Will there be Death Note Season 2? Release and Updates

“Will there be a resurrection of Yagami?” should be the question. After the death of Light Yagami and L, will we eventually get our favorite psychological thriller series “Death Note” (デスノート)after fifteen long years?

So, in this article, we will be looking at the prime source left for the second season and the income made by the anime-adapted series. That will tell us if there’s a possibility of Death Note Season 2 comprehending its income.

Heeding the catchphrase of Misa, we could never dream about living in a world without Light and yes it would be dark.

So, it is nearly impossible for Death Note Season 2 without Light Yagami.

Logically, there is not enough source material for Season 2 as the anime adapted all the chapters of the original source material.

But rumor has it that there will be Death Note Season 2 starring a different main character who is from the special one-shot manga.

Is the Death Note manga finished?

The Death Note with 12 manga volumes of 108 chapters came to an end in May 2006. It was also published with a special one-shot manga by the original creators.

The unique thing about Death Note is that there is a separate story writer and a separate artist that draws, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata respectively.

And it’s not everyday we get to see the main character being the villain.

But unlike other incomplete Shounen manga such as Berserk and HunterxHunter, the Death Note manga finished decades ago. Undeniably there is a lack of source material to start a second season.

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When did the series come to an end?

The anime adapted series came to an end on 26th June, 2007 In a really melancholic way as Light finally got caught up for his sanguinary deeds and exhibited signs of penitence for picking up the death-dealing notebook

So, the main issue is that the series has ended.

Live-action adaptation of Death Note?

There is a live-action Death Note movie adapted from the original manga series and was directed by Adam Wingard and written by Charles & Vlas Parlapanides, and Jeremy Slater.

The movie was released on 17th June, 2006 all over Japan and topped the Japanese box office for two weeks.

It was further released in other countries as well.

Synopsis : There are no conclusive words from the creators of Death Note for Season 2 but if there’s a slight possibility it sure is going to be groundbreaking.

Manga Sales

Death Note Season 2

How many copies of Death Note were sold?

Death Note being the top-tier manga series in dissemination, has sold over 30 million copies in Japan and all over the world.

Also, the Death Note anime with 37 episodes was broadcast in Japan from 3rd October 2006 to 26th June 2007 . Fair enough the anime got nominations and won several awards including the “Best TV Anime” in the 6th Annual Tokyo Anime Awards!

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How much money did Death Note make?

The series made around 100 million yen per year. Basically, there were two creators of the series unlike any other anime, the writer Tsugumi Ohba was known to have a net worth of $10 million USD.

Due to lack of source and information on their income it couldn’t be accurate.

How many Action Figures are there for Death Note?

Five official Death note Action Figures are available all over the Internet and through stores – Ryuk, Rem, Lawliet, Light and Misa. Besides, Nendoroids are also available till date.

Death Note makes a good amount of money from the Action Figures and Nendoroids.

Where to watch Death Note?

Death Note is available for streaming on streaming websites such as Crunchyroll and Netflix .

Though Death Note isn’t as long as the Big Three Shounen anime Naruto, Bleach and One Piece, it has over 100 million people streaming it worldwide both on legal and illegal sites which adds up to their profit.

f there is a rationalization in the default of Season 2, budget would be inconsequential due to its gargantuan sales of both the manga and the anime.