happens for the best and maybe no new season is better than a season that doesn’t meet the expectations but I’m personally keeping my fingers crossed for a new season soon. Are you?

Also, if you’re reading this and have the power of the Geass. Well, you know what to do! Do reach out to us and tell us about the truth behind season 3 and if you don’t have the Geass well don’t you fear! Just sit back and keep an eye on us for all the latest updates.