Dragon’s Dogma Series: Will There Be A Season 2 on Netflix?

One of the most recent series that has achieved a rank higher than many other established anime, for now, is the Dragon’s Dogma series. Here the darker nature of adventure and fantasy is explored throughout the first season of the anime. It was released the last year 2020, September as a Netflix original series. You can have a brief look at the entire presentation of the Dragon’s Dogma series throughout this article for a better news grip.

The series is made by Capcom that released on 17th September 2020. It was based on the famous role-playing game having the same name. Dragon’s Dogma series expresses the path of Ethan, battling out demons and having a backlash in the same process.

Dragon’s Dogma Series Episodes: Do You Know the Message Behind?

Only one season of Dragon’s Dogma series has released that too very recently on Netflix as an original net animation series. It is directed by Shinya Sugai and had 7 short episodes that aired on the concept of a game.

Ethan is the protagonist of the Dragon’s Dogma series who sets off to trounce the demon that took his heart and while the journey moves ahead he fights many battles. Each battle would cost him a little of his humanity. This series will take a bit of your conscience to actually understand its depth.

All seven episodes are named after the deadly sins. It starts with an immense dark opening and establishes the characters in the first episode. Ethan loses his wife and baby too, contemplating and building the revenge plot. 

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Ethan and his companion Hannah get to fight large demons and the combination makes it really unique. Each episode reveals a new monster and the story movies ahead with greater difficulty for the protagonists who also seem to learn more and more through each fight.

Dragon's Dogma series
Ethan vs Dragon

Dragon’s Dogma Anime Season 2

Sublimation produced Dragon’s Dogma series had a grand arrival on Netflix recently. Whenever an anime series does well then it can be estimated that the creators will definitely go for a sequel if enough resources are there to continue it in all manner. 

Sources are stating that Dragon’s Dogma series will be renewed with Season 2 on Netflix by late 2021 or 2022 at most. Although people on Reddit are quarreling upon the authenticity of the news and some also highly doubt it. We can precisely hope for the good news to cancel all the odds for now. 

The Production Tale and Review of Dragon’s Dogma Series

It checks all the points that one finds to watch a good anime. Dragon’s Dogma has a good score, composition, plot adventure too. The music and the dark nature of the series make it really epic. The various fights and action are severely approaching and hit you back with the idea of the huge power the Dragon has.

Netflix has released the Dragon’s Dogma series with quite a never seen before the idea, from the game concept. IMDb gives 6.3 to this anime series and the production process of the sequel may start soon. We can aim for 2022 for the release of the Dragon’s Dogma series Season 2.

FAQs on the Dragon’s Dogma Series

1. What is actually Dragon’s Dogma?

Dragon Dogma is an original net animation recently released on Netflix in 2020 created by Capcom. It has a dark nature to tell the story which is inspired by the video game.

2. Does the Dragon die in Dragon’s Dogma?

Ethan runs for revenge against demons. He crosses diverse hurdles and loses his humanity little by little. Ultimately, Ethan successfully kills the Dragon but the spoiler for you all lies in the climax where he himself becomes one after killing the Dragon.