5 Enthusiastic Cycling Anime which is Gathering Gigantic Views!

Cycling anime really deliver to the niche market of the otaku audience around. These sports-oriented anime make you go fanatic over the passion and courageous characters.  It specifically levels up the choice of yours to compete and love bike riding to be precise.

Some of the greatest and enthusiastic cycling anime are here below. It is highly suggested for you to try out some of these to make your game go stronger. So let us see the enthusiasm that begins with such cycling anime down the list.

Have a Look at the Best Cycling Anime that You Can Watch!

1. OverDrive

OverDrive cycling anime

OverDrive is this hugely popular cycling anime for sports enthusiasts. There are people in the west to particularly take interest in cycling and look out for sports bikes. Therefore, OverDrive is one such anime for you to have a close look at. This cycling anime has been directed by Takao Kato.

The main character in OverDrive is Shinozaki who is the low lad from the typical anime characters list. He is a loner and weak at almost everything concerned. The other mates somehow go down to bully Shinozaki on a cliché note. Later, through the building of the character arcs, he gets a moderate interest in cycling and rises higher in the same. In the meantime, he also manages to cope up high with his mates and make friends ahead of his day.

Its original source is the manga and it has been produced by the Xebec studio. Shinozaki ultimately rises up to become the race winner of the world’s largest cycle racing event. This cycling anime will boost up your enthusiasm and make you motivated all along the road. Watch this extraordinary cycling anime on Anime-Planet.

2. Idaten Jump

Idaten Jump is another cycling anime that literally develops your passion for cycling. This anime guarantees good health and motivation throughout the series. This cycling anime was released in 2005 and continued till 2006, produced by Production I.G. Takayuki Hamana is the director of Idaten Jump.

Idaten Jump is also called Idaten Sho and this cycling anime is dedicated to niche cycling enthusiasts. Idaten Jump is adapted from the Japanese manga. This show purposefully succeeded in keeping the mountain biking game strong in Japan. The mood of this cycling anime series will remind you of your school days. It develops a sense of healthy competition among the young school kids towards cycling.

The main character of the anime series faces a challenge in a cycling competition with an alleged bet. The challengers bet the X-zone that the protagonist is very close to. Hence, the challenge grows pressure on him. Idaten Jump is available on Just Watch and Anime-Planet.

3. Hill Climb Girl

Hill climb Girl is the cycling anime series which is a short drama show. This has the basic note of competition that enlightens the entire short series. The plot covers the special quality of a girl climbing up the hill by racing ahead. Hill Climb Girl cycling anime is directed by Azuma Tani.

Hill Climb Girl cycling anime
Hill Climb Girl

The narration of Hill Climb Girl tells you the story of two kids in the high school who race up the hill as a part of the competition. This specifically portrays the enormous energy that these kids perceive to do the same. This certainly cheers one up and the person starts fascinating about cycling for sure. It has been produced by Studio Khara. This studio is specialized in taking up a level game stronger than others in sports anime series like this cycling anime show.

Hill Climb Girl has one of the finest of animation done strong. That entire close-up scenes to the wide visuals get on your nerve. Such clean detail is nearly close to reality. Hill Climb Girl is streaming on Anime-Planet.

4. Nasu: Summer in Andalusia

Naru: Summer in Andalusia is a simple drama that creates a sports-friendly environment around. This cycling anime has a subtle merge of dramatic essence and it is not just sports. Nasu: Summer in Andalusia is directed by Kitaro Kosaka.

This cycling anime is independently made and it is again about a bicycle race in Spain. Nasu: Summer in Andalusia typically focuses on the character that takes part in the final hours of a bicycle race. It revives your notions of courage, family strength, and determination to another level. Cycling anime generally does the same from its core.

This is a more realistic anime and you can efficiently differentiate on this very note. This cycling anime is all about clarified and perfect visuals. It will be an amazing experience for you to witness it. Watch this cycling anime on Netflix.

If you are more towards watching some more mature and realistic anime, tap here.

5. Yowamushi Pedal

This cycling anime is yet another popular one that deals with bike racing. The core remains the same although different characters in variant cycling anime share their personal tone. This brings a different effect on this for the concerning anime. Yowamushi Pedal is created by the famous Wataru Watanabe.

The story covers the lives of High School students who read in the academy set around a hill station. The roadways are work as a track for the bicycle race and here begins the drama blend by different characters. Watch Yowamushi Pedal on Netflix.

This cycling anime takes you ahead of your passion and makes you admire one that it portrays.

FAQs on Outstanding Cycling Anime

1. What are some greatest sports anime?

Haikyuu, Cross Game, Slam Dunk, etc are some of the generic sports anime that goes around the main plot. But it has a kick of sports in the narrative. However, to be specific, cycling anime mainly focuses on one’s passion for cycling or bike riding.

2. Is Haikyuu the best to watch as a sports anime?

Haikyuu has a huge fan following worldwide. It is not just a sports-oriented anime show but rather it delivers quality through its plot twists and famous characters. Here is everything that you are missing out on in this anime.