Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World – Chilling List 2022

Each country on Earth has something different to offer, in terms of factors such as the weather, affordability, quality of life, and so on. From the hottest deserts to the coldest mountains, every person has their taste and chooses to live accordingly.

Therefore things like the weather are important factors for people to consider while settling down in a place.

So, today we will be looking at the top 10 coldest countries in the world. These are countries that have extremely cold climates and are somehow still habitable.

We can decide how cold countries are compared to one another in several ways, such as noting the lowest recorded temperature of the place, or how low the average annual temperature of a place is compared to the next.

For the sake of clarity, we have excluded Antarctica from the list even though it would have taken the top spot, simply because Antarctica is considered to be a continent.

10. Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian country with a weather that varies from region to region.

There are areas where the summers can be really hot, and there are also regions with very tough winter seasons.

Having a mountainous terrain, temperatures can drop to as low as 21 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Kyrgyzstan has an annual average temperature of 49.6 Degrees Fahrenheit.

9. Canada

Despite its harsh cold weather during the winter season, Canada ranks so low in our rankings due to its average yearly temperature. There is snow and cold winds for almost half a year, and the Northern and Eastern parts of Canada get the coldest.

Climatic change is causing a lot of the permanently frozen area to come under question, as it can melt anytime.

Canada has an average annual temperature of 47.7 Degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Sweden

Sweden is a European country that generally faces a moderate climate throughout the year.

All the seasons in Sweden are usually mild, and there is no problem of strong winter or summer season anywhere in the country.

Even after this, temperatures during the cold season can drop to as low as 5 Degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Sweden has an annual average temperature of 45.1 Degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Estonia

Estonia is a country found in the Northern part of Europe, which is mainly the reason why it is so cold.

Although, there is also the case that Estonia’s landmass has varied climates, with some places facing moderate climates and some facing continental climates.

Estonia faces an annual average temperature of 43.6 Degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Russia

Many people know Russia to be a country with a very cold climate and uninhabitable temperatures throughout the year.

This is mostly true, as the lowest recorded temperature has reached a staggering -96.2 Degrees Fahrenheit. Russia faces very cold temperatures in areas such as the Northeastern part and parts of Northeastern Siberia face almost subarctic temperatures.

Russia has an annual average temperature of 41.8 Degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Finland

Finland is another Nordic country that faces cold weather especially in areas such as Lapland. The whole of Finland comes under the Boreal zone, which implies very tough winters.

The Gulf Stream does warm the country, but the Northern regions of the country are fully subjected to the cold weather, reaching as low as -22 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Finland has an annual average temperature of 41.1 Degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Norway

Just like its Nordic neighbours Finland and Sweden, Norway has to face arctic temperatures in Eastern and Northern parts of the country.

The coastal geography of Norway helps in keeping the climate moderate, but it is still high enough in the Arctic circle that it receives very cold winters.

Norway has an annual average temperature of 40.5 Degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Iceland

When we talk about cold places of the world, there is no way we can leave out Iceland.

The small island country in the Atlantic Ocean sees subarctic temperatures throughout the year, averaging an annual 35 Degrees Fahrenheit to 45 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Since Iceland is a coastal country, the winds from the Atlantic Ocean help in keeping the island warm, yet windy. It is in the central part of the country where the most troublesome winter weather lies.

Iceland has an annual average temperature of 33.8 Degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Mongolia

Even though Mongolia is unexpected to be here, the landlocked country is yet another example of a country that faces below zero temperature on an average.

Cold winds come from Siberia and make the country extremely cold, settling down in the valleys and causing more trouble to the inhabitants.

The climate is extremely continental, causing even livestock to die of starvation in some regions.

Mongolia has an annual average temperature of 30.6 Degrees Fahrenheit.

1. Greenland

Our number 1 pick for the coldest country in the world is Greenland. The non-continental island of the North faces terribly cold temperatures throughout the year, so much so that there is an ice blanket over the country at all times, popularly known as the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Having the lowest ever recorded temperature of -93.5 Degrees Fahrenheit, Greenland faces temperatures of only 50 Degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

Greenland is also becoming one of the victims of climate change, as it is being reported that the Greenland Ice Sheet is starting to break off, causing a rise in sea level.

Greenland has an annual average temperature of 22.2 Degrees Fahrenheit.