Ergo Proxy: Plot, Characters | Season 2 Release and Updates

Looking for the best-underrated Anime series that isn’t credited enough for its plots and animation? Ergo Proxy doesn’t exist just for you all to sleep on, go watch the psychological thriller animated series and get your brain wrinkled.

Ergo Proxy Plot Explained

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The Japanese cyberpunk anime television series sets in a post-apocalyptic utopian future where human beings and humanoids coincide in euphony within the domed city of Romdeau.

When 85 percent of the world’s population has been wiped out, some of the humans create spaceships to escape the Earth and to return when the Earth is safe again, calling the “Boomerang Project”, leaving out the rest of the humans who don’t fit in.

When the humans leave, they create 300 Proxies to look after the place while they are out. Ergo Proxy is one of the Proxies, the proxy of Romdeau. The proxies are highly infectious to sunlight and if the Earth rehabilitates again they will completely be wiped out.

On this account, Ergo Proxy finds out the truth about the Proxies and how they are destined to die once the humans return.

So, Ergo Proxy ends up splitting himself into another Proxy – Vincent Proxy or Vincent law, his alter ego. His initiative is to destroy humanity so that the Earth remains uninhabitable.

With the help of the proxy of the Mosk Monad Proxy, he erases the memories of the other Proxies and the memory of his own.

After the annihilation of Mosk, he travels as an immigrant who tries to achieve citizenship in Romdeau.

In the meantime, Monad gets captured and is experimented on by the Scientists of Romdeau which mutilated her body severely.

In the end, Vincent gets separated from Re-L and Pino before reaching Romdeau and ends with two Ergo Proxies fighting each other with their existential debate.

“We are the sum of our memories. Erasing the memories edged in oneself is the same as losing oneself.” – Ergo Proxy

Get to know more about the Seasons & Episodes of Ergo Proxy anime

Ergo Proxy is a cyberpunk anime, written by Dai Sato, directed by Shuko Murase, and produced by Manglobe.

The television series Ergo Proxy aired in Japan from 25th February to 12th August 2006.

The series comes in 23 episodes of one season. After its release in Japan, the anime has its licensed DVD, with a successive television Broadcast in the US, Australia, British, and other Canadian anime markets.

The first episode of the psychological thriller anime depicts the Earth during the post-apocalyptic period where there is a rapid climate change due to a string of explosions in methane hydrate reserves.

The ending of the last episode pushes the fans into a bowl of curiosity and to deeply wonder what will happen next.

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Meet the main characters of Ergo Proxy

1. Re- L Mayer

Ergo Proxy

Re-L Mayer is the female protagonist in this series. She has been created by mixing the same cells as Monad Proxy.

Re-L is an atypical 19-year-old girl who strives to fit into the society of Romdeau. She isn’t rebellious and contrary as she wants to live her life in the most unproblematic way but her life begins to change after her encounter with Ergo Proxy.

Out of character, curiosity eats her up and follows Vincent Law and Pino in their quest to dig up more about the inexplicable Proxies. On this account, Re-L is the Inspector of the Citizen Intelligence Bureau who is in charge of investigating the series of vicious murders caused by AutoReivs, who are infected with the Cognito Virus.

Re-L Mayer is also the granddaughter of the Regent of Romdeau. Despite her status, she treats everyone with respect and expects people to do the same for her.

2. Vincent Law

Ergo Proxy

Vincent Law is one of the main characters of the Ergo Proxy series. He works for an AutoReiv elimination unit as an immigrant seeking citizenship in Romdeau. He takes refuge in Romdeau due to fabricated criminal charges.

He is lovestruck when he sees Re-L Mayer for the first time while in line to pick up his immigration permit. A part of the reason why Vincent Law is attracted to her is that Ergo Proxy ( Vincent’s original self) was in love with Monad Proxy and vice versa.

In the first few episodes, he accidentally let loose an AutoReiv, and to this account, his boss leaves him with extra work, that is to clarify whether his companion AutoReiv, Pino, was infected with Cognito.

Under the suspicion of the Security Bureau, he has been arrested for attacking Re-L Mayer. He takes up his Proxy form and accidentally kills Monad when she pushes her to his mental limit. Vincent wakes up with no memory of the murder incident.

3. Pino

Ergo Proxy

Pino is one of the main protagonists in Ergo Proxy. She’s said to be one of the best child characters in the entire anime history. One thing about Pino is that she doesn’t do what the other ” Proxies” do.

Though she cannot truly experience the things like death and love, she grasps the concept behind the emotions. She regains her consciousness and emotions when she is infected by the Cognito virus.

She allures Re-L and Vincent to befriend her with her chummy and innocent characters.

She likes playing Piano and is often found coloring with her crayons.

Abandoned by her mother, Pino still manages to live her life to the fullest with a positive point of view and becomes the symbol of purity and innocence during the entire show.

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Where to watch Ergo Proxy anime?

Ergo Proxy- English dubbed

Ergo Proxy has only one season with 26 episodes with a duration of 24 minutes.

Ergo Proxy is available for streaming on streaming websites such as Youtube, Funimation, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.

Will Ergo Proxy Season 2 happen?

Ergo Proxy

There isn’t an official announcement for Ergo Proxy season 2 but after the series debut on Netflix, there may be a thin possibility for a second season despite the lack of sources.

The other reason is that the creators of Ergo Proxy got bankrupt in the year 2015 which makes it more arduous for Ergo Season 2 to happen.

Fingers crossed, let’s hope that we will get our favorite psychological thriller anime in a jiffy since the fans wish if they can at least show a little bit of how Vincent and Re-L end up after everything has fallen into place.

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Final Words

Ergo Proxy is one of those shows with so much depth that it makes much sense the more you rewatch it. It is cherished how every episode and arc are like completely different topics. The OP is great as well as the art style. Their references to philosophy and Gnosticism adds to its uniqueness and makes it special from other anime.

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