Dorohedoro Characters Went Viral: Why?

For better or worse, Dorohedoro characters have gone viral for an efficient portrayal of violence and cruelty through their vision of three worlds comprising the dark, the Hole. You may have come across much dark anime on the action and black magic like Akame ga Kill but this anime produced by MAPPA has its own flavor of terror.

It has released its first-ever season on Netflix and the television series is available on the same platform since 13th Jan 2020. Let’s get a brief of the Dorohedoro characters and why you should first know about it before giving it a watch.

Get Introduced to the Dorohedoro Characters!

Dorohedoro is a Japanese animated TV series written and illustrated by Q Hayashida.  This anime series portrays a wacky world with abstract Dorohedoro characters including a lizard head man named Kaiman around who the story revolves along with Nikaido.

The virtual dark world is claimed to be ‘The Hole’ where dark magic is practiced upon innocent lives as a part of the sorcerer’s experiments. Kaiman looks ahead in neutralizing his curse accompanied by Nikaido by killing those sorcerers one by one in the hope of accomplishing well one day.

This rampage of the two Dorohedoro characters doesn’t go unnoticed and the greater sorcerer named En realizes their act of slaughter. En thereafter sends his cleaners’ crew after the two to get rid of them.

There is a total of three worlds that are at a clash with each other. One is the sorcerers’ realm, then the devil’s realm, and the third being the human’s realm. The Hole comprising of these three realms is atrociously brutal where poverty and crime is at peak and innocents are used for magical experiments like guinea pigs 

The power balance is also disturbed as there is this situation of people with magical power versus the ones without power. The weaker ones are getting tortured and this situation is satirically reflected from our original world.

All about Dorohedoro Anime Season 2

Dorohedoro anime season 2 is not on the verge of renewal as any official announcement is concerned. But the director of the anime show, Yuichiro Hayashi had once stated that if season 1 goes well, there will be a sequel for sure. Hence, it can be estimated that Dorohedoro anime Season 2 will be there as a renewal of the anime show as well as for the writing part too.

Dorohedoro Characters

Should You Watch the Anime for the Special Dorohedoro Characters?

The anime is a lot to witness and engulf at once as the narrative goes ahead with its extremely dark Dorohedoro characters. It gives nightmares when you try to think deeply about what is being shown on screen. It has somewhat chaotic sequences sometimes that make you feel lost at a sudden point of time in the brutal worlds of the Dorohedoro characters.

Dorohedoro has this ultimate high rating of 8.1 by IMDb and is also one of the critics’ favorite in recent times. Netflix is also a platform which is streaming this dark fantasy series now for the mass to get easy watch time. Also, Netflix being its licensor since Jan 13, 2020, Dorohedoro anime season 2 is expected to be launched on the same platform soon.

FAQs on the Dorohedoro Characters

1. How many seasons of Dorohedoro anime are there?

Dorohedoro has aired its first season in winter 2020. It is available on Netflix which has also licensed this famous anime having 12 episodes of 23 minutes each. Soon there is a chance of an announcement stating the date for the release of Dorohedoro anime season 2.

2. Is Dorohedoro worth watching?

Dorohedoro is quite a dark anime show released recently. It is assumed that people who like to watch crime, violence, brutality, and cruelty on-screen with a dark plot summary will love all the Dorohedoro characters.