First girl group to surpass 10 BILLION streams: know more about the record-breaking girl group – BlackPink

First girl group to surpass 10 BILLION streams: know more about the record-breaking girl group - BlackPink

K-pop fans have favorites and BlackPink is a mandatory name in their lists.

BlackPink is a South Korean girl group or one can say the biggest girl group in the world or one can also name it as the most successful girl group in Korea because all these are bold truths.

Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are the 4 members of the rocking girl group who debuted in 2016 with the blockbuster song ‘Whistle ‘. This group has the best-selling album of all time by females in Korea, ” Born Pink “.

Other milestones by BLACKPINK

First girl group to top Billboard Artists 100, First Korean girl group to enter and top the Billboard emerging artists chart, Received certification from Recording Industry Association of America – first female Korean act to receive this, Received certification from British Phonographic Industry,

Received platinum certification from the Australian Recording Industry Association, the First album by a girl group to reach one on Billboard 200 since 2008, and set two Guinness World records as the first Album, Topped ARIA charts, They topped various online records too including most streamed songs, subscribed and streamed songs.

Awards gained by the Korean girl group

New Artist of the Year award, MAMA award for the best female group, First MTV video music award, First Brits Award nomination, First female group of Korea recognition under Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, Time’s 2022 Entertainer of the Year, 13 Circle chart music awards, 7 golden disc awards, Eleven Mama awards, 5 melon music awards, 2 MTV music video awards, MTV Europe music award, 3 people’s choice awards, 3 Seoul music awards, One teen choice award, and 11 Guinness World records

The music style of BLACKPINK

With amazing bass drops by the group, their music included heights of EDM and pop. Mostly called the edgy style of theirs on which fans go mad.

Literal Meaning of the group’s name: BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK introduces 2 sides just like that of a coin with heads and tails. The black side represents a mature image of a girl crush while the pink side represents the more cute side of the crush. It’s the combo of girliness and savageness.

What’s in the songs?

The group empowers women and talks about the boldness and confidence women carry. The beauty of BLACKPINK is doing wonders in the music industry by making milestones and grabbing awards.

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