8 Best Free Screen Recorders for PC in 2021 [No Watermark]

Best Free Screen Recorder 

Have to present a review on any software? Do you have to record your video game to post it on YouTube? Or maybe a presentation on Math where you need webcam access?

Best Free Screen Recorder 

For any of these, the apt solution is Screen Recording. You don’t have to type the entire content or snip pictures of the content to explain.

Instead, you could use any of best free screen recorders and explain it through your audio too. We have listed 8 best free screen recorders for PC without any watermark.

Screen recording is a convenient method to analyze either doubts or solutions of anything on-screen. It is helpful to create wide content. You can use it to record any of your favorite shows, game play, presentation, video calls or conferences.

Adding to it, you can sometimes give a voice-over to the recorded video or add some music in the video, give it sub-titles and edit both the video-audio before sharing it.

As It will help you explain easily and on point for any conference or presentation.

To let you use the software at absolute no cost, here, we have explained some free software to record screen with impressive features.

8 Best Free Screen Recorders for PC in 2020

1. Loom

Loom free screen recorder

Be expressive. Be understood. Loom is a screen recording software primarily planned to facilitate education and making it easy for teaching and learning.

Besides education, it is also helpful for business goals and office stationery. The basic version is free for all to use.

And if you are either a student or teacher, the pro version is also absolutely free to use. They work for different subjects such as engineering, culture, sales and many more.

It is available as an extension for Chrome or as a desktop app.

Some of its main features are:

  1. Fast recording
  2. Delivering expressions in the video
  3. Limiting the viewers


  • Easy to use
  • Password protection
  • Screen sharing other apps


Download Loom Here

2. Ezvid

Ezvid screen recorder best free software

A freeware software that runs on donations, is designed to increase the speed of screen recording. It uses C++ binaries to use multicore CPUs and video cards.

It has a built-in autosave function and a direct YouTube upload option. One of the best free screen recorders for PC., this is the app with all the proper editing format that we call want.

Before proceeding for the download, take a look below for its system requirements.

  • Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM
  • 10 GB free hard drive space
  • 1024 x 768 resolution
  •  Windows Media Player

Prominent features:

  1. Access to face cam and voice synthesis
  2. On-screen drawing
  3. Video speed control
  4. Fun to use


  • Easy to record games and slideshows
  • Included free Music
  • Own watermark


  • The output format is only available in .wmv
  • The frame doesn’t work well

Download Ezvid Here

3. CamStudio

CamStudio free software for screen recording

CamStudio is a free screen recorder streaming video software. It acts as a support in professional training, Information technology, home education or any recording interests. It comes in great technical help.

Major features are:

  1. Screen Captions
  2. The “Picture in Picture” format using video annotation
  3. Smaller file size
  4. Cropping the screen or recording only the needed.


  • Clear to use
  • No time limit for recording
  • Open Source


  • Trouble in viewing .avi or SWF formatted videos
  • Additional programs in installation

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Get CamStudio Here

4. ShareX

ShareX software for free screen recording PC

ShareX is a must download recording file, sharing and a productivity tool.

ShareX allows sharing at multiple destinations. It is known to have about 80 sharing links. It is available to any kind of audience.

Primarily, one of the best free screen recorders you can use for PC.

Prime features:

  1. No ads
  2. Multiple capture modes
  3. Diverse options for uploading
  4. Image editor


  • Useful features
  • Auto upload option
  • Easy and fun to create GIFs


  • Not available for Mac users
  • Scrolling window capture is not on point

Download ShareX Now

5. Free Screen

Free Screen exclusive free software for PC screen recording

At number five on the list of best free screen recorders for PC, Free Screen by DVD Video soft is exclusively for Windows-based personal computers.

It is a user-friendly software for desktop recording. It is best for recording online conferences on Skype and for recording games.

Plus, it allows to save and share the pictures and screenshots in jpeg, gif, tga or .png formats.

Major features:

  1. Free in-built audio available.
  2. Allows multiple screen activities.
  3. Record to an MP4 file format.


  • Different accessible modes for recording.
  • It also records mouse movements.
  • Available in 10 languages making communication easy.


  • Excessive ads that fill your screen.
  • The output video is sometimes available in .avi file format.

Download Free Screen Here

6. Free Cam

Freecam screen recorder for PC

Previously known as iSpring Free Cam, is a software mainly made for easily creating, editing, and sharing screencasts on Windows systems.

It provides a full set of features for creating professional video lessons and e-learning presentations. It is of the few appreciable free software to record screen.

Before you install it, take a glance at its system requirements.


  • Computer and processor: Intel/AMD 1 GHz or faster processor
  • Memory : 4 GB RAM or higher
  • Hard disk: 5 GB available disk space (to record a 30-minute screencast)
  • Display: 1024Ă—768 or higher resolution monitor

Software :

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP(SP3) (32- and 64-bit editions)
  • Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 12 or higher

Few main features are:

  1. You can select your recording area.
  2. You can also give a voice-over to your video.
  3. It can record the system sounds for more precision in your video.
  4. The mouse can get highlighted as a pointer.


  • Editing tools.
  • You can directly share it on YouTube.
  • No watermark of the creator will be seen.


  • Webcam grabbing.
  • No in-video text adding feature.

Download Free Cam

7. AceThinker

AceThinker screen recorder free for PC

AceThinker is an all general multimedia platform for both Windows and Mac users. It is well-known for recording video along with the audio at the same time.

Due to this most desirable feature, it is frequently used for business meetings, entertainment purposes or educational presentations.

Although it has no audio editor available, it has very impressive video editing tools. You can share the files via YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Once you record the video, you can convert it into .avi, mov, wmv, flv and mp4 formats.

Other primary features are:

  1. Built-in editor tools.
  2. Unlimited recording.
  3. You can also schedule your recording activity.


  • You can have the “Picture in Picture” effect.
  • Videos in 4K resolution.
  • Multi screen use is possible.


  • No screen broadcasting.
  • There are a lot of limitations for Mac users compared to Windows users.

Click Here to Download AceThinker

Some of the above-given software are freemium licensed software where it is basic features are accessible for free and have to pay to upgrade advanced features.

Also, not everyone can afford premium software. There is a wide range of free screen recorders for PC which function comparatively better than a paid screen recording software. 

You must download and try them all. These free screen recorders for PC will surely bring you the best results. 

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