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First Episode of Odd Taxi: Tale of Tempting Plot 2021

Have you seen the first episode of Odd Taxi on Crunchyroll? If not, here is what you are missing out.



first episode of Odd Taxi

Odd Taxi is one of the new original writings that have been made into an anime, released on 5th April. The strange note on which the journey of this anime begins has a lot to say with the first episode of Odd Taxi. This anime has arguably the best original creation by Kazuya Konomoto in this newly releasing anime this 2021.

The anime has no extraordinary sci-fi features but just animals being in the protagonist place. The usual nature of the anime has made it grow apart on a road not taken by much other new anime. The lurking dark lights of the city in modern Japan have made the first episode of Odd Taxi stand out from the crowd. 

The indulging story and well-written lines for each of the characters are appreciable in the first episode of Odd Taxi. We see the middle-aged protagonist, the Taxi driver who rides around the mysterious roads and give out the most from minimum throughout the entire episode.

Let us see if you get to have a longing towards the Odd Taxi anime by getting an insight from the first episode that premiered on the Crunchyroll streaming platform. 

What do we have that makes the first episode of Odd Taxi different from the rest?

The First Episode of Odd Taxi Spills A Lot in Secret

The thrilling mystery behind the tale of Odd Taxi had erupted far before its actual release in Crunchyroll. The expectation rose higher from the first episode of the Odd Taxi premiere. The mystery grows in depth from the premiere of Odd Taxi and the audience loves it.

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The anime tends to deliver simplicity in style with absolute dark hidden supremacy. The anthropomorphic characters let it out for the viewers to undoubtedly claim the first episode of Odd Taxi to be far away for the rest for good. Crunchyroll has made it big with the mystified look and way of narration.

The first episode of Odd Taxi and all the further ones are directed by Baku Kinoshita and produced collectively by P.I.C.S. and OLM. The first episode of Odd Taxi can be deceptive enough for those who do not follow it evidently to be ordinary. But the predefined state of scenarios narrates the fact that the best of secrecy is up in the order.

First Episode of Odd Taxi: The Eccentric Driver on Crunchyroll

The subtle tone of Odd Taxi that slowly confiscates the mood of a crime anime series is well expressed through the first episode of Odd Taxi. As the name suggests, the taxi driver Odokawa’s character is one of the most honestly brutal ones with excellent play in dialogues.

The first episode somewhat sights a dilemma for the audience, whether be inside of Odokawa or doubt him. A scene depicts this specific confusion when Odokawa, alone in his room, speaks to a half-open cupboard where he asks the one to go with the choice of self as he or she is not tied up. This particular scenario directs the claim that Odokawa can be in guilt or he can be a self speaker.

This dilemma arises since a girl goes missing in the city. The taxi driver converses with weird strangers in his taxi who ride as passengers and also have strange familiarity with cops in the town. The narration of the first episode of Odd Taxi takes place through radio and TV broadcasts and details are given out in the simplest manner possible.

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This enables the one to look closely and question him or her if that look is close enough to not miss out on the details that are paving the road towards the larger picture. Stay tuned and keep an eye on us for the best updates on entertainment.

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