Customer Relationship Management Software: Better Business in 2021

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management Software is one of the  best technological addition, happened to businesses in the last decade.

And it’s not going to stop somewhere in near future, the trend is going to rise and continue in full and fast pace.

It’s obvious when something make your business workflow easy and smooth, you’re going to adapt it. So, before diving into Customer Relationship Management Software, let’s look into the concept of customer relationship management. 

In this article, you will be covered with the entire CRM concept along with its uses, which company uses, systems and their cost. Probably everything about CRM that you are looking on the internet today, is covered in this article.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

What is Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management also referred to as CRM, is a process of interacting with a company’s customers. Customers are the top priorities for any business. Their main objective is always to have great relationships with the customers. CRM does that job of managing the customer-company relationship.

CRM process involves studying customer history with the company, analyzing data, check on all the modes and channels to collect customer’s interaction with businesses. This gives CRM access to analyze the customer’s satisfaction with the company.

It believes in making the customers stay a lifetime in connection with the company. CRM also aims at keeping up with the customers’ needs, requirements, and feedback with regards to the services provided by the company. This approach by CRM creates interaction between customers and companies to improve their services as well as keep satisfying customers’ needs.

CRM mainly focuses on customer retention and sales growth. When the customer-company relationship is maintained, the possibility is there may be an increase in sales. It takes care of all the outcomes and results with regards to analysis, feedback, interactions and customers’ history.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Who Uses Customer Relationship Management Software?

Every business is putting forth its strategies. These companies have to show their concern for customers, to their customers. CRM is used mostly by all businesses. This gives them the opportunity to know their customers better and have them on board for a lifetime.

  • CRM software enables the company to keep up with the customer’s buying process. The sales team is able to get an idea of customers buying time, specific products and their ratings on the same. CRM software lets the company improve their sailing by using customers buying and reviewing data.
  • CRM is used by any company that focuses on their marketing strategies. The company uses customers’ sales information to market their channels and products. Customers review, rate, number of sales help them market their business to a large scale.
  • CRM software enables the company to not worry about multiple tasks at the same time. Any company that uses invoices, quotes use CRM to speed up the quality. This CRM software has an invoicing tool inbuilt in it which improves the quality service provided by the company.
  • CRM may be used by all those businesses that can transfer the customer to the department of their need. Customers dial the number that may go to the wrong area of the company. CRM helps them connect to the right person to fulfill their needs and requirements.
  • In short, CRM is used by almost every company in a manner to let the customers know that they are the company’s number one priority.

Industries Who Use CRM Software:

  • Retail
  • Business services
  • Technology
  • Banking/Insurance/Finance
  • Manufacturing

However, Retail has 18% CRM software use, while the remaining four are below that.

How Many CRM Companies are There?

Investing in CRM has never been a waste of money. Almost all medium to big size companies in USA and other countries are investing in CRM. This has made a difference to their business. CRM is a growth in the industries today. It is what every business aims to have with.

There are many but which one your business need is the main question. Every business has different requirements and every Customer Relationship Management Software is slightly different in functionality and features, some are more advanced than others.

Here I have enlisted some of the highly popular free and premium Customer Relationship Management Software; see which one interest you most, visit their website and get started.

10 Most Popular Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management Software

1. HubSpot CRM

It is one of the best free Customer Relationship Management software for small businesses. HubSpot gives minute to minute sales report and is 100% free

  • Manage your pipeline with total visibility
  • Log sales activity automatically
  • See everything about a lead in one place
  • 100% free

Visit HubSpot CRM

2. Freshsales

Freshsales is a better CRM for your salesforce. Users can get a free demo before using Freshsales. And lets you connect with your prospects just in a click.

  • Find the best sales leads
  • Have relevant conversations
  • Use built-in email
  • Manage sales pipeline

Visit Freshsales

3. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM enables one to view the most critical information as well as the reports from the sales. One can see the live data on the software. Salesforce CRM also comes with iOS apps and Android. It is the world’s number one CRM.

  • Boost productivity to lightning speed
  • Run the whole business from a single mobile app
  • Expertise with one of the largest
  • Most passionate communities

Visit Salesforce CRM

4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive enables the company to overview the sales growth. It helps the company see the real-time data from the sales. And helps businesses in building their brand.

  • Provides deep metrics
  • Keep up with the use of company data
  • Access from a mobile phone
  • Grow more revenue
  • Used by 90,000 companies over 179 countries.

Visit Pipedrive

5. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is easy to use the system. Businesses use Zoho CRM as it manages purchase control and sales pipelines. It works for any type of business. It helps businesses attract customers, get engagements, and track sales from different channels.

  • Winner of PCMag’s Business Choice Awards for CRM – 2019
  • Used by amazon, hotstar, OLA, zeta and the best of all the companies.
  • Connect with customers wherever they are
  • Get real-time notifications
  • Find the best channel to reach out to customers

Visit Zoho CRM

6. Cratio CRM

CRM Creatio system helps businesses reach more engagements. The products are given a boost. The sales, data, and teams are connected to see the live reports. The tools also help businesses connect to their customers from different digital platforms. This is mainly for large scale businesses.

  • Lead assignment
  • Task planner
  • Mobile CRM app
  • Email, SMS alerts
  • Customization
  • 1000+ businesses linked with CRM Cratio.

Visit Cratio CRM

7. vCita

Customer Relationship Management Software

vCita gives enough features to businesses to boost their business. Basically, accountants, lawyers, educators, and photographers can take advantage of this. The tool handles CRM, customer communication, marketing, booking, etc.

  • Build long-lasting customer relationship
  • Manage invoices
  • Keep up with sales report
  • Manage calendar as per business schedule
  • Create client portal
  • Engage with customers online

Visit vCita

8. Engage bay

Customer Relationship Management Software

Engage bay is a CRM tool to help businesses grow better. Engage bay is used by over 12,000 companies. This tool has gained growth over a period of time with regard to businesses every day. The features provided are ultimate. While, the businesses are struggling to grow engagement, engage bay is making their work easy.

  • Track deals and the sales pipeline to grow business
  • Grow a meaningful relationship with the customer
  • Live chat and help desk
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Doesn’t compromise on quality

Visit Engage bay

9. amoCRM

Customer Relationship Management Software

amoCRM is a messenger-based sales CRM. The tool enables the user to try it for free. The users can get the demo before they use it. Using amoCRM, millions of users’ sales every day. This is a great tool to take advantage of, and at the same time lets you build a strong relationship with the customer.

  • Chat with clients on any messenger
  • Sync every conversation
  • Scale your business with AI Chatbots
  • Build chatbot without coding

Visit amoCRM

10. Info FLO

Customer Relationship Management Software

Info FLO is another great CRM tool used by so many users every day. It works for the growth of businesses and organizations. Where businesses are looking for a good improvement in sales, Info Flo provides better services. Also, it offers great opportunities for all businesses.

  • Free upgrades for life
  • Edit and view data directly from mobile phone
  • Affordable
  • Trusted by 10,000 companies
  • Customization

Visit infoFlo

Frequently Asked Questions on Customer Relationship Management Software

Are CRM systems successful?

CRM has been great growth in the market over a period of time. While the businesses struggle with the sales, CRM systems help them come up. However, the lack of planning may hinder success. Systems are made to only fulfill the objectives of businesses. But, if the objectives aren’t set clear, there may be a failure in CRM systems.

What CRM does google use?

Google is currently using Salesforce for CRM. However, it used Google CRM before signing up with Salesforce and managed conversations between google and its CRM.

What can CRM do for my business?

CRM is nothing but Customer Relationship Management. CRM helps businesses manage sales with their customers, engagements, pipeline, live reports, and more such features.

Your business can meet the desired goal with CRM systems. Every system offers different features and every system has different pricing as mentioned in the earlier part of this article.

You can build a strong relationship with the customer, see real-time sales reports, reach more people, connect and chat live just as to make your business reach the level where it becomes a brand.

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