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The WordPress error ‘Another Update is Currently in Progress’ is very common and most probably everyone faces it more than once in their WordPress lifetime.

But whatever it is, it’s annoying because it prevents you from updating themes, plugins or WordPress core update.

This is one of the temporary WordPress errors and automatically goes away within 30 minutes. If it still showing on your admin dashboard, here’s how we can fix ‘Another Update is Currently in Progress’ using two different methods but before that

Why ‘Another Update in Progress’ Occurs?

The main and only reason we know this error occurs when you try to update WordPress simultaneously. When core WordPress update is already in the background and you try to initiate another update, you get this message on your dashboard.

When core WordPress update starts, WordPress automatically sets update lock option in your website’s database which prevents another simultaneous update.

Fix Another Update is Currently in Progress

Let’s look at how to fix this error using both methods. one by one. First, using plugin because it’s easy for non-technical person. Second, using cPanel. 

Fixing ‘Another Update is Currently in Progress’ Error

To get rid of this message, you will have to remove core_updater.lock file from your WordPress database. Either you remove it manually or using a plugin, which you can deactivate and uninstall after the “Another Update in Progress” message is gone.

Note: I recommend using second method which is without the use of any plugin. Always try to use minimum number of plugins possible to keep your website’s performance optimum.

Method 1: Fix Another Update in Progress using plugin.

Install and activate Fix another update in progress plugin from WordPress plugin repository. 

After you install and activate the plugin, navigate to Setting > Fix another update in progress plugin page.

Click on ‘Fix WordPress Update Lock‘. If you’re WordPress Update is locked in database, you’ll see message like this otherwise it will say ‘There is no update lock issue, continue with your WordPress update ‘.

Once the plugin successfully removes the WordPress update lock, a message like this will appear. You can now safely deactivate and uninstall the plugin.

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2. Fix ‘Another Update in Progress’ manually using cPanel

This method better if you have idea of cPanel elements. Anyhow this step by step guide is easy to follow. Just Login to to your hosting account, navigate to cPanel.

– On the cPanel dashboard under the database section, click on PHPMyAdmin.

– Under PHPMyAdmin, select your WordPress database (structure), From the table of database files, find ‘wp_options‘ and click on ‘browse‘. 

Now, find ‘core_updater.lock‘ file from the rows and click delete next to it to delete the file.

Deleting the file also delete the row from your WordPress database for good. Now, login to your WordPress admin dashboard and start updating WordPress again if needed.

In future, to avoid ‘Another Update Currently in Progress’ error , remember not to try any update while WordPress core update.

Hope this article helped you.

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